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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 3/2021

Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access Commentary

Wrestling with (in)authenticity

Mario Veen

Open Access Commentary

The butterfly effect in clinical supervision

Jennifer M. Klasen, Lorelei A. Lingard

Open Access Original Article

Do you hear what you see? Utilizing phonocardiography to enhance proficiency in cardiac auscultation

Bjorn Watsjold, Jonathan Ilgen, Sandra Monteiro, Matthew Sibbald, Zachary D. Goldberger, W. Reid Thompson, Geoff Norman

Open Access Original Article

A collective case study of supervision and competence judgments on the inpatient internal medicine ward

Tristen Gilchrist, Rose Hatala, Andrea Gingerich

Open Access Failures/Surprises

What we learned in the development of a third-year medical student curricular project

Maria Syl D de la Cruz, Rashida S. Smith, Alexis E. Silverio, Allison R. Casola, Erin L. Kelly

Open Access Eye-Opener

A layered analysis of self-explanation and structured reflection to support clinical reasoning in medical students

Martine Chamberland, Silvia Mamede, Linda Bergeron, Lara Varpio

Open Access Eye-Opener

Shedding light on autistic traits in struggling learners: A blind spot in medical education

Marie Giroux, Luce Pélissier-Simard

Open Access Show and Tell

Coping with COVID-19: medical students as strong and responsible stewards of their education

Jacquelyn B. Kercheval, Deena Khamees, Charles A. Keilin, Netana H. Markovitz, Eve D. Losman

Open Access Show and Tell

Development of a 3D printed simulator for closed reduction of distal radius fractures

William Dixon, Nathaniel Miller, Georgia G. Toal, Stefanie S. Sebok-Syer, Michael A. Gisondi