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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 6/2024

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Open Access Empirical Research

Individual and Contextual Correlates of Latent Bystander Profiles toward Racist Hate Speech: A Multilevel Person-centered Approach

Sebastian Wachs, Alexander Wettstein, Ludwig Bilz, Dorothy L. Espelage, Michelle F. Wright, Manuel Gámez-Guadix

Open Access Empirical Research

Risk and Protective Factors of Self-harm and Suicidality in Adolescents: An Umbrella Review with Meta-Analysis

Rebecca Richardson, Tanya Connell, Mandie Foster, Julie Blamires, Smita Keshoor, Chris Moir, Irene Suilan Zeng

Open Access Empirical Research

Family Functioning, Identity Commitments, and School Value among Ethnic Minority and Ethnic Majority Adolescents

Stefanos Mastrotheodoros, Jessie Hillekens, Marta Miklikowska, Benedetta Emanuela Palladino, Francesca Lionetti

Open Access Empirical Research

Anxiety, Sleep Problems, and Vigorous Physical Activity: Bidirectional Associations from Early Adolescence to Early Adulthood in Swedish Adolescents

F. Giannotta, K. W. Nilsson, C. Åslund, S. Olofdotter, S. Vadlin, P. Larm

Empirical Research

Identifying High-Risk Subgroups of College Students with Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: A Latent Profile Analysis and Two-Years Follow-up Study

Carlos Schmidt, Stella Nicolaou, Juan Carlos Pascual, Joaquim Puntí, Anaís Lara, Anna Sintes, Iria Méndez, Soledad Romero, Laia Briones-Buixassa, Pilar Santamarina-Perez, Joaquim Soler, Daniel Vega

Empirical Research

Parental Migration Trajectories From Childhood Through Adolescence: Longitudinal Impact on Emotional and Behavioral Problems Among Chinese Adolescents

Mengshi Li, Yunfei Qiu, Yuwen Xia, Dantong Li, Gege Ma, Shang Ma, Jingxu Zhang, Xiaoli Wang

Open Access Empirical Research

Do Patterns of Adolescent Participation in Arts, Culture and Entertainment Activities Predict Later Wellbeing? A Latent Class Analysis

Emma Thornton, Kimberly Petersen, Jose Marquez, Neil Humphrey

Open Access Empirical Research

Peer Stress Spills Over to Family Stress in the Context of Emotion Regulation Difficulties: A Daily Diary Study with Chinese Adolescents

Hui Wang, Yutong Zhang, Molly Elizabeth Hale, Sihan Liu, Jianjie Xu, Chenxi Zhu, Cynthia Suveg, Zhuo Rachel Han

Empirical Research

The Vicious Cycle between Loneliness and Problematic Smartphone Use among Adolescents: A Random Intercept Cross-Lagged Panel Model

Chengjia Zhao, Huimin Ding, Mingxuan Du, Yanqiu Yu, Juliet Honglei Chen, Anise Man-Sze Wu, Debora Baofeng Wang, Mengni Du, Yu Chen, Qiujiao Luo, Xiaoli Yin, Bingru Chen, Ping Lu, Joseph T. F. Lau, Guohua Zhang

Open Access Empirical Research

Parenting, Coparenting, and Adolescents’ Sense of Autonomy and Belonging After Divorce

Zoë Rejaän, Inge van der Valk, Wendy Schrama, Susan Branje