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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 1/2021

Uitgave 1/2021

Inhoudsopgave ( 26 Artikelen )

25-07-2020 | Review | Uitgave 1/2021

Quality of life of stroke survivors in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Umar Muhammad Bello, Muhammad Chutiyami, Dauda Salihu, Sham’un Isah Abdu, Buhari Abdullahi Tafida, Abdulhamid Ardo Jabbo, Adamu Gamawa, Lawan Umar, Aliyu Lawan, Tiev Miller, Stanley John Winser

14-09-2020 | Review | Uitgave 1/2021

International guidance on the selection of patient-reported outcome measures in clinical trials: a review

Norah L. Crossnohere, Michael Brundage, Melanie J. Calvert, Madeleine King, Bryce B. Reeve, Elissa Thorner, Albert W. Wu, Claire Snyder

25-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Does the selective attrition of a panel survey of older people affect the multivariate estimations of subjective well-being?

M. Soledad Herrera, Denisse Devilat, M. Beatriz Fernández, Raúl Elgueta

31-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Adolescents’ sleep quality in relation to peer, family and school factors: findings from the 2017/2018 HBSC study in Flanders

Katrijn Delaruelle, Maxim Dierckens, Ann Vandendriessche, Benedicte Deforche, Louise Poppe

28-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

Trajectories of health-related quality of life among people with a physical disability and/or chronic disease during and after rehabilitation: a longitudinal cohort study

B. L. Seves, F. Hoekstra, F. J. Hettinga, R. Dekker, L. H. V. van der Woude, T. Hoekstra

07-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Do reminder emails and past due notifications improve patient completion and institutional data submission for patient-reported outcome measures?

Stephanie L. Pugh, Joseph P. Rodgers, Jennifer Moughan, Roseann Bonanni, Jaskaran Boparai, Ronald C. Chen, James J. Dignam, Deborah W. Bruner

18-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Longitudinal analysis of health-related quality of life in cancer clinical trials: methods and interpretation of results

Caroline Bascoul-Mollevi, Antoine Barbieri, Céline Bourgier, Thierry Conroy, Bruno Chauffert, Mohamed Hebbar, William Jacot, Beata Juzyna, Hélène De Forges, Sophie Gourgou, Franck Bonnetain, Célia Touraine, Amélie Anota

15-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

Changes in patient functioning and disability: results from a phase 3, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluating galcanezumab for chronic migraine prevention (REGAIN)

Janet Ford, Cristina Tassorelli, Elizabeth Leroux, Shufang Wang, David Ayer, Russell Nichols, Holland Detke

13-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Randomized Clinical Trial on Reduction of Radiotherapy Dose to the Elective Neck in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Results on the Quality of Life

S. Deschuymer, D. Nevens, F. Duprez, J. F. Daisne, M. Voordeckers, W. De Neve, S. Nuyts

12-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Predictors for quality of life improvement after acute osteoporotic vertebral fracture: results of post hoc analysis of a prospective randomized study

Hiroyuki Inose, Tsuyoshi Kato, Hiroaki Nakamura, Masatoshi Hoshino, Daisuke Togawa, Toru Hirano, Yasuaki Tokuhashi, Tetsuro Ohba, Hirotaka Haro, Takashi Tsuji, Kimiaki Sato, Yutaka Sasao, Masahiko Takahata, Koji Otani, Suketaka Momoshima, Kunihiko Takahashi, Masato Yuasa, Takashi Hirai, Toshitaka Yoshii, Atsushi Okawa

20-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Associations between comorbidity and quality of life outcomes after total joint replacement

Deborah L. Snell, Jennifer A. Dunn, K. Anne Sinnott Jerram, C. Jean Hsieh, Gerben DeJong, Gary J. Hooper

09-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Interpersonal and intrapersonal manifestations of HIV stigma and their impacts on psychological distress and life satisfaction among people living with HIV: Toward a dual-process model

Randolph C. H. Chan, Winnie W. S. Mak, Gloria Y. K. Ma, Mandy Cheung

31-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Belief in a just world, health-related quality of life, and mental health among Chinese patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Kewen Jian, Shunliang Sun, Hangming Dong, Xihua Zeng

