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Perspectives on Medical Education 1/2014
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 1/2014


Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Editorial

Perspectives: a journal on the cutting edge of educational research and development. Introduction from the new Editor in Chief
Erik Driessen

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Original Article

The effect of a daily quiz (TOPday) on self-confidence, enthusiasm, and test results for biomechanics
Esther Tanck, Martijn F. H. Maessen, Gerjon Hannink, Sascha M. H. F. van Kuppeveld, Sanneke Bolhuis, Jan G. M. Kooloos

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Original Article

Interactive E-learning module in pharmacology: a pilot project at a rural medical college in India
Nitin Gaikwad, Suresh Tankhiwale

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Original Article

Endoscopist-related factors contributing to high-quality colonoscopy: results of a Delphi survey
Vivian E. Ekkelenkamp, Arjun D. Koch, Jelle Haringsma, Ernst J. Kuipers, Robert A. De Man

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Show and Tell

A standardized online clinical education and assessment tool for neurology clerkship students assigned to multiple sites
Neil R. Holland, Ilya Grinberg, David Tabby

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Health Care and the Arts

Through the eyes of a medical student
Dustin Jacobson

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Short Communication

Female second-year undergraduate medical students’ attitudes towards research at the College of Medicine, Alfaisal University: a Saudi Arabian perspective
Ahmed Abu-Zaid, Asma Alnajjar

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Eye-opener

Problem-based learning sessions and undergraduate research: a medical student’s perspective and experience
Abdulhadi A. AlAmodi

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Letter

Students as teachers: the value of peer-led teaching
Rele Ologunde, Rasheed Rabiu

Open Access 01-01-2014 | Letter

Research skills: the neglected competency in tomorrow’s 21st-century doctors
Ahmed Abu-Zaid

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