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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 3/2024

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Open Access Original Paper

Associations Between Parenting Stress and Quality Time in Families of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rebecca S. Bradley, Grace L. Staples, Lauren B. Quetsch, Lindsey S. Aloia, Cynthia E. Brown, Stephen M. Kanne

Original Paper

Developmental Language Differences in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Possible Sex Difference

Haiyi Xiong, Xiao Liu, Feng Yang, Ting Yang, Jinjin Chen, Jie Chen, Tingyu Li

Open Access Original Paper

Effects of Bumetanide on Neurocognitive Functioning in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

Dorinde M van Andel, Jan J Sprengers, Marsh Königs, Maretha V de Jonge, Hilgo Bruining

Original Paper

Screening, Diagnosis, and Intervention for Autism: Experiences of Black and Multiracial Families Seeking Care

Amy S. Weitlauf, Alexandra Miceli, Alison Vehorn, Yewande Dada, Theodora Pinnock, Joyce W. Harris, Jeffrey Hine, Zachary Warren

Original Paper

Factors Impacting Parental Quality of Life in Preschool Children on the Autism Spectrum

Valsamma Eapen, Raisa Islam, Syeda Ishra Azim, Anne Masi, Louis Klein, Lisa Karlov

Original Paper

Male and Female Toddlers with DSM-5 Autism Spectrum Disorder have Similar Developmental Profiles and Core Autism Symptoms

Holly K. Harris, Georgios D. Sideridis, William J. Barbaresi, Elizabeth Harstad

Original Paper

Use of ECT in Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or Intellectual Disability: A Single Site Retrospective Analysis

Joshua R. Smith, Corey E. Hopkins, Jiangmei Xiong, James Luccarelli, Elizabeth Shultz, Simon Vandekar

Original Paper

Caregiver Attributions of Toddlers’ Behaviors: A Comparison Between Groups of Children with Differing Developmental Concerns

Daina M. Tagavi, Hannah R. Benavidez, Taylor C. Kalmus, Carlyn C. Perryman, Wendy L. Stone

Original Paper

Extending the Usefulness of the Brief Observation of Social Communication Change (BOSCC): Validating the Phrase Speech and Young Fluent Version

Katherine Byrne, Kyle Sterrett, Alison Holbrook, So Hyun Kim, Rebecca Grzadzinski, Catherine Lord

Original Paper

Psychometric Evaluation of the Autism Spectrum Rating Scales (6–18 Years Parent Report) in a Clinical Sample

Ji Su Hong, Jeremy Perrin, Vini Singh, Luke Kalb, Elizabeth A. Cross, Ericka Wodka, Chana Richter, Rebecca Landa

Original Paper

A Systematic Review of Family Functioning in Families of Children on the Autism Spectrum


Original Paper

Examining Sensitivity to Developmental Changes on the Behavioral Inflexibility Scale

Brian A. Boyd, Waylon Howard, James W. Bodfish, Luc Lecavalier, Clare Harrop, Desiree Jones, Aaron Dallman, Sahana Nagabhushan Kalburgi, Jill Hollway

S:i: .developmental Approach and Targeted Treatment of Sensory Alterations

Brief Report: Differences in Naturalistic Attention to Real-World Scenes in Adolescents with 16p.11.2 Deletion

Amanda J. Haskins, Jeff Mentch, Caitlin Van Wicklin, Yeo Bi Choi, Caroline E. Robertson

Original Paper

Contrasting Views of Autism Spectrum Traits in Adults, Especially in Self-Reports vs. Informant-Reports for Women High in Autism Spectrum Traits

Sara C. Taylor, Brielle N. Gehringer, Holly C. Dow, Allison Langer, Eric Rawot, Zoe Smernoff, Samantha Steeman, Laura Almasy, Daniel J. Rader, Maja Bučan, Edward S. Brodkin

Open Access Original Paper

Perceptual Grouping in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Exploratory Magnetoencephalography Study

Christine M. Falter-Wagner, Christian M. Kiefer, Anthony J. Bailey, Kai Vogeley, Jürgen Dammers

Original Paper

Differences in Praxis Errors in Autism Spectrum Disorder Compared to Developmental Coordination Disorder

Gabriel Abrams, Aditya Jayashankar, Emily Kilroy, Christiana Butera, Laura Harrison, Priscilla Ring, Anusha Houssain, Alexis Nalbach, Sharon A. Cermak, Lisa Aziz-Zadeh

Open Access Original Paper

Retinal Thinning in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Evelyn B. N. Friedel, Ludger Tebartz van Elst, Mirjam Schäfer, Simon Maier, Kimon Runge, Sebastian Küchlin, Michael Reich, Wolf A. Lagrèze, Jürgen Kornmeier, Dieter Ebert, Dominique Endres, Katharina Domschke, Kathrin Nickel

Original Paper

A Qualitative Study of Adults’ and Support Persons’ Experiences of Support After Autism Diagnosis

Yunhe Huang, Samuel R. C. Arnold, Kitty-Rose Foley, Julian N. Trollor

Open Access Original Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Down Syndrome: Experiences from Caregivers

Noemi Alice Spinazzi, Alyssa Bianca Velasco, Drew James Wodecki, Lina Patel

Original Paper

Burden of Rare Copy Number Variants in Microcephaly: A Brazilian Cohort of 185 Microcephalic Patients and Review of the Literature

Giovanna Cantini Tolezano, Giovanna Civitate Bastos, Silvia Souza da Costa, Bruna Lucheze Freire, Thais Kataoka Homma, Rachel Sayuri Honjo, Guilherme Lopes Yamamoto, Maria Rita Passos-Bueno, Celia Priszkulnik Koiffmann, Chong Ae Kim, Angela Maria Vianna-Morgante, Alexander Augusto de Lima Jorge, Débora Romeo Bertola, Carla Rosenberg, Ana Cristina Victorino Krepischi

Brief Report

Setting Families Up for Success: A Pilot Study of a Toolkit to Enhance the Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Evaluation Process

Rachel Haine-Schlagel, Christina Corsello, Barbara Caplan, Hilary Gould, Lauren Brookman-Frazee


Correction: Autism Prevalence and the Intersectionality of Assigned Sex at Birth, Race, and Ethnicity on Age of Diagnosis

Jessica E. Goldblum, Tyler C. McFayden, Stephanie Bristol, Orla C. Putnam, Amanda Wylie, Clare Harrop


Publisher Correction to: Morphological Features of Language Regions in Individuals with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Banu Ahtam, Hyuk Jin Yun, Rutvi Vyas, Rudolph Pienaar, Josephine H. Wilson, Caroline P. Goswami, Laura F. Berto, Simon K. Warfield, Mustafa Sahin, P. Ellen Grant, Jurriaan M. Peters, Kiho Im