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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 10/2018

Special Section: Child Development in Triangular Context

Inhoudsopgave (31 Artikelen)

Original Paper

The Lausanne Trilogue Play paradigm: Breaking Discoveries in Family Process and Therapy

James P. McHale, Nicolas Favez, Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge

Original Paper

The Child and the Couple: From Zero to Fifteen

France Frascarolo, Elisabeth Fivaz-Depeursinge, Diane Philipp

Original Paper

Family Coordination in Families who have a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Silvia Mazzoni, Christian Veronesi, Laura Vismara, Fiorenzo Laghi, Diane Philipp

Invited Review

Charter School Enrollment Effects: A Review of Results from Recent Large-Scale Studies

Luke J. Rapa, Antonis Katsiyannis, Robin Parks Ennis

Review Paper

Strategies to Engage Underrepresented Parents in Child Intervention Services: A Review of Effectiveness and Co-occurring Use

Melanie Pellecchia, Heather J. Nuske, Diondra Straiton, Elizabeth McGhee Hassrick, Amanda Gulsrud, Suzannah Iadarola, Sarah Fulton Vejnoska, Beth Bullen, Rachel Haine-Schlagel, Connie Kasari, David S. Mandell, Tristram Smith, Aubyn C. Stahmer

Review Paper

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation Interventions for Youth with ADHD: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Alyssa L. Chimiklis, Victoria Dahl, Angela P. Spears, Kelly Goss, Katie Fogarty, Anil Chacko

Original Paper

Screening for and Preventing Perinatal Depression

Bonnie D. Kerker, Judy A. Greene, Rachel Gerson, Michele Pollock, Kimberly E. Hoagwood, Sarah McCue Horwitz

Original Paper

Measurement Invariance of the Adolescent Quality of Life-Mental Health Scale (AQOL-MHS) across Gender, Age and Treatment Context

Ligia M. Chavez, Patrick E. Shrout, Pedro García, Erick Forno, Juan C. Celedón

Original Paper

Temperament and Behavioral Problems in Young Children: the Protective Role of Extraversion and Effortful Control

Begoña Delgado, Miguel A. Carrasco, Paloma González-Peña, Francisco P. Holgado-Tello

Original Paper

Vulnerability and Resilience within Military Families: Deployment Experiences, Reintegration, and Family Functioning

Catherine Walker O’Neal, Mallory Lucier-Greer, James M. Duncan, Jacquelyn K. Mallette, A. Laura Arnold, Jay A. Mancini

Original Paper

Impact of Maternal Support and Involvement on Coping in Adolescent Males of Color

Noni K. Gaylord-Harden, Grace J. Bai, Suzanna So, Patrick H. Tolan

Original Paper

Relational Permanence and Psychological well-being among African American Adolescents in Foster Care

Abigail Williams-Butler, Joseph P. Ryan, Vonnie C. McLoyd, John E. Schulenberg, Pamela E. Davis-Kean

Original Paper

Adapting the Brief Coping Cat for Children with Anxiety to a Group Setting in the Spanish Public Mental Health System: a Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Pilot Study

Olga Santesteban-Echarri, Laura Hernández-Arroyo, Simon M. Rice, M. José Güerre-Lobera, María Serrano-Villar, José Carlos Espín-Jaime, Miguel Ángel Jiménez-Arriero

Original Paper

Parenting Styles and Academic Motivation: A Sample from Chinese High Schools

Jinbao Tang, Nan Li, Jaime Robert Sandoval, Yangyang Liu


Correction to: Development and Cross-Cultural Validity of a Brief Measure of Separation-Individuation

C. C. Chen, G. B. Richardson, M. H. C. Lai, C. L. Dai, D. G. Hays