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Psychological Research

Uitgave 5/2023

Inhoudsopgave (26 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Labor division in collaborative visual search: a review

Basil Wahn, Laura Schmitz

Original Article

Multisensory transfer effects in implicit and explicit category learning

Xunwei Sun, Liansheng Yao, Qiufang Fu, Xiaolan Fu

Original Article

Cognitive mechanisms underlying free recall in episodic memory performance across the lifespan: testing the control/representation model

Laurence Taconnat, Badiâa Bouazzaoui, Cédric Bouquet, Pascale Larigauderie, Arnaud Witt, Agnès Blaye

Open Access Original Article

Using clustering algorithms to examine the association between working memory training trajectories and therapeutic outcomes among psychiatric and healthy populations

Or David Agassi, Uri Hertz, Reut Shani, Nazanin Derakshan, Avigail Wiener, Hadas Okon-Singer

Open Access Original Article

Aerobic fitness and fine motor skills are related to switching and updating in typically developing children

Stephanie Klupp, Alexander Grob, Wenke Möhring

Original Article

Acute exercise on memory: application of the retrieval-induced forgetting paradigm

Paul D. Loprinzi, Benjamin C. Storm

Open Access Original Article

Learning and generalization of repetition-based rules in autism

Roberta Bettoni, Margaret Addabbo, Chiara Ghidina, Chiara Pezzana, David Vagni, Chiara Turati, Hermann Bulf

Open Access Original Article

Effects of sickness manipulation on disgust and pleasantness in interpersonal touch

Anne Gruhl, Supreet Saluja, Richard Stevenson, Ilona Croy

Original Article

Visible skin disease symptoms of another person reduce automatic imitation of their hand movements

Matthias Burkard Aulbach, Ville Johannes Harjunen, Michiel Spapé

Open Access Original Article

The traces of imagination: early attention bias toward positively imagined stimuli

Hannah E. Bär, Jessica Werthmann, Andreas Paetsch, Fritz Renner

Open Access Original Article

Proactive control of attention in math-anxious individuals

Àngels Colomé, María Isabel Núñez-Peña, Belén González-Gómez

Original Article

The pleasantness and unpleasantness of an object distinctively drives its grasping prediction: behavioral evidence

Ghislain Saunier, Priscila da Silva Azevedo, Vitoria Labiapari Pinto, Anaelli Aparecida Nogueira-Campos

Open Access Original Article

Are predictive saccades linked to the processing of peripheral information?

Christian Vater, David L. Mann

Open Access Original Article

The spatial extent of focused attention modulates attentional disengagement

Lisa N. Jefferies, Rebecca Lawrence, Elizabeth Conlon

Open Access Original Article

Time reproduction, bisection and doubling: a novel paradigm to investigate the effect of the internal clock on time estimation

Davide Momi, Giulia Prete, Adolfo Di Crosta, Pasquale La Malva, Rocco Palumbo, Irene Ceccato, Emanuela Bartolini, Riccardo Palumbo, Nicola Mammarella, Mirco Fasolo, Alberto Di Domenico

Open Access Original Article

Object-based visual working memory: an object benefit for equidistant memory items presented within simple contours

Gülşen Balta, Güven Kandemir, Elkan G. Akyürek

Original Article

Dynamic cognitive processes of humor generation: activation and inhibition of information

Cuicui Sun, Minqing Wang, Xinqi Zhou, Guanxiong Liu, Zhijin Zhou

Open Access Original Article

The dilemma of trauma-focused therapy: effects of imagery rescripting on voluntary memory

Maximilian Ganslmeier, Anna E. Kunze, Thomas Ehring, Larissa Wolkenstein

Original Article

Combining egoformative and alloformative cues in a novel tabletop navigation task

Michael J. Starrett, Derek J. Huffman, Arne D. Ekstrom