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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 2/2022

Inhoudsopgave (11 Artikelen)

Open Access Commentary

Privilege, social justice and the goals of medicine: Towards a critically conscious professionalism of solidarity

Saleem Razack, Marco Antonio de Carvalho Filho, Gia Merlo, William Agbor-Baiyee, Janet de Groot, P. Preston Reynolds

Open Access Original Article

How preceptors develop trust in continuity clinic residents and how trust influences supervision: A qualitative study

John C. Penner, Karen E. Hauer, Katherine A. Julian, Leslie Sheu

Open Access Original Article

Video-assisted self-reflection of resuscitations for resident education and improvement of leadership skills: A pilot study

Lauren Kava, Kerin Jones, Robert Ehrman, Laura Smylie, Matthew McRae, Elizebeth Dubey, Brian Reed, Anne Messman

Open Access Original Article

‘It’s going to change the way we train’: Qualitative evaluation of a transformative faculty development workshop

Caroline Choo Phaik Ong, Yang Yann Foo, Fong Yee Chiu, Debra Nestel

Open Access Original Article

Reframing professional identity through navigating tensions during residency: A qualitative study

Wil L. Santivasi, Hannah C. Nordhues, Frederic W. Hafferty, Brianna E. Vaa Stelling, John T. Ratelle, Thomas J. Beckman, Adam P. Sawatsky

Open Access An Insider’s Perspective

Conferencing well

Glenn Regehr, Lara Varpio

Open Access Statistical Points and Pitfalls

Statistical points and pitfalls: growth modeling

Christy K. Boscardin, Stefanie S. Sebok-Syer, Martin V. Pusic

Open Access Eye-Opener

Advancing the assessment of clinical reasoning across the health professions: Definitional and methodologic recommendations

David Gordon, Joseph J. Rencic, Valerie J. Lang, Aliki Thomas, Meredith Young, Steven J. Durning

Open Access Eye-Opener

From struggle to opportunity: Reimagining medical education in a pandemic era

Sarah Burm, Victoria Luong, Kori LaDonna, Bryce Bogie, Lindsay Cowley, Jennifer M. Klasen, Anna MacLeod

Open Access Show and Tell

Redesigning continuing professional development: Harnessing design thinking to go from needs assessment to mandate

Alexander Chorley, Khalid Azzam, Teresa M. Chan