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Psychological Research

Uitgave 3/2023

Inhoudsopgave (17 Artikelen)


Individual differences in everyday multitasking behavior and its relation to cognition and personality

Samsad Afrin Himi, Gregor Volberg, Markus Bühner, Sven Hilbert

Open Access Original Article

The good, the bad, and the red: implicit color-valence associations across cultures

Claudia Kawai, Yang Zhang, Gáspár Lukács, Wenyi Chu, Chaoyi Zheng, Cijun Gao, Davood Gozli, Yonghui Wang, Ulrich Ansorge

Original Article

Emotions in motion: affective valence can influence compatibility effects with graspable objects

Elisa Scerrati, Sandro Rubichi, Roberto Nicoletti, Cristina Iani

Open Access Original Article

Is the performance at the implicit association test sensitive to feedback presentation? A Rasch-based analysis

Ottavia M. Epifania, Egidio Robusto, Pasquale Anselmi

Original Article

Does belief in free will influence biological motion perception?

Wei Peng, Emiel Cracco, Nikolaus F. Troje, Marcel Brass

Open Access Original Article

Time is of the essence: past selves are not prioritized even when selective discrimination costs are controlled for

Julia Englert, Karola von Lampe, Nexhmedin Morina

Open Access Original Article

Foot-related/walking macro-affordances are implicitly activated and preferentially guided by the framing distance of the environmental layout

Annalisa Tosoni, Emanuele Cosimo Altomare, Mauro Gianni Perrucci, Giorgia Committeri, Rosalia Di Matteo

Original Article

Revisiting the self-generation effect in proofreading

Alexander P. Burgoyne, Sari Saba-Sadiya, Lauren Julius Harris, Mark W. Becker, Jan W. Brascamp, David Z. Hambrick

Open Access Original Article

Can false denials turn fact into fiction? The effect of false denials on memory for self-performed actions

Charlotte A. Bücken, Henry Otgaar, Ivan Mangiulli, Niki Ramakers, Harald Merckelbach

Open Access Original Article

Cognitive load promotes honesty

Moritz Reis, Roland Pfister, Anna Foerster

Open Access Original Article

Post-execution monitoring in dishonesty

Anna Foerster, Roland Pfister, Robert Wirth, Wilfried Kunde

Open Access Original Article

Olfactory imagery as a retrieval method for autobiographical memories

Carina Schlintl, Saša Zorjan, Anne Schienle

Open Access Original Article

Task-irrelevant auditory metre shapes visuomotor sequential learning

Alexis Deighton MacIntyre, Hong Ying Josephine Lo, Ian Cross, Sophie Scott

Open Access Original Article

When time stands upright: STEARC effects along the vertical axis

Mario Dalmaso, Youval Schnapper, Michele Vicovaro

Open Access Original Article

Disentangling task-selection failures from task-execution failures in task switching: an assessment of different paradigms

Luca Moretti, Iring Koch, Marco Steinhauser, Stefanie Schuch