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Journal of Child and Family Studies

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15-08-2019 | Original Paper

Solitude and Loneliness Profiles in Early Adolescents: A Person-Centred Approach

11-08-2019 | Original Paper

Parental Social Validity of the Mindfulness-Based OpenMind-Korea (OM-K) Preschool Program

31-07-2019 | Original Paper

Exploring Emotional Intelligence and IQ as Predictors of Success of Foster Care Alumni

31-07-2019 | Original Paper

The Effects of Maternal and Paternal Helicopter Parenting on the Self-determination and Well-being of Emerging Adults

27-07-2019 | Original Paper

Litigation and School Resource Officers

Cases in this review were located by searching Nexus Uni and Google Scholar Case Law. The initial search cross-referenced the terms “school police officer”, OR “school resource officer”, OR “school marshal”, OR “school peace officer”, AND “school …

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The Journal of Child and Family Studies is an international forum for topical issues pertaining to the mental well-being of children, adolescents, and their families. The journal translates the latest research results into practical applications for clinicians and healthcare practitioners, by addressing all facets of emotional disorders, including issues associated with identification, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention. Original papers detail basic and applied research, program evaluation, service delivery, and policy issues on emotional or behavioral disorders, child abuse and neglect, respite care, foster care, mental health care financing, homelessness, family stress, AIDS, and substance abuse, among other timely topics.

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