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Journal of Youth and Adolescence 12/2021
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 12/2021

Special Section: Youth Exposure to Online Risks: Theory, Predictors, and Consequences. Special Section Editors: Michelle F Wright, Sebastian Wachs, Jennifer D Shapka, and Hezron Zacharia Onditi; Additional Regular Papers and Book Review


Inhoudsopgave (21 Artikelen)

20-03-2021 | Empirical Research

Adjustment Correlates of Social Media Engagement Among Early Adolescents
Jill M. Swirsky, Michelle Rosie, Hongling Xie

21-01-2021 | Empirical Research

Motivations for Social Media Use: Associations with Social Media Engagement and Body Satisfaction and Well-Being among Adolescents
Hannah K. Jarman, Mathew D. Marques, Siân A. McLean, Amy Slater, Susan J. Paxton

20-03-2021 | Empirical Research

Who Is Exposed to Harmful Online Content? The Role of Risk and Protective Factors Among Czech, Finnish, and Spanish Adolescents
Nikol Kvardova, David Smahel, Hana Machackova, Kaveri Subrahmanyam

15-01-2021 | Empirical Research

Face-to-Face and Cyber-Victimization: A Longitudinal Study of Offline Appearance Anxiety and Online Appearance Preoccupation
Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Julia Rudolph, Haley J. Webb, Leah Henderson, Tanya Hawes

02-02-2021 | Empirical Research

Suicide Risk in Emerging Adulthood: Associations with Screen Time over 10 years
Sarah M. Coyne, Jeffrey L. Hurst, W. Justin Dyer, Quintin Hunt, Emily Schvanaveldt, Sara Brown, Gavin Jones

30-01-2021 | Empirical Research

The Development of Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms among Adolescents Who Experience Cyber and Traditional Victimization over Time
Brett Holfeld, Faye Mishna

04-05-2021 | Empirical Research

The Impact of Television, Electronic Games, and Social Technology Use on Sleep and Health in Adolescents with an Evening Circadian Preference
Nicole B. Gumport, Caitlin E. Gasperetti, Jennifer S. Silk, Allison G. Harvey

01-12-2021 | Empirical Research

Dimensions of Athletic Identity and their Associations with Drinking Behaviors among a National Sample of University Athletes in the United States
Alan Meca, Kelsie Allison, Richie Kubilus, Janine V. Olthuis, Jennifer E. Merrill, Byron L. Zamboanga, David Wyrick, Jeffrey J. Milroy, Kyla Carr

22-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Racial Stereotypes and Asian American Youth Paradox
Michael Park, Yoonsun Choi, Hyung Chol Yoo, Miwa Yasui, David Takeuchi

Open Access 13-09-2021 | Empirical Research

Developmental Trajectories of Science Identity Beliefs: Within-Group Differences among Black, Latinx, Asian, and White Students
Kayla Puente, Christine R. Starr, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Sandra D. Simpkins

03-09-2021 | Empirical Research

Antecedents and Consequences of Discrepant Perceptions of Racial Socialization between Parents and Adolescents within Mexican-Origin Families
Shanting Chen, Elizabeth Jelsma, Yang Hou, Aprile Benner, Su Yeong Kim

Open Access 04-09-2021 | Empirical Research

Perceptions of Parenting in Daily Life: Adolescent-Parent Differences and Associations with Adolescent Affect
Loes H. C. Janssen, Bart Verkuil, Lisanne A. E. M. van Houtum, Mirjam C. M. Wever, Bernet M. Elzinga

Open Access 28-09-2021 | Empirical Research

Adolescent Victim Types Across the Popularity Status Hierarchy: Differences in Internalizing Symptoms
Sarah T. Malamut, Molly Dawes, Yvonne van den Berg, Tessa A. M. Lansu, David Schwartz, Antonius H. N. Cillessen

15-05-2021 | Empirical Research

Digital Social Multitasking (DSMT), Friendship Quality, and Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction Among Adolescents: Perceptions as Mediators
Chia-chen Yang, Thomas Pham, Jati Ariati, Christina Smith, Misti D. Foster

02-12-2020 | Empirical Research

Adolescent Risk of Dating Violence and Electronic Dating Abuse: A Latent Class Analysis
Elyse Joan Thulin, Justin E. Heinze, Poco Kernsmith, Joanne Smith-Darden, Paul J. Fleming

Open Access 11-10-2021 | Empirical Research

“Wild Years”: Rock Music, Problem Behaviors and Mental Well-being in Adolescence and Young Adulthood
Tom T. Bogt, William W. Hale III, Andrik Becht

09-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Evaluating a Sport-Based Mental Health Literacy Intervention in Australian Amateur Sporting Adolescents
Brittany Patafio, David Skvarc, Peter Miller, Shannon Hyder

08-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Childhood ADHD Symptoms, Parent Emotion Socialization, and Adolescent Peer Problems: Indirect Effects Through Emotion Dysregulation
Julia D. McQuade, Rosanna Breaux, Arianna E. Mordy, Daria Taubin

13-09-2021 | Empirical Research

Identifying Salient Stressors of Adolescence: A Systematic Review and Content Analysis
Fernando Núñez-Regueiro, Santiago Núñez-Regueiro

27-10-2021 | Book Review

Matthew D. Dewar: The Mindful Breathing Workbook for Teens: Simple Practices to Help You Manage Stress and Feel Better
Instant Help Books, Oakland, CA, 2021, 184 pp, ISBN: 9781684037247
Chris Fradkin

24-10-2021 | Editorial

Josefina Bañales Receives Emerging Scholar Best Article Award, 2021
Roger J. R. Levesque

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