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Journal of Child and Family Studies 8/2018
Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 8/2018


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09-04-2018 | Review Paper

Facilitated Parent-child Groups as Family Support: A Systematic Literature Review of Supported Playgroup Studies
Kate E. Williams, Donna Berthelsen, Maria Viviani, Jan M. Nicholson

13-04-2018 | Original Paper

Explaining Adolescents’ Affect: A Time-Use Study of Opportunities for Support and Autonomy across Interpersonal Contexts
Soojung Kim, Susan D. Holloway, Janine Bempechat, Jin Li

04-05-2018 | Original Paper

Patterns of Adolescents’ Romantic Activities: Associations with Psychosocial Adjustment
Jonathon Beckmeyer, Mona Malacane

Open Access 27-03-2018 | Original Paper

The Adolescent HIV Communication Belief Scale: Preliminary Reliability and Validity
Michael Evangeli

Open Access 04-05-2018 | Original Paper

Good and Bad Sides of Self-Compassion: A Face Validity Check of the Self-Compassion Scale and an Investigation of its Relations to Coping and Emotional Symptoms in Non-Clinical Adolescents
Peter Muris, Myrr van den Broek, Henry Otgaar, Iris Oudenhoven, Janine Lennartz

05-04-2018 | Original Paper

Predicting Potentially Harmful Psychological and Physical Behaviours by Parental Caregivers toward Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Brian Lovell

06-04-2018 | Original Paper

Executive Function and Emotional, Behavioral, and Social Competence Problems in Children with Epilepsy
Sarah A. Healy, Nancie Im-Bolter, Janet Olds

05-04-2018 | Original Paper

Coping With Remembrances of Parental Rejection in Childhood: Gender Differences and Associations With Intimate Partner Relationships
Ppudah Ki, Ronald P. Rohner, Preston A. Britner, Linda C. Halgunseth, Sandra A. Rigazio-DiGilio

05-04-2018 | Original Paper

Parental Indulgence: Profiles and Relations to College Students’ Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Ming Cui, Carol A. Darling, Mallory Lucier-Greer, Frank D. Fincham, Ross W. May

27-03-2018 | Original Paper

Emotion Regulation in Families of Children with Behavior Problems and Nonclinical Comparisons
Lauren B. Quetsch, Nancy M. Wallace, Cheryl B. McNeil, Amy L. Gentzler

19-05-2018 | Original Paper

What Matters Most to the Left-Behind Children’s Life Satisfaction and School Engagement: Parent or Grandparent?
Jingjing Song, Chensen Ma, Chuanhua Gu, Bin Zuo

04-04-2018 | Original Paper

Effects of Benefit Finding, Social Support and Caregiving on Youth Adjustment in a Parental Illness Context
Kenneth Ian Pakenham, Stephen Cox

09-05-2018 | Original Paper

African American and Latina Adolescent Mothers’ and their Children’s Fathers’ Reports of Coparenting and Child Behavior Problems: Child Gender as a Moderator
Rachel A. Mack, Christina B. Gee

10-04-2018 | Original Paper

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of Family Minds: A Mentalization-based Psychoeducation Program for Foster Parents
Tina Adkins, Patrick Luyten, Peter Fonagy

06-04-2018 | Original Paper

Evaluation of a Sesame Street Multimedia Intervention for Families Transitioning Out of the Military
Michelle D. Sherman, Amy Monn, Jessica L. Larsen, Abigail Gewirtz

04-04-2018 | Original Paper

Math Intervention For Latino Parents and Kindergarteners Based on Food Routines
Diana Leyva, Anna Davis, Lauren Skorb

04-04-2018 | Original Paper

Change in Maternal Stress for Families in Treatment for their Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Jordan A. Booker, Nicole N. Capriola-Hall, Julie C. Dunsmore, Ross W. Greene, Thomas H. Ollendick

19-04-2018 | Original Paper

Historical Examination of United States Intentional Mass School Shootings in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Implications for Students, Schools, and Society
Antonis Katsiyannis, Denise K. Whitford, Robin Parks Ennis

05-04-2018 | Original Paper

Eating Disorders in an Israeli Women’s Prison: Correlates of the Risk
Gila Chen

07-04-2018 | Original Paper

Perspectives on Factors Impacting Youth’s Reentry into Residential Care: An Exploratory Study
Stacy-Ann A. January, Alexandra L. Trout, Jacqueline Huscroft-D’Angelo, Kristin L. Duppong Hurley, Ronald W. Thompson

04-05-2018 | Original Paper

Autonomy-Granting Parenting and Child Depression: the Moderating Roles of Hope and Life Satisfaction
Wen Yu Chai, Sylvia Y. C. L. Kwok, Minmin Gu

09-05-2018 | Original Paper

Peer Victimization and Mental Health Risk in Chilean Students
Verónica López, Michael Murphy, Cara Lucke, Javier Torres-Vallejos, Boris Villalobos-Parada, Paula Ascorra, Claudia Carrasco, Marian Bilbao

09-05-2018 | Original Paper

Attachment and Reflective Functioning in Anxious and Non-anxious Children: A Case-Controlled Study
Sonja Breinholst, Barbara Hoff Esbjørn, Howard Steele

06-04-2018 | Original Paper

The Effects of Mindfulness Practice on Attentional Functions Among Primary School Children
Ricardo Tarrasch

05-04-2018 | Original Paper

The Impact of Mothers’ Post-Divorce Dating Breakups on Children’s Problem Behaviors
Michael R. Langlais, Jacqueline S. DeAnda, Edward R. Anderson, Shannon M. Greene

02-05-2018 | Original Paper

The Role of Poor Parenting and Parental Approval for Children’s Moral Disengagement
Kristel Campaert, Annalaura Nocentini, Ersilia Menesini

07-05-2018 | Original Paper

Children’s Temperament and Maternal Behavioral Control: Origins of Heterogeneity in Developmental Trajectories of Committed Compliance from Infancy to Age 3
Shuyang Dong, Zhengyan Wang, Shan Lu, Xi Liang, Xiaopei Xing

09-05-2018 | Original Paper

Associations Between Maternal Gatekeeping and Fathers’ Parenting Quality
Lauren E. Altenburger, Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan, Claire M. Kamp Dush

02-05-2018 | Original Paper

The Transition from Middle School to High School: The Mediating Role of Perceived Peer Support in the Relationship between Family Functioning and School Satisfaction
Marinella Muscarà, Ugo Pace, Alessia Passanisi, Giulio D’Urso, Carla Zappulla

03-05-2018 | Book Review

Robert P. Liberman and Gary W. LaVigna (Eds.): New Directions in the Treatment of Aggressive Behavior for Persons with Mental and Developmental Disabilities
Nova, New York, 2016, p 831
John R. Lutzker

22-06-2018 | Author Correction

Correction to: Associations Between Maternal Gatekeeping and Fathers’ Parenting Quality
Lauren E. Altenburger, Sarah J. Schoppe-Sullivan, Claire M. Kamp Dush

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