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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 12/2023

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

TikToks Lead to Higher Knowledge and Perceived Severity of Sexual Violence among Adolescent Men

Sydney Nicolla, Allison J. Lazard, Lucinda L. Austin, Deen Freelon, Heathe Luz McNaughton Reyes, Kathryn E. Moracco

Open Access Empirical Research

Parental Support and Adolescents’ Coping with Academic Stressors: A Longitudinal Study of Parents’ Influence Beyond Academic Pressure and Achievement

Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Ellen A. Skinner, Riley A. Scott, Katherine M. Ryan, Tanya Hawes, Alex A. Gardner, Amanda L. Duffy

Open Access Empirical Research

Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Self-Cutting Behavior Among Adolescents at First Contact with the Juvenile Court

Jocelyn I. Meza, Johanna Folk, David Hoskins, Kathleen Kemp, Marina Tolou-Shams

Empirical Research

Is Academic Agency Relevant for the School-to-Work Transition of Lower Attainers? Evidence from Canada and England

Guillaume Descary, Véronique Dupéré, Sophie T. Hebert, Ingrid Schoon

Open Access Empirical Research

“Help Me Control My Impulses!”: Adolescent Impulsivity and Its Negative Individual, Family, Peer, and Community Explanatory Factors

Célia Barreto Carvalho, Ana Moura Arroz, Raquel Martins, Rodrigo Costa, Filipa Cordeiro, Joana Moura Cabral

Empirical Research

A Latent Profile Analysis of Lie-Telling to Parents and Friends during Adolescence

Victoria W. Dykstra, Teena Willoughby, Angela D. Evans

Empirical Research

Profiles and Transitions of Loneliness and Depressive Symptoms among Migrant Children: Predictive Role of Bullying Victimization

Yiting Liang, Quanquan Wang, Jiahui Chen, Yifan Zhang, Simeng Li, Mingling Xiong, Ping Ren