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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 3/2024

Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

Open Access Empirical Research

Unveiling Adolescent Suicidality: Holistic Analysis of Protective and Risk Factors Using Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms

E. F. Haghish, Ragnhild Bang Nes, Milan Obaidi, Ping Qin, Line Indrevoll Stänicke, Mona Bekkhus, Bruno Laeng, Nikolai Czajkowski

Open Access Empirical Research

Trajectories of Parental Warmth and the Role They Play in Explaining Adolescent Prosocial Behavior

Lisa Buckley, Tiffany Atkins, Withanage Perera, Michael Waller

Open Access Empirical Research

Students’ School and Psychological Adjustment in Classrooms with Positive and Negative Leaders

Zhe Dong, Gijs Huitsing, René Veenstra

Open Access Empirical Research

Student and Teacher Culture and Composition and the Development of Gender Role Attitudes among Young Adolescents

Ricarda Ullrich, Mieke Van Houtte, Michael Becker

Empirical Research

Facilitating Youth’s Curiosity in Learning: Needs-based Ecological Examinations

Haoyan Huang, Xin Tang, Katariina Salmela-Aro

Empirical Research

Joint Developmental Trajectories of Novelty and Usefulness in Chinese Children’s Creativity

Shujin Zhou, Xinpei Xu, Dan Li, Junlong Luo, Mingming Zhang

Empirical Research

Exploring the Interaction Between Preschool Executive Control and Caregiver Emotion Socialization in Predicting Adolescent Weight Trajectories

Lauren M. Laifer, Rebecca L. Brock, Cara C. Tomaso, Tiffany D. James, Amy L. Yaroch, Jennie L. Hill, Terry T. Huang, Jennifer Mize Nelson, W. Alex Mason, Kimberly Andrews Espy, Timothy D. Nelson

Empirical Research

Sexual Minority Youth Reporting SOGIE-Based Harassment to Adults at School: The Roles of Experienced Harassment, Outness, Safety, and Adult Support at School

Peter S. McCauley, Leah M. Lessard, Nikole Babcock, Nora Sun, Lisa A. Eaton, Ryan J. Watson

Empirical Research

Career Adaptability and Academic Achievement Among Chinese High School Students: A Person-centered Longitudinal Study

Naiyi Wang, Ziluo Yan, Dazhi Cheng, Xiaojing Ma, Wanyu Wang

Empirical Research

Shaping Citizenship in the Classroom: Peer Influences on Moral Disengagement, Social Goals, and a Sense of Peer Community

Jingu Kim, Jelle J. Sijtsema, Robert Thornberg, Simona C. S. Caravita, Jun Sung Hong

Open Access Empirical Research

The Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Bullying Victimization, and Internalizing and Externalizing Problems Among Early Adolescents: Examining Cumulative and Interactive Associations

Nora Trompeter, Alexander Testa, Julia H. Raney, Dylan B. Jackson, Abubakr A. A. Al-shoaibi, Kyle T. Ganson, Iris Yuefan Shao, Jason M. Nagata