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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 11/2018

Uitgave 11/2018

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03-07-2018 | Review Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Developmental considerations for assessment of trauma symptoms in preschoolers: a review of measures and diagnoses

Kristen R. Choi, Sandra A. Graham-Bermann

17-07-2018 | Review Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Systemic Barriers to Family Involvement in Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities: A Qualitative Metasynthesis

Kara A. Hirano, Dawn Rowe, Lauren Lindstrom, Paula Chan

20-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018 Open Access

Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Father Engagement Questionnaire

Yixin Jiang, Lucy A. Tully, Matthew T. Burn, Patrycja Piotrowska, Daniel A. J. Collins, Caroline Moul, Paul J. Frick, David J. Hawes, Eva R. Kimonis, Rhoshel K. Lenroot, Vicki Anderson, Mark R. Dadds

03-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Immigrant Families’ Perception of the Causes, First Manifestations, and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Marie Millau, Mélina Rivard, Catherine Mello

20-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018 Open Access

Linking Formal Child Care Characteristics to Children’s Socioemotional Well-Being: A Comparative Perspective

Melissa Verhoef, Anke C. Plagnol, Vanessa May

26-06-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Psychosocial Intimacy, Relationships with Parents, and Well-being among Emerging Adults

Robert S. Weisskirch

30-06-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Maternal Employment and Family Socioeconomic Status: Unique Relations to Maternal Stress, Parenting Beliefs, and Preschoolers’ Adjustment in Taiwanese Families

Yin-Ping Teresa Teng, Li Tsung-Wen Kuo, Qing Zhou

02-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Factors Influencing Adolescents’ Self-control According to Family Structure

In Young Cho, Ja Sook Kim, Ja Ok Kim

07-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Development, Feasibility, and Refinement of a Toxic Stress Prevention Research Program

Briana A. Woods-Jaeger, Chris C. Sexton, Brijin Gardner, Emily Siedlik, Lauren Slagel, Vyonne Tezza, Donna O’Malley

20-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

The Long-term Effects of Early Paternal Presence on Children’s Behavior

Angus G. Craig, John M. D. Thompson, Rebecca Slykerman, Clare Wall, Rinki Murphy, Edwin A. Mitchell, Karen E. Waldie

06-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

The Effectiveness of Coping Power Program for ADHD: An Observational Outcome Study

L. Vanzin, P. Colombo, A. Valli, V. Mauri, S. Busti Ceccarelli, M. Pozzi, M. Molteni, M. Nobile

29-06-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Among Male Adjudicated Adolescents: Psychosocial Concerns, Coping Responses, Diagnoses, and Functions

Jenna R. Silverman, Emma H. Ross, Christopher A. Kearney

14-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Child Maltreatment Prevention Strategies and Needs

Kathryn Maguire-Jack, Tori Negash, Kenneth J. Steinman

05-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Attachment Representations and Maternal Confidence: The Mediating Role of Postnatal Depressive Symptoms and Negative Thoughts

Sofia Rodrigues, Maria C. Canavarro, Ana Fonseca

06-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Lonely Adolescents and Their Best Friend: An Examination of Loneliness and Friendship Quality in Best Friendship Dyads

Annette W. M. Spithoven, Margot Bastin, Patricia Bijttebier, Luc Goossens

07-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

A Qualitative Examination of the Relationship Between Body Image and Sexual Behavior: Perceptions from Latina and African American Adolescent Girls and Their Maternal Caregivers

Rosalie Corona, Michell Pope, Carla Shaffer, Kristina Hood, Efren Velazquez, Jennifer Barinas

07-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Disclosing Fathers’ HIV Infection to their Sons in Togo

Lonzozou Kpanake, Paul Clay Sorum, Etienne Mullet

01-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Parental Monitoring and Adolescent Risk Behaviors: The Moderating Role of Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms and Gender

Deyaun L. Villarreal, Jackie A. Nelson

01-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

A Latent Profile Analysis of Co-occurring Youth Posttraumatic Stress and Conduct Problems Following Community Trauma

Kathleen I. Crum, Danielle Cornacchio, Stefany Coxe, Jennifer Greif Green, Jonathan S. Comer

04-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Overparenting and Narcissism in Young Adults: The Mediating Role of Psychological Control

Nathan A. Winner, Bonnie C. Nicholson

10-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Parent Emotional Well-being and Emotion Lability in Young Children

Nicole Oattes, Stacey Kosmerly, Maria Rogers

21-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018 Open Access

Perceived Helicopter Parenting and Korean Emerging Adults’ Psychological Adjustment: The Mediational Role of Parent–Child Affection and Pressure from Parental Career Expectations

Jaerim Lee, Sieun Kang

20-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Mother-Child Interactive Behaviors and Cognition in Preschoolers Born Preterm and Full Term

Sarah J. Erickson, Susanne W. Duvall, Peggy C. MacLean, J. Scott Tonigan, Robin K. Ohls, Jean R. Lowe

19-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Household Chaos, Hostile Parenting, and Adolescents’ Well-Being Two Years Later

Corinna J. Tucker, Erin H. Sharp, Karen T. Van Gundy, Cesar Rebellon

24-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Mothers’ Emotional Expression and Discipline and Preschoolers’ Emotional Regulation Strategies: Gender Differences

Xiaoyan Chen, Xixian Wu, Yifang Wang

01-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Does Race/Ethnicity Moderate the Associations between Neighborhood and Parenting Processes on Early Behavior Problems?

Julie Ma, Sacha Klein

30-08-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

The Relationship Between Parental Involvement and Children’s Self-Efficacy Profiles: A Person-Centered Approach

Bo Lv, Huan Zhou, Chunhui Liu, Xiaolin Guo, Juan liu, Kexin Jiang, Zhaomin Liu, Liang Luo

27-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018

Perceptions of Differential Parenting between Southern United States Mothers and Fathers

Cliff McKinney, Melanie Stearns, Mary M. Rogers

20-07-2018 | Original Paper | Uitgave 11/2018 Open Access

Maternal Stress and the Functions of Positivity in Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disability

Mikeda Jess, Vasiliki Totsika, Richard P Hastings

17-07-2018 | Book Review | Uitgave 11/2018

Mindful Awareness and Race. Ruth King, Mindful of Race: Transforming Racism from the Inside Out. Sounds True, Boulder, CO, pp. 280, 2018

Kelsey Evans

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