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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 6/2020

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Original Paper

Competitive Employment for Transition-Aged Youth with Significant Impact from Autism: A Multi-site Randomized Clinical Trial

Paul Wehman, Carol Schall, Jennifer McDonough, Adam Sima, Alissa Brooke, Whitney Ham, Holly Whittenburg, Valerie Brooke, Lauren Avellone, Erin Riehle

Open Access Original Paper

Blindness and Autism: Parents’ Perspectives on Diagnostic Challenges, Support Needs and Support Provision

Kim de Verdier, Elisabeth Fernell, Ulla Ek

Original Paper

Disseminating Information on Evidence-Based Practices for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: AFIRM

Ann M. Sam, Ann W. Cox, Melissa N. Savage, Victoria Waters, Samuel L. Odom

Open Access OriginalPaper

Needs of Grandparents of Preschool-Aged Children with ASD in Sweden

Rano Zakirova Engstrand, Lise Roll-Pettersson, Mara Westling Allodi, Tatja Hirvikoski


Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Reducing Anxiety in Children with High Functioning ASD: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Celal Perihan, Mack Burke, Lisa Bowman-Perrott, Ali Bicer, Jennifer Gallup, Julie Thompson, Mary Sallese

Original Paper

Outcomes of a Robot-Assisted Social-Emotional Understanding Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Flavia Marino, Paola Chilà, Stefania Trusso Sfrazzetto, Cristina Carrozza, Ilaria Crimi, Chiara Failla, Mario Busà, Giuseppe Bernava, Gennaro Tartarisco, David Vagni, Liliana Ruta, Giovanni Pioggia

Original Paper

Writing Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Research Synthesis

Amy L. Accardo, Elizabeth G. Finnegan, S. Jay Kuder, Estyr M. Bomgardner


Identifying the Cognitive Correlates of Reciprocity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Szu-Shen Lai, Ching-Hong Tsai, Chin-Chin Wu, Cheng-Te Chen, Hsing-Jung Li, Kuan-Lin Chen

Original Paper

Incremental Utility of 24-Month Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening After Negative 18-Month Screening

Yael G. Dai, Lauren E. Miller, Riane K. Ramsey, Diana L. Robins, Deborah A. Fein, Thyde Dumont-Mathieu


Elopement Patterns and Caregiver Strategies

Allan M. Andersen, J. Kiely Law, Alison R. Marvin, Paul H. Lipkin

Original Paper

Building Skills, Confidence, and Wellness: Psychosocial Effects of Soft Skills Training for Young Adults with Autism

Annemarie Connor, Connie Sung, Alicia Strain, Songtian Zeng, Sarah Fabrizi

Open Access Original Paper

Clinical Validation of the Autism Behavior Inventory: Caregiver-Rated Assessment of Core and Associated Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Abigail Bangerter, Seth Ness, David Lewin, Michael G. Aman, Anna J. Esbensen, Matthew S. Goodwin, Geraldine Dawson, Robert Hendren, Bennett Leventhal, Fred Shic, Mark Opler, Kai Fai Ho, Gahan Pandina


How has DSM-5 Affected Autism Diagnosis? A 5-Year Follow-Up Systematic Literature Review and Meta-analysis

Kristine M. Kulage, Johanna Goldberg, John Usseglio, Danielle Romero, Jennifer M. Bain, Arlene M. Smaldone

Open Access OriginalPaper

Understanding Social Communication Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder and First-Degree Relatives: A Study of Looking and Speaking

Michelle Lee, Kritika Nayar, Nell Maltman, Daniel Hamburger, Gary E. Martin, Peter C. Gordon, Molly Losh


The Impact of Atypical Sensory Processing on Adaptive Functioning and Maladaptive Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder During Childhood: Results From the ELENA Cohort

Florine Dellapiazza, Cécile Michelon, Marie-Joelle Oreve, Laurence Robel, Marie Schoenberger, Clarisse Chatel, Stéphanie Vesperini, Thierry Maffre, Richard Schmidt, Nathalie Blanc, Christelle Vernhet, Marie-Christine Picot, Amaria Baghdadli, Amaria Baghdadli, Catherine Chabaux, Clarisse Chatel, David Cohen, Emmanuel Damville, Marie-Maude Geoffray, Ludovic Gicquel, Renaud Jardri, Thierry Maffre, Alexandre Novo, Roxane Odoyer, Marie-Joëlle Oreve, Didier Périsse, François Poinso, Julien Pottelette, Laurence Robel, Catherine Rolland, Marie Schoenberger, Sylvie Serret, Sandrine Sonié, Mario Speranza, Stéphanie Vespirini

Open Access Original Paper

Effects of Dog Assisted Therapy for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Exploratory Randomized Controlled Trial

Carolien Wijker, Ruslan Leontjevas, Annelies Spek, Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers

Open Access Original Paper

Growing up with Fragile X Syndrome: Concerns and Care Needs of Young Adult Patients and Their Parents

M. C. Van Remmerden, L. Hoogland, S. E. Mous, B. Dierckx, M. Coesmans, H. A. Moll, K. Lubbers, C. R. Lincken, A. M. Van Eeghen

Open Access Original Paper

Visual Disengagement: Genetic Architecture and Relation to Autistic Traits in the General Population

Monica Siqueiros Sanchez, Erik Pettersson, Daniel P. Kennedy, Sven Bölte, Paul Lichtenstein, Brian M. D’Onofrio, Terje Falck-Ytter

Brief Report

Brief Report: Effectiveness of an Accelerated Version of the PEERS® Social Skills Intervention for Adolescents

Nicole L. Matthews, Jessica Laflin, Beatriz C. Orr, Katrina Warriner, Mary DeCarlo, Christopher J. Smith

Brief Report

Brief Report: Psychometric Properties of the Patient Health Questionaire-9 (PHQ-9) in Autistic Adults

Samuel R. C. Arnold, Mirko Uljarević, Ye In Hwang, Amanda L. Richdale, Julian N. Trollor, Lauren P. Lawson

Brief Report

Sensory Features as a Marker of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ebonee Bizzell, Judith Ross, Carly Rosenthal, Rachel Dumont, Roseann Schaaf

Letter to the Editor

Case Report: Whole Exome Sequencing Unveils an Inherited Truncating Variant in CNTN6 (p.Ser189Ter) in a Mexican Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

José E. García-Ortiz, Ana I. Zarazúa-Niño, Angélica A. Hernández-Orozco, Edwin A. Reyes-Oliva, Carlos E. Pérez-Ávila, Luis E. Becerra-Solano, Kame A. Galán-Huerta, Ana M. Rivas-Estilla, Carlos Córdova-Fletes