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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 9/2018

Inhoudsopgave (29 Artikelen)

Open Access Review Paper

How Do Children Make Sense of their Parent’s Mental Health Difficulties: A Meta-Synthesis

Graham John Simpson-Adkins, Anna Daiches

Review paper

Technology in Parenting Programs: A Systematic Review of Existing Interventions

Samantha M. Corralejo, Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez

Review Paper

Trauma-Informed Family Practices: Toward Integrated and Evidence-Based Approaches

Robey B. Champine, Samantha Matlin, Michael J. Strambler, Jacob Kraemer Tebes


Children’s ADHD Interventions and Parenting Stress: A Meta-Analysis

Jennifer Theule, Kristene Cheung, Kelsey Aberdeen

Original Paper

Family Social Support Networks of African American and Black Caribbean Adolescents

Christina J. Cross, Robert Joseph Taylor, Linda M. Chatters

Original Research

Individual Differences in Negative Affectivity and Physical Activity in Adolescents: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study

Christopher C. Cushing, Carolina M. Bejarano, Tarrah B. Mitchell, Amy E. Noser, Cristopher J. Crick

Original Paper

Psychometric Evaluation of the Multidimensional Co-Parenting Scale for Dissolved Relationships

Anthony J. Ferraro, Mallory Lucier-Greer, Karen Oehme

Original Paper

Development and Cross-Cultural Validity of a Brief Measure of Separation-Individuation

C. C. Chen, G. B. Richardson, M. H. C. Lai, C. L. Dai, D. G. Hays

Original Paper

Factor Structure of Parent- and Adolescent-Perceived Functional Impairment

Sindhia Colburn, F. Tony Bonadio, Carolyn J. Tompsett

Original Paper

Bullying, Forgiveness and Submissive Behaviors in Gifted Students

Uzeyir Ogurlu, Hakan Sarıçam

Original Paper

Transforming Coercive Processes in Family Routines: Family Functioning Outcomes for Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities

Joseph M. Lucyshyn, Lynn D. Miller, Christy Cheremshynski, Sharon Lohrmann, Bruno D. Zumbo

Original Research

Adolescent Mothers’ Relationships with their Mothers and their Babies’ Fathers during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Natasha R. Kumar, Valery A. Danilack, Crystal F. Ware, Maureen G. Phipps

Original Paper

Mother–child Narrative Interaction in Adoptive Families: Differences Across Narrative Contexts

Marlene P. Sousa, Margarida R. Henriques, Miguel M. Gonçalves

Original Paper

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-Oriented Parent-Training for Parents of Children with Autism

Claudia Corti, Francesca Pergolizzi, Laura Vanzin, Giulia Cargasacchi, Laura Villa, Marco Pozzi, Massimo Molteni

Original Paper

Predictors of Dropout in Family-Based Psychosocial Treatment for Pediatric Bipolar Disorder: An Exploratory Study

Ashley R. Isaia, Sally M. Weinstein, Stewart A. Shankman, Amy E. West

Original Paper

Implementation of an ACT Curriculum on an Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Unit: A Quality Improvement Project

Mojgan Makki, James F Hill, Dawn T. Bounds, Stephanie McCammon, Michelle Mc Fall-Johnsen, Kathleen R Delaney

Original Paper

Addressing Barriers to Recruitment and Retention in the Implementation of Parenting Programs: Lessons Learned for Effective Program Delivery in Rural and Urban Areas

Paul Smokowski, Rosalie Corona, Martica Bacallao, Beverly L. Fortson, Khiya J. Marshall, Anna Yaros

Original Paper

Generalization of an Early Intervention for Inhibited Preschoolers to the Classroom Setting

Matthew G. Barstead, Christina M. Danko, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, Kelly A. O’Brien, Robert J. Coplan, Kenneth H. Rubin

Original Paper

Resiliency Moderates the Influence of Somatization on Externalizing Problems

Nikola M. Zaharakis, Michael J. Mason, Aaron Brown, Matthew Moore, Claudia Garcia, Robin Foster, Susan Richards

Original Paper

Children’s Shyness Moderates the Associations between Parenting Behavior and the Development of Children’s Pro-Social Behaviors

Maryam Zarra-Nezhad, Ali Moazami-Goodarzi, Jari-Erik Nurmi, Kenneth Eklund, Timo Ahonen, Kaisa Aunola

Original Paper

Parents’ Perceptions of their Acceptance and Rejection Behaviors: Benchmarking Spain and Ecuador

Susana Torío-López, María-Dolores Palacios-Madero, Janeth-Catalina Mora-Oleas, José-Vicente Peña-Calvo, Mercedes Inda-Caro

Original Paper

Physical Risk Taking in Preschoolers: A Comparison Between Children’s and Mothers’ Perceptions

Anna Di Norcia, Anna Silvia Bombi, Eleonora Cannoni, Gemma Marano

Original Paper

Self-Compassion: A Potential Path to Adolescent Resilience and Positive Exploration

Karen Bluth, Michael Mullarkey, Christine Lathren

Original Paper

A Grounded Theory Study of the Development of Trans Youths’ Awareness of Coping with Gender Identity

Stephanie L. Budge, Skyler Belcourt, James Conniff, Rachel Parks, David W. Pantalone, Sabra L. Katz-Wise