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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

A Multidisciplinary Research Publication

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12-11-2018 | Empirical Research

Are Developmental Assets Protective Against Suicidal Behavior? Differential Associations by Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation disparities in suicide behavior are well-documented. Yet, few studies have examined how developmental assets – key values, self-perceptions, skills, relationships, and opportunities that have been identified as the building …

12-11-2018 | Empirical Research

Student Self-Efficacy, Classroom Engagement, and Academic Achievement: Comparing Three Theoretical Frameworks

Student self-efficacy, behavioral engagement, and emotional engagement are key factors for academic achievement. Research has yet to identify the developmental cascades linking these four constructs. Three theoretical frameworks, i.e. …

09-11-2018 | Editorial

Emerging Scholar Best Article Award, 2018

02-11-2018 | Empirical Research

Testing a Model of Universal Prevention Effects on Adolescent Relationships and Marijuana Use as Pathways to Young Adult Outcomes

There are several interrelated knowledge gaps in the literature on skills-building interventions for middle schoolers designed to prevent initiation of substance use, all of which concern the limited study of the adolescent pathways of those …

02-11-2018 | Empirical Research

Connecting Online and Offline Social Skills to Adolescents’ Peer Victimization and Psychological Adjustment

Peer victimization is a common experience among high school students and is associated with many negative adjustment outcomes, making it necessary to investigate the individual and contextual factors that may ameliorate the consequences of peer …

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Journal of Youth and Adolescence provides a single, high-level medium of communication for psychologists, psychiatrists, biologists, criminologists, educators, and professionals in many other allied disciplines who address the subject of youth and adolescence. The journal publishes papers based on quantitative analyses, theoretical papers, and comprehensive review articles. The journal especially welcomes empirically rigorous papers that take policy implications seriously. Research need not have been designed to address policy needs, but manuscripts must address implications for the manner society formally (e.g., through laws, policies or regulations) or informally (e.g., through parents, peers, and social institutions) responds to the period of youth and adolescence.

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