29-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Fulfillment of patients’ information needs during oral cancer treatment and its association with posttherapeutic quality of life

Philipp Jehn, Philippe Korn, Nils-Claudius Gellrich, Alexander-Nicolai Zeller, Michael-Tobias Neuhaus, Frank Tavassol, Rüdiger Zimmerer, Gertrud Krüskemper, Simon Spalthoff

04-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

Comparative study of life satisfaction among patients with psoriasis versus healthy comparison group: the explanatory role of body image and resource profiles

Marcin Rzeszutek, Katarzyna Podkowa, Małgorzata Pięta, Daniel Pankowski, Sylwia Cyran-Stemplewska

10-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Quality of life in parents of seriously Ill/injured children: a prospective longitudinal study

Ella Graj, Frank Muscara, Vicki Anderson, Stephen Hearps, Maria McCarthy

16-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

Assessing the impacts of having a child with achondroplasia on parent well-being

Kathryn M. Pfeiffer, Meryl Brod, Alden Smith, Jill Gianettoni, Dorthe Viuff, Sho Ota, R. Will Charlton

30-10-2020 | Correction | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

Correction to: Assessing the impacts of having a child with achondroplasia on parent well-being

Kathryn M. Pfeiffer, Meryl Brod, Alden Smith, Jill Gianettoni, Dorthe Viuff, Sho Ota, R. Will Charlton

22-07-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

The effects of intervening with physical activity in the early years (ages 3–5) on health-related quality of life: a secondary analysis of the Activity Begins in Childhood (ABC) trial

Taniya S. Nagpal, Gary S. Goldfield, Danilo F. da Silva, Sara Souza, Patricia Burhunduli, Rebecca H. Liu, Patti-Jean Naylor, Kristi B. Adamo

09-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Assessing the relationship between weight stigma, stress, depression, and sleep in Chinese adolescents

Zhanxia Wang, Jiajia Dang, Xinge Zhang, Justin B. Moore, Rui Li

09-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

The development and validation of the CARe Burn Scale: Child Form: a parent-proxy-reported outcome measure assessing quality of life for children aged 8 years and under living with a burn injury

Catrin Griffiths, Ella Guest, Timothy Pickles, Linda Hollèn, Mariusz Grzeda, Philippa Tollow, Diana Harcourt

24-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Understanding speech and swallowing difficulties in individuals with Huntington disease: Validation of the HDQLIFE Speech Difficulties and Swallowing Difficulties Item Banks

Noelle E. Carlozzi, Nicholas R. Boileau, Angela Roberts, Praveen Dayalu, Dana L. Hanifan, Jennifer A. Miner, Daniel Claassen, Emily Mower Provost

09-09-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

An item response theory analysis of an item pool for the recovering quality of life (ReQoL) measure

Anju Devianee Keetharuth, Jakob Bue Bjorner, Michael Barkham, John Browne, Tim Croudace, John Brazier

24-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021 Open Access

Living with hypoparathyroidism: development of the Hypoparathyroidism Patient Experience Scale-Impact (HPES-Impact)

Meryl Brod, Laura Tesler Waldman, Alden Smith, David Karpf

26-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Psychometric testing of the Skull Base Inventory health-related quality of life questionnaire in a multi-institutional study of patients undergoing open and endoscopic surgery

David Forner, Katrina Hueniken, Tom Yoannidis, Ian Witterick, Eric Monteiro, Gelareh Zadeh, Patrick Gullane, Carl Snyderman, Eric Wang, Paul Gardner, Benita Valappil, Dan M. Fliss, Barak Ringel, Ziv Gil, Shorook Na’ara, Eng H. Ooi, David P. Goldstein, Nidal Muhanna, Fred Gentili, John R. de Almeida

20-08-2020 | Uitgave 1/2021

Validation of the WHOQOL-Bref instrument in Brazilian sign language (Libras)

Soraya B. R. Duarte, Neuma Chaveiro, Adriana R. de Freitas, Maria Alves Barbosa, Suzi Camey, Marcelo P. Fleck, Celmo C. Porto, Cássio L. Rodrigues, Dolors Rodríguez-Martín

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