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Perspectives on Medical Education 4/2020
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 4/2020


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Open Access 06-07-2020 | Commentary

Mindfulness in medical education: coming of age
Ronald M. Epstein

Open Access 06-07-2020 | Commentary

Double duty, shared responsibilities and feedback literacy
David Carless

Open Access 05-06-2020 | Original Article

Are we generating more assessments without added value? Surgical trainees’ perceptions of and receptiveness to cross-specialty assessment
Sarah Burm, Stefanie S. Sebok-Syer, Julie Ann Van Koughnett, Christopher J. Watling

Open Access 05-06-2020 | Original Article

A mobile app to capture EPA assessment data: Utilizing the consolidated framework for implementation research to identify enablers and barriers to engagement
John Q. Young, Rebekah Sugarman, Jessica Schwartz, Matthew McClure, Patricia S. O’Sullivan

Open Access 28-05-2020 | Original Article

Measurement precision at the cut score in medical multiple choice exams: Theory matters
Felicitas-Maria Lahner, Stefan Schauber, Andrea Carolin Lörwald, Roger Kropf, Sissel Guttormsen, Martin R. Fischer, Sören Huwendiek

Open Access 24-08-2020 | Original Article

Transition to multiple mini interview (MMI) interviewing for medical school admissions
Tessa Langer, Colby Ruiz, Perry Tsai, Ursula Adams, Camilla Powierza, Ammu Vijay, Paul Alvarez, Gary Beck Dallahan, Lisa Rahangdale

Open Access 08-06-2020 | Original Article

Exploring current physicians’ failure to communicate clinical feedback back to transferring physicians after transitions of patient care responsibility: A mixed methods study
Judith L. Bowen, Joseph Chiovaro, Bridget C. O’Brien, Christy Kim Boscardin, David M. Irby, Olle ten Cate

Open Access 19-05-2020 | Original Article

Case presentation methods: a randomized controlled trial of the one-minute preceptor versus SNAPPS in a controlled setting
Eleonora D. T. Fagundes, Cássio C. Ibiapina, Cristina G. Alvim, Rachel A. F. Fernandes, Marco Antônio Carvalho-Filho, Paul L. P. Brand

Open Access 19-05-2020 | Eye-Opener

Words matter: Translanguaging in medical communication skills training
Pilar Ortega, Josh Prada

Open Access 05-06-2020 | Show and Tell

Mindful medical practice: An innovative core course to prepare medical students for clerkship
Tom A. Hutchinson, Stephen Liben

Open Access 03-04-2020 | Show and Tell

The organic formation of a wellness committee: A unique, student-led approach to implementing a wellness program in medical school
Michael R. Brunner, Daniel Peters, Mary Virginia Portera, Irtiqa Fazili, Mary McBride, Mallie Dennis, Michael J. Herr

Open Access 26-05-2020 | Failures/Surprises

Could application of leader-member exchange theory have saved a residency mentorship program?
Jessica L. Bunin, Holly S. Meyer, Steven J. Durning

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