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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 8/2023

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Original Paper

Appropriateness, Acceptability, and Feasibility of a Neurodiversity-Based Self-determination Program for Autistic Adults

T. A. Meridian McDonald, Salima Lalani, Ivy Chen, Claire M. Cotton, Lydia MacDonald, Lana J. Boursoulian, Jiahao Wang, Beth A. Malow

Original Paper

Risk factors for ASD

Yuanyuan Lin, Guanghai Wang, You Yang, Xingming Jin, Hong Huang, Yiwen Zhang, Zhijuan Jin

Original Paper

A Preliminary Evaluation of a Brief Behavioral Parent Training for Challenging Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ashley Rohacek, Emily L. Baxter, William E. Sullivan, Henry S. Roane, Kevin M. Antshel

Original Paper

Examining associations between prenatal biomarkers of oxidative stress and ASD-related outcomes using quantile regression

Meghan E. Carey, Juliette Rando, Stepan Melnyk, S Jill James, Nathaniel Snyder, Carolyn Salafia, Lisa A. Croen, M Daniele Fallin, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Heather Volk, Craig Newschaffer, Kristen Lyall

Original Paper

“Um” and “Uh” Usage Patterns in Children with Autism: Associations with Measures of Structural and Pragmatic Language Ability

Grace O. Lawley, Steven Bedrick, Heather MacFarlane, Jill K. Dolata, Alexandra C. Salem, Eric Fombonne

Original Paper

The Distinctive Pattern of Declarative Memories in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Further Evidence of Episodic Memory Constraints

Cristiane Souza, Margarida V. Garrido, Oleksandr V. Horchak, J. Bernardo Barahona-Correa, Joana C. Carmo

Original Paper

Predictors of Attrition in a Randomized Trial of a Social Communication Intervention for Infant-Toddlers at Risk for Autism

Kyle Sterrett, Maira Tafolla Magaña, Amanda Gulsrud, Tanya Paparella, Connie Kasari

Open Access Original Paper

Self-harm and Suicidality Experiences of Middle-Age and Older Adults With vs. Without High Autistic Traits

Gavin R. Stewart, Anne Corbett, Clive Ballard, Byron Creese, Dag Aarsland, Adam Hampshire, Rebecca A. Charlton, Francesca Happé

Original Paper

Do Autism-Specific and General Developmental Screens Have Complementary Clinical Value?

Raymond Sturner, Paul Bergmann, Barbara Howard, Kerry Bet, Lydia Stewart-Artz, Shana Attar

Open Access Original Paper

What is the concordance between parent- and education professional-reported adaptive functioning in autistic children using the VABS-II?

Heather L. Moore, Ann Le Couteur, Tony Charman, Jonathan Green, Jeremy R Parr, Victoria Grahame

Original Paper

ASD Symptoms, Social Skills, and Comorbidity: Predictors of Bullying Perpetration

Stephanie S. Fredrick, Amanda B. Nickerson, Lucia Sun, Jonathan D. Rodgers, Marcus L. Thomeer, Christopher Lopata, Fable Todd

Open Access Original Paper

Shining a Light on a Hidden Population: Social Functioning and Mental Health in Women Reporting Autistic Traits But Lacking Diagnosis

Hannah L. Belcher, Sharon Morein-Zamir, Steven D. Stagg, Ruth M. Ford

Original Paper

Sensory and Social Subtypes of Japanese Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ayako Kaneko, Remi Ohshima, Haruka Noda, Tomoko Matsumaru, Ryoichiro Iwanaga, Masakazu Ide

Original Paper

Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder with Medication in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder With and Without Intellectual Disability: A DBPNet Study

Joanna E. Grater, Elisa I. Muniz, Ellen J. Silver, Nathan J. Blum, Justine Shults, Ruth E. K. Stein

Open Access Original Paper

A Systematic Review of Autistic People and the Criminal Justice System: An Update of King and Murphy (2014)

J. Collins, K. Horton, E. Gale-St. Ives, G. Murphy, M. Barnoux

Original Paper

Strong Relationship Between Rapid Auditory Processing and Affective Prosody Recognition Among Adults with High Autistic Traits

Ming Lui, Gilbert Ka Bo Lau, Yvonne Ming Yee Han, Kevin Chi Pun Yuen, Werner Sommer

Open Access Original Paper

Social and emotional characteristics of girls and young women with DDX3X-associated intellectual disability: a descriptive and comparative study

Elise Ng-Cordell, Anna Kolesnik-Taylor, Sinéad O’Brien, Duncan Astle, Gaia Scerif, Kate Baker

Original Paper

Attention Allocation During Exploration of Visual Arrays in ASD: Results from the ABC-CT Feasibility Study

Tawny Tsang, Adam J. Naples, Erin C. Barney, Minhang Xie, Raphael Bernier, Geraldine Dawson, James Dziura, Susan Faja, Shafali Spurling Jeste, James C. McPartland, Charles A. Nelson, Michael Murias, Helen Seow, Catherine Sugar, Sara J. Webb, Frederick Shic, Scott P. Johnson

Original Paper

Construct Validity of the Autism Classification System of Functioning: Social Communication (ACSF:SC) Across Childhood and Adolescence

Diana Tajik-Parvinchi, Peter Rosenbaum, Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker, Eric Duku, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Caroline Roncadin, Stelios Georgiades, Stephen Gentles, Hanna Fang, Briano Di Rezze

Open Access Original Paper

Neural Processing of Speech Sounds in ASD and First-Degree Relatives

Shivani P. Patel, Molly Winston, Janna Guilfoyle, Trent Nicol, Gary E. Martin, Kritika Nayar, Nina Kraus, Molly Losh

Open Access Original Paper

‘They ask no questions and pass no criticism’: A mixed-methods study exploring pet ownership in autism

Gray Atherton, Emma Edisbury, Andrea Piovesan, Liam Cross

Brief Report

Brief Report: Sensory Sensitivity is Associated with Disturbed Eating in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders Without Intellectual Disabilities

Veronica Nisticò, Raffaella Faggioli, Roberta Tedesco, Barbara Giordano, Alberto Priori, Orsola Gambini, Benedetta Demartini

Open Access Brief Report

Behavioral gender differences across Pre-School Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: a cross-sectional study

Marco Tofani, Lucia Scarcella, Giovanni Galeoto, Federica Giovannone, Carla Sogos

Letter to the Editor

Internet Use and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Aditya Banerjee

Letter to the Editor

Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the United States is Stable in the COVID-19 Era

Xin Wang, Xuchu Weng, Ning Pan, Xiuhong Li, Lizi Lin, Jin Jing