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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 12/2023

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Original Paper

“Please, please not another lockdown - I can’t do it again.” The Stressors Discussed on Online Canadian Forums by Parents of Young Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shayna K. Pierce, Heidi L. de Castro Lima, Barbie Jain, Kristin A. Reynolds, Lianne M. Tomfohr-Madsen, Leslie E. Roos

Open Access Original Paper

Mental Health of Mothers and Children During the COVID-19 Lockdown: A Cross-sectional Study on a Large Sample of Italian Families

Giulia Spina, Francesca Giordano, Flavia Cristofolini, Marta Landoni, Silvia Grazioli, Cristina Viggiani, Camilla Gnagnarella, Luca Simione

Original Paper

Parents’ Stress, Parental Burnout, and Parenting Behavior during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Comparing Parents of Children with and without Complex Care Needs

Eline N. Desimpelaere, Bart Soenens, Peter Prinzie, Joachim Waterschoot, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Sofie Morbée, Charlotte Schrooyen, Sarah S. W. De Pauw

Open Access Original Paper

Family-Centeredness in Secure Residential Treatment and Its Relationship With Parental Involvement and Adolescent Behavioural Outcomes

Jorinde L. Broekhoven, Annemarieke M. M. M. Blankestein, Floor van Santvoort, Jessica J. Asscher, Lieke van Domburgh, Inge Simons, Gonnie Albrecht, Rachel E. A. van der Rijken, Judith J. M. Rijnhart, Arne Popma

Open Access Original Paper

Parents on the Same Page: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Acceptability and Appropriateness of Tuning in to Kids Together

Christina C. Ambrosi, Subhadra Evans, Phillip S. Kavanagh, Sophie S. Havighurst

Open Access Original Paper

Therapeutic Goal Types in Young People’s Mental Health Providers and Changes in Anxiety and Mood

Nicholas Smith, Melika Janbakhsh, Hollie Gay, Jennifer Limond, Jonathan Parker

Original Paper

Predictors of Retention of African American Mothers in a Parent-Based HIV Preventive Intervention Trial

Larry D. Icard, Deepti Chittamuru, Scott E. Rutledge, Loretta S. Jemmott, P. Martin Henry, John B. Jemmott III

Original Paper

Emotional and Behavior Difficulties and the Mental Health of Caregivers of Adolescents Living with HIV

Proscovia Nabunya, William Byansi, Ozge Sensoy Bahar, Flavia Namuwonge, Raymond Atwebembere

Original Paper

Using a Brief Multimedia Educational Intervention to Strengthen Young Children’s Feelings while Visiting Jailed Parents

Luke Muentner, Kaitlyn Pritzl, Rebecca Shlafer, Julie Poehlmann

Original Paper

Neighborhood Factors and School Engagement in Children of Parents or Guardians Who Have Experienced Incarceration

Thuy-Trang T. Nguyen, Anna Denejkina, Faith Summersett Williams, Lisa A. Henshaw, Noel Shadowen

Open Access Original Paper

Experiences of Parental PTSD for Children Aged 9–17 in Military and Emergency First Responder Families

Karen May, Miranda Van Hooff, Matthew Doherty, Drew Carter

Open Access Original Paper

‘They Yell and I Yell Back’ Pre-schoolers’ Descriptions of Conflict Laden Interactions at Home

Anton Dahlberg, Anna Sarkadi, Karin Fängström

Open Access Original Paper

Irish Traveller Children’s Play: A Scoping Review

Michelle Bergin, Bryan Boyle, Margareta Lilja, Maria Prellwitz

Original Paper

A Meta-analysis Relating Parental Psychological Control with Emotion Regulation in Youth

Lauren E. Beliveau, Anne-Marie R. Iselin, Jamie DeCoster, McKenzie A. Boyer

Open Access Original Paper

Parental Mental Illness in the Family Courts: A Scoping Review

Taegan A. Holford, Andrea E. Reupert, Phillip Tchernegovski, Helen Rhoades


A Scoping Review of Barriers and Facilitators to Latinx Caregivers’ Help-Seeking for Their Children’s Mental Health Symptoms and Disorders

Arlenis Santana, Chelsea D. Williams, Marcia Winter, Terri Sullivan, María de Jesus Elias, Oswaldo Moreno

Open Access Original Paper

“How in God’s Name Are We Going to Navigate This?”: Parent Support for Transgender Adolescents

Shannon L. Dunlap, Jeremy T. Goldbach, Johanna Olson-Kennedy, Jordan Held

Original Paper

A Qualitative Exploration of Everyday Resilience in Kindergarten Children

Rochelle Thompson, Emily Thornton, Ryan O’Byrne, Margaret N. Lumley

Open Access Original Paper

Associations between Family Routines, Family Relationships, and Children’s Behavior

Rikuya Hosokawa, Riho Tomozawa, Toshiki Katsura