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Journal of Child and Family Studies

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07-12-2018 | Original Paper

Improving Child Emotion Regulation: Effects of Parent–Child Interaction-therapy and Emotion Socialization Strategies

Emotion regulation is a mechanism that, when targeted in treatment, can ameliorate heterogeneous psychopathology across ontogeny. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is one evidence-based intervention hypothesized to improve child emotion …

04-12-2018 | Original Paper

Emotion regulation accounts for the relation between ADHD and peer victimization

Children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often experience higher rates of emotion regulation deficits and peer victimization relative to unaffected children; however, few studies have examined the extent to which emotion …

29-11-2018 | Original Paper

Is Parental Control Beneficial or Harmful to the Development of Young Children in Hong Kong?

The role of parental behavioural control in influencing developmental outcomes of children and adolescents has been inconsistently delineated in the literature. The present study aims to examine the relationships among parental behavioural …

26-11-2018 | Original Paper

Psychometric Properties of the Mandarin Version of the Family Resilience Assessment Scale

Families of children with developmental delay (DD) need to adapt to the child’s disability and make use of family strengths to maximize the child’s developmental potential. Family resilience (FR) is the level of capacity of a family to rebound …

24-11-2018 | Original Paper

Social Capital, Parenting, and African American Families

African American parents and children are embedded within diverse social networks that cut across social contexts. Using a concurrent mixed-method approach, this study explored mechanisms through which kinship- and community-based social capital …

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The Journal of Child and Family Studies is an international forum for topical issues pertaining to the mental well-being of children, adolescents, and their families. The journal translates the latest research results into practical applications for clinicians and healthcare practitioners, by addressing all facets of emotional disorders, including issues associated with identification, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention. Original papers detail basic and applied research, program evaluation, service delivery, and policy issues on emotional or behavioral disorders, child abuse and neglect, respite care, foster care, mental health care financing, homelessness, family stress, AIDS, and substance abuse, among other timely topics.

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