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Perspectives on Medical Education 5/2018
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 5/2018


Inhoudsopgave (9 Artikelen)

Open Access 14-09-2018 | Editorial

Preprints: Facilitating early discovery, access, and feedback
Lauren A. Maggio, Anthony R. Artino Jr, Erik W. Driessen

Open Access 14-09-2018 | Commentary

Passion projects and disorienting dilemmas
Zac Feilchenfeld, Ayelet Kuper

Open Access 18-09-2018 | Review Article

Examining the readiness of best evidence in medical education guides for integration into educational practice: A meta-synthesis
Lauren A. Maggio, Aliki Thomas, H. Carrie Chen, John P. A. Ioannidis, Steven L. Kanter, Candace Norton, Nancy H. Tannery, Anthony R. Artino Jr.

Open Access 05-09-2018 | Original Article

Challenges for conducting and teaching handovers as collaborative conversations: an interview study at teaching ICUs
Nico F. Leenstra, Addie Johnson, Oliver C. Jung, Nicole D. Holman, Lieuwe S. Hofstra, Jaap E. Tulleken

Open Access 05-09-2018 | Original Article

Fostering medical students’ lifelong learning skills with a dashboard, coaching and learning planning
Karen E. Hauer, Nicholas Iverson, Alekist Quach, Patrick Yuan, Stephanie Kaner, Christy Boscardin

Open Access 08-10-2018 | Original Article

How clinicians integrate humanism in their clinical workplace—‘Just trying to put myself in their human being shoes’
Amanda Lee Roze des Ordons, Janet Margaret de Groot, Tom Rosenal, Nazia Viceer, Lara Nixon

Open Access 05-09-2018 | Original Article

End-of-life care in the Dutch medical curricula
Josefien de Bruin, Mary-Joanne Verhoef, Joris P. J. Slaets, David van Bodegom

Open Access 01-10-2018 | Show and Tell

Lessons learned from a student-driven initiative to design and implement an Organ and Tissue Donation course across Canadian medical schools
Alexandra Fletcher, Bing Yu Chen, David Benrimoh, Sam Shemie, Stuart Lubarsky

Open Access 05-09-2018 | Show and Tell

Workplace mentoring of residents in generic competencies by an independent coach
Jos A. Stigt, Janine H. Koele, Paul L. P. Brand, Debbie A. C. Jaarsma, Irene A. Slootweg