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Quality of Life Research 2/2021
Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 2/2021


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Open Access 18-09-2020 | Review

Quality of life of cancer patients at palliative care units in developing countries: systematic review of the published literature
Dwi Gayatri, Ljupcho Efremov, Eva Johanna Kantelhardt, Rafael Mikolajczyk


Patient-reported outcomes in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: a mixed-methods systematic review
Claudia Rutherford, Manish I. Patel, Margaret-Ann Tait, David P. Smith, Daniel S. J. Costa, Shomik Sengupta, Madeleine T. King

17-10-2020 | Review

The effect of cognitive behavioral therapy on the quality of life of breast cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Mikiyas Amare Getu, Chen Changying, Wang Panpan, Joanes Faustine Mboineki, Kamala Dhakal, Ruofei Du


Patient-reported outcomes in survivors of breast cancer one, three, and five years post-diagnosis: a cancer registry-based feasibility study
Anita R. Skandarajah, Karolina Lisy, Andrew Ward, Jim Bishop, Karen Lacey, Bruce Mann, Michael Jefford


A non-compensatory analysis of quality of life in breast cancer survivors using multivariate hidden Markov modeling
Edward H. Ip, Beverly J. Levine, Nancy E. Avis


A randomised online experimental study to compare responses to brief and extended surveys of health-related quality of life and psychosocial outcomes among women with breast cancer
Kerry Ettridge, Joanna Caruso, David Roder, Ivanka Prichard, Katrine Scharling-Gamba, Kathleen Wright, Caroline Miller

Open Access 06-10-2020

Randomized controlled trial of a group intervention combining self-hypnosis and self-care: secondary results on self-esteem, emotional distress and regulation, and mindfulness in post-treatment cancer patients
C. Grégoire, M.-E. Faymonville, A. Vanhaudenhuyse, G. Jerusalem, S. Willems, I. Bragard

Open Access 09-10-2020

Quality of life more than 10 years after radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer—impact of time after treatment and prescription dose
Michael Pinkawa, Amr Gharib, Marsha Schlenter, Ludmila Timm, Michael J. Eble

26-08-2020 | Original Research

The impact of symptoms and comorbidity on health utility scores and health-related quality of life in small cell lung cancer using real world data
Ali Vedadi, Sharara Shakik, M. Catherine Brown, Benjamin H. Lok, Frances A. Shepherd, Natasha B. Leighl, Adrian Sacher, Penelope A. Bradbury, Wei Xu, Geoffrey Liu, Grainne M. O’Kane

Open Access 17-09-2020

Functional impairment and disability among patients with migraine: evaluation of galcanezumab in a long-term, open-label study
Janet H. Ford, Virginia L. Stauffer, Peter McAllister, Sreelatha Akkala, Matthew Sexson, David W. Ayer, Shufang Wang

18-12-2020 | Correction

Correction to: Functional impairment and disability among patients with migraine: evaluation of galcanezumab in a long-term, open-label study
Janet H. Ford, Virginia L. Stauffer, Peter McAllister, Sreelatha Akkala, Matthew Sexson, David W. Ayer, Shufang Wang


A multicenter cross-sectional study of the quality of life and iron chelation treatment satisfaction of patients with transfusion-dependent β-thalassemia, in routine care settings in Western Greece
Vassilis Goulas, Alexandra Kouraklis-Symeonidis, Kyriaki Manousou, Vassileios Lazaris, George Pairas, Paraskevi Katsaouni, Eugenia Verigou, Vassiliki Labropoulou, Vassiliki Pesli, Panagiotis Kaiafas, Urania Papageorgiou, Argiris Symeonidis


Pain intensity and mental health quality of life in veterans with mental illnesses: the intermediary role of physical health and the ability to participate in activities
Emre Umucu, Antonio Reyes, Paul Carrola, Thenral Mangadu, Beatrice Lee, Jessica M. Brooks, Karen L. Fortuna, Diana Villegas, Chung-Yi Chiu, Carolina Valencia


Quality of life among patients with epilepsy in Nigeria: predictors and barriers to routine clinical use of QOLIE-31
Temitope Ogundare, Timothy O. Adebowale, Obinna A. Okonkwo

Open Access 30-09-2020

Depression, anxiety, and loneliness among adolescents and young adults with IBD in the UK: the role of disease severity, age of onset, and embarrassment of the condition
Pamela Qualter, Alison Rouncefield-Swales, Lucy Bray, Lucy Blake, Steven Allen, Chris Probert, Kay Crook, Bernie Carter


A mixed-methods exploration of faith, spirituality, and health program interest among older African Americans with HIV
Allysha C. Maragh-Bass, Danetta Hendricks Sloan, Fahid Alghanim, Amy R. Knowlton


Association of smoking status and health-related quality of life: difference among young, middle-aged, and older adults in Shandong, China
Zhengyue Jing, Jie Li, Yi Wang, Yemin Yuan, Dan Zhao, Wenting Hao, Caiting Yu, Chengchao Zhou


Evaluation of the ECOHIS and the CARIES-QC among an Australian “Aboriginal” population
Peter Arrow, David Brennan, Tamara Mackean, Rob McPhee, Sanjeewa Kularatna, Lisa Jamieson

Open Access 24-09-2020

Predictors of quality of life among youths in foster care—a 5-year prospective follow-up study
Marit Larsen, Anouk Goemans, Valborg Baste, Tom F. Wilderjans, Stine Lehmann

Open Access 29-09-2020

Developing dimensions for a new preference-based quality of life instrument for older people receiving aged care services in the community
Jenny Cleland, Claire Hutchinson, Candice McBain, Ruth Walker, Rachel Milte, Jyoti Khadka, Julie Ratcliffe

Open Access 07-10-2020

A multi-center psychometric evaluation of the Severity Indices of Personality Problems 118 (SIPP-118): Do we really need all those facets?
Muirne C. S. Paap, Benjamin Hummelen, Johan Braeken, Espen A. Arnevik, Espen Walderhaug, Theresa Wilberg, Han Berghuis, Joost Hutsebaut, Geir Pedersen

Open Access 28-10-2020

A validation study of the CarerQol instrument in informal caregivers of people with dementia from eight European countries
Daphne C. Voormolen, Job van Exel, Werner Brouwer, Anders Sköldunger, Manuel Gonçalves-Pereira, Kate Irving, Anja Bieber, Geir Selbaek, Bob Woods, Orazio Zanetti, Frans Verhey, Anders Wimo, Ron L. H. Handels


Loneliness in adolescence: a Rasch analysis of the Perth A-loneness scale
Stephen Houghton, Ida Marais, Simon C. Hunter, Annemaree Carroll, David Lawrence, Carol Tan


Translation and validation of the Korean version of the Sarcopenia Quality of Life (SarQoL-K®) questionnaire and applicability with the SARC-F screening tool
Jun-Il Yoo, Yong-Chan Ha, Miji Kim, Sung-Hyo Seo, Mi-Ji Kim, Gyeong-Ye Lee, Young-Mi Seo, Changsu Sung, Ki-Soo Park


Development and assessment of a verbal response scale for the Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) in a low-literacy, non-western population
Anupa Pathak, Saurab Sharma, Allen W. Heinemann, Paul W. Stratford, Daniel Cury Ribeiro, J. Haxby Abbott

Open Access 10-10-2020

Validation of the Hungarian version of the CarerQol instrument in informal caregivers: results from a cross-sectional survey among the general population in Hungary
Petra Baji, Werner B. F. Brouwer, Job van Exel, Dominik Golicki, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel, Zsombor Zrubka, László Gulácsi, Valentin Brodszky, Fanni Rencz, Márta Péntek

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