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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 1/2024

Special Issue on Emotion Recognition, Regulation and Socialization: A Broad Look at Influences and Outcomes

Inhoudsopgave (17 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

The Association Between Emotion Recognition and Internalizing Problems in Children and Adolescents: A Three-Level Meta-Analysis

Lin Zhang, Heting Liang, Johan Bjureberg, Fen Xiong, Zhihui Cai

Open Access Empirical Research

The Social Environment Matters for Telomere Length and Internalizing Problems During Adolescence

Darlene A. Kertes, Cherita Clendinen, Ke Duan, Jill A. Rabinowitz, Christopher Browning, Peter Kvam

Open Access Empirical Research

The Boomerang Effect of Suppression of Emotional Expression: Relationship Power, Affectivity and Adolescent and Youth Male-To-Female Dating Violence

Silvia Ubillos Landa, Sandra Nieto González, Alicia Puente Martínez, Marcela Gracia Leiva, José Luis González Castro

Empirical Research

Parent and Friend Emotion Socialization in Early Adolescence: Their Unique and Interactive Contributions to Emotion Regulation Ability

Juan Wang, Mingzhu Wang, Xiaopeng Du, Karine Maria Porpino Viana, Ke Hou, Hong Zou

Empirical Research

The Joint Impact of Trait Competitiveness and Competitive Climate on Depressive Symptoms and Anxiety Among Adolescents

Wenjie Liu, Hongbo Wen, Chengwei Zhu, Xi Quan, Xia Wang, Cai Zhang

Open Access Empirical Research

Promoting Peer Connectedness Through Social-Emotional Learning: Evaluating the Intervention Effect Mechanisms and Implementation Factors of a Social-Emotional Learning Programme for 9 to 12-Year-Olds

Isabella Pollak, Katharina A. M. Stiehl, James Birchwood, Beate Schrank, Kerstin Angelika Zechner, Christian Wiesner, Kate Anne Woodcock

Open Access Empirical Research

Youth Perceived Social Support and Symptom Distress: A Random-Intercept Cross-Lagged Panel Model

Eline M. Meuleman, William M. van der Veld, Odilia M. Laceulle, Paul T. van der Heijden, Maaike Verhagen, Elisa van Ee

Open Access Empirical Research

Social Anxiety and Bullying Victimization in Children and Early Adolescents: The Role of Developmental Period and Immigrant Status

Nicolò Maria Iannello, Simona Caravita, Noemi Papotti, Carmen Gelati, Marina Camodeca

Open Access Empirical Research

Emotion Regulation Predicts Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents: A Prospective Study

Gyöngyi Kökönyei, Lilla Nóra Kovács, Judit Szabó, Róbert Urbán

Open Access Empirical Research

Interparental Conflict and Early Adolescent Depressive Symptoms: Parent-Child Triangulation as the Mediator and Grandparent Support as the Moderator

Meiping Wang, Shan Sun, Xiaojie Liu, Yang Yang, Chunyu Liu, Aodi Huang, Siwei Liu

Open Access Correction

Correction: A Few Close Friends? Adolescent Friendships’ Effect on Internalizing Symptoms Is Serially Mediated by Desire for More Friends and Social Goal Orientation

Reubs J. Walsh, Nikki C. Lee, Imke L. J. Lemmers-Jansen, Miriam Hollarek, Hester Sijtsma, Mariët van Buuren, Lydia Krabbendam