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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 11/2023

Inhoudsopgave (26 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Family Predictability and Psychological Wellness: Do Personal Predictability Beliefs Matter?

Lisa Thomson Ross, Audrey Owensby, Amy M. Kolak

Original Paper

Comorbidity in Context: Patterns of Depressive and Anxious Symptoms in Black Adolescents

Kathryn L. Behrhorst, Terri N. Sullivan, Heather A. Jones

Original Paper

Intimacy and Postpartum Depression: A Moderated Mediation Model

Ionela Bogdan, Maria Nicoleta Turliuc

Original Paper

Family Functioning and Health-Related Quality of Life in Parents of Children with Mental Illness

Madeline Reed, Chloe Bedard, Christopher M. Perlman, Dillon T. Browne, Mark A. Ferro

Open Access Original Paper

Exploring the Perceived Impact of Parental PTSD on Parents and Parenting Behaviours—A Qualitative Study

Hope Christie, Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis, Rosie McGuire, Jon I. Bisson, Neil P. Roberts, Jack F. G. Underwood, Sarah L. Halligan

Original Paper

Children’s Preferences for Mental Health Service Options that Include Exercise: A Pilot Study

Frances A. Wymbs, Charlotte Smith, Madeline DeShazer, Mike Tensmeyer

Open Access Original Paper

With a Little Help from My Friends: Profiles of Perceived Social Support and Their Associations with Adolescent Mental Health

Kimberly J. Petersen, Pamela Qualter, Neil Humphrey, Mogens Trab Damsgaard, Katrine Rich Madsen

Original Paper

Mental Health of Canadian Military-Connected Children: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Perspectives of Service Providers

Shannon Hill, Ashley Williams, Sarosh Khalid-Khan, Pappu Reddy, Dianne Groll, Lucia Rühland, Heidi Cramm

Original Paper

Family Functioning and Social Media Use in Early Adolescence

Emily G. Simpson, Ainsley Backman, Christine McCauley Ohannessian


Siblings of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism: A Scoping Review using Trauma Theory

Corinne Rochefort, Alison Paradis, Mélina Rivard, Michelle Dewar

Open Access Original Paper

Caregiving Interactions and Behaviors in the Care of Children with Rare Genetic or Undiagnosed Conditions

Laura M. Koehly, Sato Ashida, Sydney Sumrall, Sarah Hyman

Original Paper

Family Stigma and Community Participation of Arab Children and Youth with Disabilities

Shirli Werner, Doaa Freg, Israa Amer Sarsour

Original Paper

Competing Influences? How Children’s Adoption and Disability Statuses Relate to Family Structure

Ashley Larsen Gibby, Kevin J. A. Thomas, Alexander C. Jensen

Original Paper

Parental Predictors of Children’s Math Learning Behaviours in Different Cultures

Wenke Niehues, Bilge Selcuk, Yasemin Kisbu-Sakarya

Original Paper

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Alcohol Use Among U.S.-born and Immigrant Latinx Youth: The Roles of Social Support and Stress Hormones

Jenny Zhen-Duan, Miguel Nuñez, Matia B. Solomon, Thomas Geracioti, Farrah Jacquez

Open Access Original Paper

Quality of Interactions, Children’s Psychological Adjustment and Parental Stress in Foster Families: the Mediating Role of Parental Sense of Competence

Nuria Molano, Esperanza León, Jesús M. Jiménez-Morago, Carlos Camacho

Open Access Original Paper

Preschoolers’ Psychosocial Development, Parents, and Neighborhoods: Towards an Integrative Approach for Immigrant Families

Jennifer M. Vaughn, Lisseth Rojas-Flores, Kenneth T. Wang