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Psychological Research

An International Journal of Perception, Attention, Memory, and Action

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13-11-2018 | Original Article

Explicit knowledge of sensory non-redundancy can reduce the strength of multisensory integration

The brain integrates incoming sensory signals to a degree that depends on the signals’ redundancy. Redundancy—which is commonly high when signals originate from a common physical object or event—is estimated by the brain from the signals’ spatial …

12-11-2018 | Original Article

Short-term upper-limb immobilization alters peripersonal space representation

Peripersonal space is a multisensory interface between the environment and the body subserving motor interactions with the physical and social world. Although changing body properties has been shown to alter the functional processing of space …

10-11-2018 | Original Article

Learning in the absence of overt practice: a novel (previously unseen) stimulus can trigger retrieval of an unpracticed response

Skilled performance is traditionally thought to develop via overt practice. Recent research has demonstrated that merely instructed stimulus–response (S–R) bindings can influence later performance and readily transfer across response modalities.

08-11-2018 | Original Article

Individual movement features during prism adaptation correlate with after-effects and interlimb transfer

The human nervous system displays such plasticity that we can adapt our motor behavior to various changes in environmental or body properties. However, how sensorimotor adaptation generalizes to new situations and new effectors, and which factors …

08-11-2018 | Original Article

Left inferior parietal and posterior temporal cortices mediate the effect of action observation on semantic processing of objects: evidence from rTMS

Previous studies showed that motor information related to tool use (i.e., functional actions) could affect processing of objects semantic properties, whereas motor information related to grasping or moving tool (i.e., structural actions) cannot.

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The journal Psychological Research publishes articles that contribute to a basic understanding of human perception, attention, memory and action. It is devoted to the dissemination of knowledge based on firm experimental ground, independent of any particular approach or school of thought. The contents include theoretical and historical papers as well as those of an applied nature that serve to bridge the gap between basic and applied research.

2 Year Impact Factor: 2.472 (2011)

5 Year Impact Factor: 2.371 (2011)
Section "Psychology, Experimental": Rank 23 out of 84

2.371 (2011)

Section "Psychology, Experimental": Rank 23 out of 84

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