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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 2/2024

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Response shift results of quantitative research using patient-reported outcome measures: a descriptive systematic review

Richard Sawatzky, Tolulope T. Sajobi, Lara Russell, Oluwagbohunmi A. Awosoga, Ayoola Ademola, Jan R. Böhnke, Oluwaseyi Lawal, Anita Brobbey, Lisa M. Lix, Amelie Anota, Véronique Sebille, Mirjam A. G. Sprangers, Mathilde G. E. Verdam

Open Access Review

Preference-based measures of health-related quality of life in Indigenous people: a systematic review

Lilla M. Roy, Aidan Neill, Kristen Swampy, Juliette Auger, Sandra M. Campbell, Susan Chatwood, Fatima Al Sayah, Jeffrey A. Johnson

Open Access

Alcohol consumption and health-related quality of life in regional, rural and metropolitan Australia: analysis of cross-sectional data from the Community Health and Rural/Regional Medicine (CHARM) study

Lisa Redwood, Karli Saarinen, Rowena Ivers, David Garne, Paul de Souza, Andrew Bonney, Joel Rhee, Judy Mullan, Susan J. Thomas

Lower quality of life in obese ICU survivors: a multicenter cohort study

Mirceli Goulart Barbosa, Daniel Sganzerla, Adriana Cristine Koch Buttelli, Cassiano Teixeira

Open Access

A concept elicitation study to understand the relationship between sleep and pain in rheumatoid arthritis and axial spondyloarthritis

Kimberly Raymond, Wen-Hung Chen, Marguerite Bracher, April Foster, Andrew Lovley, Cory Saucier, Kristi Jackson, Eleanor J. McDermott

Open Access

The effect of depressive symptoms on quality of life and its different facets in the oldest age population: evidence from the AgeQualiDe prospective cohort study

Paula Liegert, Alexander Pabst, Ines Conrad, Hendrik van den Bussche, Marion Eisele, André Hajek, Kathrin Heser, Luca Kleineidam, Siegfried Weyerer, Jochen Werle, Michael Pentzek, Dagmar Weeg, Edelgard Mösch, Birgitt Wiese, Anke Oey, Michael Wagner, Wolfgang Maier, Hans-Helmut König, Steffi G. Riedel-Heller, Martin Scherer, Melanie Luppa

Open Access

Caught between pity, explicit bias, and discrimination: a qualitative study on the impact of stigma on the quality of life of persons living with sickle cell disease in three African countries

Nchangwi Syntia Munung, Marsha Treadwell, Karen Kengne Kamga, Jemima Dennis-Antwi, Kofi Anie, Daima Bukini, Julie Makani, Ambroise Wonkam

The impact of a neuromuscular rehabilitation programme on the quality of life of patients with acute coronary syndrome and its relationship with sexual dysfunction: a randomised controlled trial

Noemí Valtueña-Gimeno, Francisco José Ferrer-Sargues, Oscar Fabregat-Andrés, Isabel Martínez-Hurtado, F. J. Martínez-Olmos, Marta Lluesma-Vidal, María Dolores Arguisuelas

Open Access

Quality of life of the Canadian population using the VR-12: population norms for health utility values, summary component scores and domain scores

Logan Trenaman, Daphne Guh, Nick Bansback, Richard Sawatzky, Huiying Sun, Lena Cuthbertson, David G. T. Whitehurst

Open Access

Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) after different axillary treatments in women with breast cancer: a 1-year longitudinal cohort study

N. J. M. C. Vrancken Peeters, Z. L. R. Kaplan, M. E. Clarijs, M. A. M. Mureau, C. Verhoef, T. van Dalen, O. Husson, L. B. Koppert

Mood assessments of family caregivers of patients with severe brain injury in China

Yifan Yan, Meiqi Li, Tiantian Cai, Xueying Wang, Yan Dong, Xiaohua Hu, Steven Laureys, Olivia Gosseries, Charlotte Grégoire, Haibo Di

Open Access

What does better look like in individuals with severe neurodevelopmental impairments? A qualitative descriptive study on SCN2A-related developmental and epileptic encephalopathy

Jenny Downs, Natasha N. Ludwig, Mary Wojnaroski, Jessica Keeley, Leah Schust Myers, Chere A. T. Chapman, JayEtta Hecker, Gabrielle Conecker, Anne T. Berg

Open Access

Surgical prioritization based on decision model outcomes is not sensitive to differences between the health-related quality of life values estimates of physicians and citizens

Anouk M. I. A. van Alphen, Eline M. Krijkamp, Benjamin Y. Gravesteijn, Robert J. Baatenburg de Jong, Jan J. Busschbach

Health-related quality of life after hip fracture: effects of a 12-month home-based exercise intervention—secondary analyses of an RCT

Paula K. Soukkio, Sara A. Suikkanen, Harri Sintonen, Katriina T. Kukkonen-Harjula, Hannu Kautiainen, Sanna M. Kääriä, Markku T. Hupli, Eeva M. Aartolahti, Kaisu H. Pitkälä, Sarianna Sipilä

A leaky gut contributes to reduced sarcopenia-related quality of life (SarQoL) in geriatric older adults

Rizwan Qaisar, M. Shahid Iqbal, Asima Karim, Tahir Muhammad, Firdos Ahmad

Quality of life in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis and osteopenia: associations with bone microarchitecture and nutritional status

Marin Mornar, Anela Novak, Josko Bozic, Josip Vrdoljak, Marko Kumric, Tina Vilovic, Ivan Rakovic, Tina Ticinovic Kurir, Dinko Martinovic, Hrvoje Urlic, Marino Vilovic