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Psychological Research 4/2021
Psychological Research

Uitgave 4/2021


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10-05-2020 | Review

Exploring to learn and learning to explore
Guillaume Hacques, John Komar, Matt Dicks, Ludovic Seifert

Open Access 14-05-2020 | Original Article

Subtly encouraging more deliberate decisions: using a forcing technique and population stereotype to investigate free will
Alice Pailhès, Gustav Kuhn

30-03-2020 | Original Article

Self-bias effect: movement initiation to self-owned property is speeded for both approach and avoidance actions
Tara Barton, Merryn D. Constable, Samuel Sparks, Ada Kritikos

12-04-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Self-bias effect: movement initiation to self-owned property is speeded for both approach and avoidance actions
Tara Barton, Merryn D. Constable, Samuel Sparks, Ada Kritikos

25-05-2020 | Original Article

The role of mental imagery in pantomimes of actions towards and away from the body
Francesco Ruotolo, Tina Iachini, Gennaro Ruggiero, Gianluca Scotto di Tella, Laurent Ott, Angela Bartolo

04-05-2020 | Original Article

Inhibitory mechanisms in motor imagery: disentangling different forms of inhibition using action mode switching
Victoria K. E. Bart, Iring Koch, Martina Rieger

07-05-2020 | Original Article

Bilinguals’ inhibitory control and attentional processes in a visual perceptual task
Marina C. Wimmer, Christina Marx, Steven Stirk, Peter J. B. Hancock

Open Access 19-05-2020 | Original Article

Moderate acute alcohol use impairs intentional inhibition rather than stimulus-driven inhibition
Yang Liu, Raoul P. P. P. Grasman, Reinout W. Wiers, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg

02-04-2020 | Original Article

Effort avoidance is not simply error avoidance
Iman Feghhi, David A. Rosenbaum

Open Access 18-04-2020 | Original Article

Enhancing task-demands disrupts learning but enhances transfer gains in short-term task-switching training
Katrina Sabah, Thomas Dolk, Nachshon Meiran, Gesine Dreisbach

Open Access 02-07-2020 | Original Article

Regular participation in leisure time activities and high cardiovascular fitness improve motor sequence learning in older adults
K. Zwingmann, L. Hübner, W. B. Verwey, J. S. Barnhoorn, B. Godde, C. Voelcker-Rehage

05-05-2020 | Original Article

Off-line learning in a rhythmic bimanual task: early feedback dependency is reduced over wakefulness
A. T. McCulloch, I. Park, D. L. Wright, John J. Buchanan

30-04-2020 | Original Article

Incremental validity of placekeeping as a predictor of multitasking
Alexander P. Burgoyne, David Z. Hambrick, Erik M. Altmann

Open Access 25-04-2020 | Original Article

Parallel and serial task processing in the PRP paradigm: a drift–diffusion model approach
André Mattes, Felice Tavera, Anja Ophey, Mandy Roheger, Robert Gaschler, Hilde Haider

Open Access 22-04-2020 | Original Article

Asymmetric coupling of action and outcome valence in active and observational feedback learning
Jutta Peterburs, Alena Frieling, Christian Bellebaum

21-04-2020 | Original Article

Can you voluntarily forget what you are planning to forget? Behavioral evidence for the underlying truth of the cost–benefit principle
Zhili Han, Yidong Yang, Qun Zhang, Lei Mo

21-04-2020 | Original Article

Functions of spontaneous and voluntary future thinking: evidence from subjective ratings
J. Duffy, S. N. Cole

22-05-2020 | Original Article

I could do it now, but I’d rather (forget to) do it later: examining links between procrastination and prospective memory failures
Sascha Zuber, Nicola Ballhausen, Maximilian Haas, Stéphanie Cauvin, Chloé Da Silva Coelho, Anne-Sophie Daviet, Andreas Ihle, Matthias Kliegel

23-05-2020 | Original Article

In Medio Stat Virtus: intermediate levels of mind wandering improve episodic memory encoding in a virtual environment
Philippe Blondé, Dominique Makowski, Marco Sperduti, Pascale Piolino

22-04-2020 | Original Article

Task-related thought and metacognitive ability in mind wandering reports: an exploratory study
Toshikazu Kawagoe, Takayoshi Kase

24-04-2020 | Original Article

Specifying the mechanisms behind benefits of saving-enhanced memory
Yannick Runge, Christian Frings, Tobias Tempel

Open Access 24-05-2020 | Original Article

A gifted SNARC? Directional spatial–numerical associations in gifted children with high-level math skills do not differ from controls
Yunfeng He, Hans- Christoph Nuerk, Alexander Derksen, Jiannong Shi, Xinlin Zhou, Krzysztof Cipora

29-05-2020 | Original Article

Non-symbolic representation is modulated by math anxiety and cognitive inhibition while symbolic representation not
Dongxiao Guan, Jiru Ai, Yaru Gao, Hongxia Li, Bijuan Huang, Jiwei Si

11-04-2020 | Original Article

Is a letterbox always a letterbox? The role of affordances in guiding perceptual categorization
Fabrice Da Silva, Thomas Camus, Denis Brouillet, Manuel Jimenez, Emmanuel Viglieno, Lionel Brunel

04-04-2020 | Original Article

Critical bottom-up attentional factors in the handle orientation effect: asymmetric luminance transients and object-center eccentricity relative to fixation
Kiril Kostov, Armina Janyan

07-04-2020 | Original Article

Pain and satisfaction: healthcare providers’ facial appearance matters
Katia Mattarozzi, Elisa Caponera, Paolo Maria Russo, Valentina Colonnello, Margherita Bassetti, Elena Farolfi, Alexander Todorov

Open Access 20-05-2020 | Original Article

People have modest, not good, insight into their face recognition ability: a comparison between self-report questionnaires
Daisuke Matsuyoshi, Katsumi Watanabe

27-04-2020 | Original Article

Sweet taste experience improves prosocial intentions and attractiveness ratings
Michael Schaefer, Anne Reinhardt, Eileen Garbow, Deborah Dressler

10-04-2020 | Original Article

Gender differences in the experienced emotional intensity of experimentally induced memories of negative scenes
Søren Risløv Staugaard, Dorthe Berntsen

01-04-2020 | Original Article

Local perception impairs the lexical reading route
Sandro Franceschini, Sara Bertoni, Giovanna Puccio, Martina Mancarella, Simone Gori, Andrea Facoetti

24-04-2020 | Original Article

The deceptive nature of associative word pairs: the effects of associative direction on judgments of learning
Nicholas P. Maxwell, Mark J. Huff

Open Access 28-04-2020 | Original Article

Short-term memory of temporal information revisited
Daniel Bratzke, Rolf Ulrich

30-04-2020 | Original Article

When cognitive control harms rather than helps: individuals with high working memory capacity are less efficient at infrequent contraction of attentional breadth
Stephanie C. Goodhew

24-04-2020 | Original Article

Perceptual errors are related to shifts in generalization of conditioned responding
Jonas Zaman, Dieter Struyf, Eva Ceulemans, Bram Vervliet, Tom Beckers

13-05-2020 | Original Article

Does audience size influence actors’ and spectators’ emotions the same way?
A. Lemasson, V. André, M. Boudard, C. Lunel, D. Lippi, H. Cousillas, M. Hausberger

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