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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 4/2019

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Editorial: 2018 in Review

Fred R. Volkmar

Original Paper

Personal Growth Experiences of Parents to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Einat Waizbard-Bartov, Maya Yehonatan-Schori, Ofer Golan

Open Access Original Paper

Sex Differences in Social Attention in Infants at Risk for Autism

Johan Lundin Kleberg, Pär Nyström, Sven Bölte, Terje Falck-Ytter

Original Paper

Predictors of Pragmatic Communication in School-Age Siblings of Children with ASD and Low-Risk Controls

Kathryn J. Greenslade, Elizabeth A. Utter, Rebecca J. Landa

Original Paper

Parents’ Use of Internal State Language with Toddlers at High and Low Genetic Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Susan B. Campbell, Amanda S. Mahoney, Celia A. Brownell, Elizabeth L. Moore, Amy B. Tavares

Open Access Original Paper

Are Children Severely Affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder Underrepresented in Treatment Studies? An Analysis of the Literature

Amy Stedman, Briana Taylor, Michael Erard, Christine Peura, Matthew Siegel

Original Paper

When Are We Sure? Predictors of Clinician Certainty in the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christina G. McDonnell, Catherine C. Bradley, Stephen M. Kanne, Clara Lajonchere, Zachary Warren, Laura A. Carpenter

Original Paper

Decreased Cortical Thickness in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Adults with Autism

Charles Laidi, Jennifer Boisgontier, Amicie de Pierrefeu, Edouard Duchesnay, Sevan Hotier, Marc-Antoine d’Albis, Richard Delorme, Federico Bolognani, Christian Czech, Céline Bouquet, Anouck Amestoy, Julie Petit, Štefan Holiga, Juergen Dukart, Alexandru Gaman, Elie Toledano, Myriam Ly-Le Moal, Isabelle Scheid, Marion Leboyer, Josselin Houenou

Original Paper

Comparison of Online and Face-to-Face Parent Education for Children with Autism and Sleep Problems

Cristine A. Roberts, Kevin C. Smith, Ashley K. Sherman

Original Paper

Atypicalities of Gesture Form and Function in Autistic Adults

A. de Marchena, E. S. Kim, A. Bagdasarov, J. Parish-Morris, B. B. Maddox, E. S. Brodkin, R. T. Schultz

Original Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Incidence and Time Trends Over Two Decades in a Population-Based Birth Cohort

Scott M. Myers, Robert G. Voigt, Robert C. Colligan, Amy L. Weaver, Curtis B. Storlie, Ruth E. Stoeckel, John D. Port, Slavica K. Katusic

Original Paper

Attentional Patterns to Emotional Faces Versus Scenes in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Farah Ghosn, Manuel Perea, Javier Castelló, Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Núria Yáñez, Inmaculada Marcos, Rosa Sahuquillo, Máximo Vento, Ana García-Blanco

Original Paper

Addressing a Gap in Healthcare Access for Transition-Age Youth with Autism: A Pilot Educational Intervention for Family Nurse Practitioner Students

Dorothea Iannuzzi, Patricia Rissmiller, Susan M. Duty, Susan Feeney, Maura Sullivan, Carol Curtin

Open Access Original Paper

An International Survey of Parental Attitudes to Technology Use by Their Autistic Children at Home

Margaret Holmes Laurie, Petra Warreyn, Blanca Villamía Uriarte, Charlotte Boonen, Sue Fletcher-Watson

Original Paper

A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Research on Postsecondary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anastasia H. Anderson, Jennifer Stephenson, Mark Carter, Sarah Carlon

Original Paper

Gender Variance and the Autism Spectrum: An Examination of Children Ages 6–12 Years

A. Natisha Nabbijohn, Anna I. R. van der Miesen, Alanna Santarossa, Diana Peragine, Annelou L. C. de Vries, Arne Popma, Meng-Chuan Lai, Doug P. VanderLaan

Original Paper

Dietary Patterns and Anthropometric Measures of Indian Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Seema Siddiqi, Asna Urooj, Melwin James D’Souza

Open Access Original Paper

Validation of the Simplified Chinese Psychoeducational Profile Third Edition in Mainland China

Lu Yu, Xiaoqin Zhu, Daniel T. L. Shek, Xiao-Bing Zou, Hong-Zhu Deng, Peter W. H. Au Yeung

Original Paper

Age as a Moderator of Social Skills Intervention Response Among Korean Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jung Kyung Hong, Miae Oh, Guiyoung Bong, Ju-Hyun Kim, Geonho Bahn, In-Hee Cho, Hee Jeong Yoo

Original Paper

Health Disparities among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Analysis of the National Survey of Children’s Health 2016

Arun Karpur, Angela Lello, Thomas Frazier, Pamela J. Dixon, Andy J. Shih

Open Access Original Paper

Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Autism Stigma and Informal Caregiver Mental Health

Chris Papadopoulos, Annemarie Lodder, Georgina Constantinou, Gurch Randhawa

Original Paper

The Interactive Trauma Scale: A Web-Based Measure for Children with Autism

Daniel W. Hoover, Elizabeth M. G. Romero

Open Access Brief Report

Brief Report: Evaluating the Utility of Varied Technological Agents to Elicit Social Attention from Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Hirokazu Kumazaki, Zachary Warren, Amy Swanson, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Yoshio Matsumoto, Yuko Yoshimura, Jiro Shimaya, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Nilanjan Sarkar, Joshua Wade, Masaru Mimura, Yoshio Minabe, Mitsuru Kikuchi

Brief Report

Brief Report: A Novel System to Evaluate Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Two Humanoid Robots

Hirokazu Kumazaki, Taro Muramatsu, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Yuko Yoshimura, Takashi Ikeda, Chiaki Hasegawa, Daisuke N. Saito, Jiro Shimaya, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Masaru Mimura, Mitsuru Kikuchi

Brief Report

Brief Report: Pilot Study of a Novel Interactive Digital Treatment to Improve Cognitive Control in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Co-occurring ADHD Symptoms

Benjamin E. Yerys, Jennifer R. Bertollo, Lauren Kenworthy, Geraldine Dawson, Elysa J. Marco, Robert T. Schultz, Linmarie Sikich

Open Access Commentary

Recent Advances and New Directions in Measuring Theory of Mind in Autistic Adults

Lucy Anne Livingston, Bethany Carr, Punit Shah


A Review Update on Gender Dysphoria and ASD and Response to Corrections

Anders Nordahl-Hansen, Domenic V. Cicchetti, Roald A. Øien