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Psychological Research 3/2021
Psychological Research

Uitgave 3/2021


Inhoudsopgave (34 Artikelen)

15-02-2020 | Review

Embodied self-other overlap in romantic love: a review and integrative perspective
Virginie Quintard, Stéphane Jouffe, Bernhard Hommel, Cédric A. Bouquet

21-03-2020 | Original Article

Human vs. machine: the psychological and behavioral consequences of being compared to an outperforming artificial agent
Nicolas Spatola, Alice Normand

10-06-2020 | Original Article

Visual feedback from a virtual body modulates motor illusion induced by tendon vibration
Gabriele Fusco, Gaetano Tieri, Salvatore Maria Aglioti

12-03-2020 | Original Article

Noting a difference: change in social context prompts spontaneous recall in 46-month-olds, but not in 35-month-olds
Trine Sonne, Osman S. Kingo, Dorthe Berntsen, Peter Krøjgaard

17-03-2020 | Original Article

Memory for item–location bindings is enhanced in older adults with appetitive motivationally laden pictures
Caterina Padulo, Nicola Mammarella, Alfredo Brancucci, Beth Fairfield

14-02-2020 | Original Article

Is internal source memory recognition modulated by emotional encoding contexts?
Diana R. Pereira, Adriana Sampaio, Ana P. Pinheiro

28-03-2020 | Original Article

The influence of threat on the efficiency of goal-directed attentional control
Andy Jeesu Kim, David S. Lee, Brian A. Anderson

31-03-2020 | Original Article

Freedom to act enhances the sense of agency, while movement and goal-related prediction errors reduce it
Riccardo Villa, Emmanuele Tidoni, Giuseppina Porciello, Salvatore Maria Aglioti

Open Access 23-03-2020 | Original Article

Affective states influence emotion perception: evidence for emotional egocentricity
Irene Trilla, Anne Weigand, Isabel Dziobek

08-02-2020 | Original Article

Induced affective states do not modulate effort avoidance
Carlos González-García, Beatriz García-Carrión, Raúl López-Benítez, Alberto Sobrado, Alberto Acosta, María Ruz

08-02-2020 | Original Article

Memory effects of conflict and cognitive control are processing stage-specific: evidence from pupillometry
Melissa J. Ptok, Kara E. Hannah, Scott Watter

30-01-2020 | Original Article

Power of instructions for task implementation: superiority of explicitly instructed over inferred rules
Maayan Pereg, Nachshon Meiran

Open Access 17-02-2020 | Original Article

Does temporal predictability of tasks influence task choice?
V. Jurczyk, V. Mittelstädt, K. Fröber

13-03-2020 | Original Article

Neutral stimuli and pupillometric task conflict
Ronen Hershman, Yulia Levin, Joseph Tzelgov, Avishai Henik

28-03-2020 | Original Article

Item-specific proportion congruency (ISPC) modulates, but does not generate, the backward crosstalk effect
Sandra J. Thomson, Ariana C. Simone, Scott Watter

09-03-2020 | Original Article

Toward a cumulative science of expertise: commentary on Moxley, Ericsson, and Tuffiash (2017)
Brooke N. Macnamara, David Z. Hambrick

Open Access 24-06-2020 | Original Article

Given that the detailed original criteria for deliberate practice have not changed, could the understanding of this complex concept have improved over time? A response to Macnamara and Hambrick (2020)
K. Anders Ericsson

30-03-2020 | Original Article

Attentional networks functioning and vigilance in expert musicians and non-musicians
Rafael Román-Caballero, Elisa Martín-Arévalo, Juan Lupiáñez

01-04-2020 | Original Article

Attention allocation in pilots based on climbing and circling mission behavior
Tianjiao Lu, Zhenshan Lou, Feng Shao, Xuqun You, Menghan Tang

21-03-2020 | Original Article

Perceptual-cognitive processes underlying creative expert performance in soccer
André Roca, Paul R. Ford, Daniel Memmert

14-02-2020 | Original Article

Ebbinghaus visual illusion: no robust influence on novice golf-putting performance
François Maquestiaux, Mahé Arexis, Guillaume Chauvel, Josepha Ladoy, Pierrick Boyer, Marie Mazerolle

Open Access 04-03-2020 | Original Article

Perceptual information supports transfer of learning in coordinated rhythmic movement
Daniel Leach, Zoe Kolokotroni, Andrew D. Wilson

13-03-2020 | Original Article

Is ‘heavy’ up or down? Testing the vertical spatial representation of weight
Michele Vicovaro, Mario Dalmaso

Open Access 30-04-2020 | Original Article

An efficient and adaptive test of auditory mental imagery
Rebecca W. Gelding, Peter M. C. Harrison, Sebastian Silas, Blake W. Johnson, William F. Thompson, Daniel Müllensiefen

Open Access 20-03-2020 | Original Article

Lower limb peripersonal space and the desire to amputate a leg
Kayla D. Stone, Clara A. E. Kornblad, Manja M. Engel, H. Chris Dijkerman, Rianne M. Blom, Anouk Keizer

Open Access 08-02-2020 | Original Article

The prominent role of perceptual salience in object discrimination: overt discrimination of graspable side does not activate grasping affordances
Antonello Pellicano, Ferdinand Binkofski

14-02-2020 | Original Article

Probing the mechanisms underlying numerosity-to-numeral mappings and their relation to math competence
Darren J. Yeo, Gavin R. Price

12-03-2020 | Original Article

Large as being on top of the world and small as hitting the roof: a common magnitude representation for the comparison of emotions and numbers
Giulio Baldassi, Mauro Murgia, Valter Prpic, Sara Rigutti, Dražen Domijan, Tiziano Agostini, Carlo Fantoni

02-03-2020 | Original Article

Through the gateway of the senses: investigating the influence of sensory modality-specific retrieval cues on involuntary episodic memory
Adam R. Congleton, Niels Peter Nielsen, Dorthe Berntsen

26-03-2020 | Original Article

The perceptual span in Tibetan reading
Aiping Wang, Ming Yan, Bei Wang, Gaoding Jia, Albrecht W. Inhoff

04-03-2020 | Original Article

Case mixing impedes early lexical access: converging evidence from the masked priming paradigm
Mei-Ching Lien, Philip A. Allen, Eric Ruthruff

25-04-2020 | Correction

Correction to: Case mixing impedes early lexical access: converging evidence from the masked priming paradigm
Mei-Ching Lien, Philip A. Allen, Eric Ruthruff

20-03-2020 | Original Article

Phonological encoding is free from orthographic influence: evidence from a picture variant of the phonological Stroop task
Sachiko Kinoshita, Rinus G. Verdonschot

Open Access 04-04-2020 | Original Article

Presuppositions of determiners are immediately used to disambiguate utterance meaning: A mouse-tracking study on the German language
Cosima Schneider, Nadine Bade, Michael Franke, Markus Janczyk