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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 4/2024

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Biopsychosocial factors of quality of life in individuals with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a scoping review

Rinni Mamman, Jasleen Grewal, Juliana Nicole Garrone, Julia Schmidt


Chronic cough: more than just a persistent cough: a systematic literature review to understand the impact of chronic cough on quality of life

Vishal Bali, Ada Adriano, Aidan Byrne, Katherine G. Akers, Andrew Frederickson, Jonathan Schelfhout

Open Access

Do physical fitness and cognitive function mediate the relationship between basic activities of daily living and quality of life in older adults with dementia?

Duarte Barros, Flávia Borges-Machado, Anabela Silva-Fernandes, Oscar Ribeiro, Joana Carvalho

Open Access

The quality of life of frequently vs. infrequently screened HPV vaccinated women

Kaisa Taavela, Tiina Eriksson, Heini Huhtala, Anne Bly, Katja Harjula, Kaisa Heikkilä, Mari Hokkanen, Mervi Nummela, Laura Kotaniemi-Talonen, Matti Lehtinen, Karolina Louvanto

Open Access

Development of standard computerised adaptive test (CAT) settings for the EORTC CAT Core

Morten Aa. Petersen, Hugo Vachon, Johannes M. Giesinger, Mogens Groenvold

Estimating anchor-based minimal important change using longitudinal confirmatory factor analysis

Berend Terluin, Andrew Trigg, Piper Fromy, Wouter Schuller, Caroline B. Terwee, Jakob B. Bjorner

Open Access

Life’s Essential 8 in relation to self-rated health and health-related quality of life in a large population-based sample: the SCAPIS project

Ángel Herraiz-Adillo, Viktor H. Ahlqvist, Bledar Daka, Josefin Wångdahl, Patrik Wennberg, Jakob Carlsson, Sara Higueras-Fresnillo, Cecilia Lenander, Carl Johan Östgren, Daniel Berglind, Karin Rådholm, Pontus Henriksson

Open Access

Associations between the EQ-5D-5L and exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the ETHOS trial

Dan Jackson, Martin Jenkins, Enrico de Nigris, Debasree Purkayastha, Mehul Patel, Mario Ouwens

Open Access

Is well-becoming important for children and young people? Evidence from in-depth interviews with children and young people and their parents

Samantha Husbands, Paul Mark Mitchell, Philip Kinghorn, Sarah Byford, Cara Bailey, Paul Anand, Tim J. Peters, Isabella Floredin, Joanna Coast

Open Access

Administering selected subscales of patient-reported outcome questionnaires to reduce patient burden and increase relevance: a position statement on a modular approach

Daniel Serrano, David Cella, Don Husereau, Bellinda King-Kallimanis, Tito Mendoza, Tomas Salmonson, Arthur Stone, Alexandra Zaleta, Devender Dhanda, Andriy Moshyk, Fei Liu, Alan L. Shields, Fiona Taylor, Sasha Spite, James W. Shaw, Julia Braverman

Quantifying bias due to missing data in quality of life surveys of advanced-stage cancer patients

Nina Haug, Martina Jänicke, Benjamin Kasenda, Norbert Marschner, Melanie Frank

Open Access

Mapping of Family Reported Outcome Measure (FROM-16) scores to EQ-5D: algorithm to calculate utility values

R. Shah, M. S. Salek, A. Y. Finlay, R. Kay, S. J. Nixon, K. Otwombe, F. M. Ali, J. R. Ingram

Assessing the interchangeability of linked scores in multivariable statistical analyses

Maxwell Mansolf, Courtney K. Blackwell, David Cella, Jin-Shei Lai

Predictors of persistence of post-chemotherapy symptoms among survivors of solid tumor cancers

Alla Sikorskii, Terry Badger, Chris Segrin, Tracy E. Crane, Nathan Cunicelli, Pavani Chalasani, Waqas Arslan, Charles Given