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Perspectives on Medical Education

Perspectives on Medical Education 5/2021

Uitgave 5/2021

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01-09-2021 | A Qualitative Space | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Thoughts that breathe, and words that burn: poetic inquiry within health professions education

Megan E. L. Brown, Martina Kelly, Gabrielle M. Finn

05-05-2021 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Shame in medical clerkship: “You just feel like dirt under someone’s shoe”

Beth Whelan, Stefan Hjörleifsson, Edvin Schei

13-09-2021 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

“As an ethnic minority, you just have to work twice as hard.” Experiences and motivation of ethnic minority students in medical education

Ulviye Isik, Anouk Wouters, Petra Verdonk, Gerda Croiset, Rashmi A. Kusurkar

07-07-2021 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Factors associated with professional identity formation within psychiatry residency training: A longitudinal study

Qian Hui Chew, Yvonne Steinert, Kang Sim

09-06-2021 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Intersections of power: videoconferenced debriefing of a rural interprofessional simulation team by an urban interprofessional debriefing team

Kathleen Dalinghaus, Glenn Regehr, Laura Nimmon

22-12-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

The role of training in student examiner rating performance in a student-led mock OSCE

Jian Hui Koo, Kim Yao Ong, Yun Ting Yap, Kum Ying Tham

11-06-2021 | The Writer’s Craft | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Don’t be reviewer 2! Reflections on writing effective peer review comments

Chris Watling, Shiphra Ginsburg, Lorelei Lingard

26-05-2021 | Eye-Opener | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Building a doctor, one skill at a time: Rethinking clinical training through a new skills-based feedback modality

Brandon Kappy, Lisa E. Herrmann, Daniel J. Schumacher, Angela M. Statile

21-12-2020 | Show and Tell | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Diabetes SPECIAL (Students Providing Education on Chronic Illness and Lifestyle): a novel preclinical medical student elective

Sarah E. Myers, Nicholas R. Bender, Marina A. Seidel, Ruth S. Weinstock

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