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Quality of Life Research 9/2021
Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 9/2021


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Open Access 20-07-2021

Health-related quality of life in primary hepatic cancer: a systematic review assessing the methodological properties of instruments and a meta-analysis comparing treatment strategies
Kerstin Wohlleber, Patrick Heger, Pascal Probst, Christoph Engel, Markus K. Diener, André L. Mihaljevic

01-05-2021 | Review

The handgrip strength and risk of depressive symptoms: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies
Xiuxia Huang, Jun Ma, Yuting Ying, Kailiang Liu, Chunxia Jing, Guang Hao

Open Access 05-05-2021

The relationship between emotional intelligence and quality of life in schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder
Beatrice Frajo-Apor, Silvia Pardeller, Georg Kemmler, Moritz Mühlbacher, Anna-Sophia Welte, Christine Hörtnagl, Birgit Derntl, Alex Hofer

Open Access 08-04-2021

The influence of frailty syndrome on quality of life in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes
E. Bąk, A. Młynarska, C. Marcisz, R. Bobiński, D. Sternal, R. Młynarski


Diabetes and health-related quality of life among American Indians: the role of psychosocial factors
Lisa Scarton, Luciana E. Hebert, R. Turner Goins, Jason G. Umans, Luohua Jiang, Ashley Comiford, Sixia Chen, Ashley White, Tara Ritter, Spero M. Manson


Health-related quality of life in women after colposcopy: results from a longitudinal patient survey
M. O’Connor, A. Ó. Céilleachair, K. O’Brien, J. O’Leary, C. Martin, T. D’Arcy, G. Flannelly, J. McRae, W. Prendiville, C. Ruttle, C. White, L. Pilkington, L. Sharp


The association between nonrestorative sleep and health-related quality of life in Chinese adults: a cross-sectional study
S. Li, D. Y. T. Fong, J. Y. H. Wong, B. McPherson, E. Y. Y. Lau, M. S. M. Ip


Symptom profiles following combat injury and long-term quality of life: a latent class analysis
Andrew J. MacGregor, Amber L. Dougherty, Edwin W. D’Souza, Cameron T. McCabe, Daniel J. Crouch, James M. Zouris, Jessica R. Watrous, John J. Fraser


Exercise tolerance and quality of life in patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease
Vasiliki Katsi, Georgios Georgiopoulos, Panagiota Mitropoulou, Konstantinos Kontoangelos, Zoi Kollia, Chara Tzavara, Dimitrios Soulis, Konstantinos Toutouzas, Dimitrios Oikonomou, Alberto Aimo, Konstantinos Tsioufis


PROMIS Global Health: Feasibility in home health
Jennifer S. Riggs, Marisa Roczen, Alan Levitt, Tara McMullen, Joan Proctor, Eugene Nuccio


Impact of Moringa Oleifera leaves supplementation on quality of life of people living with HIV: A double-blind randomized controlled trial
Aisha Gambo, Indres Moodley, Musa Babashani, Tesleem K. Babalola


Prospective analysis of disability and quality of life in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
Ivo Bozovic, Marina Peric, Ana Arsic Azanjac, Aleksa Palibrk, Ivana Bulatovic, Dejan Aleksic, Stojan Peric, Ivana Basta

13-05-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Prospective analysis of disability and quality of life in patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy
Ivo Bozovic, Marina Peric, Ana Arsic Azanjac, Aleksa Palibrk, Ivana Bulatovic, Dejan Aleksic, Stojan Peric, Ivana Basta


The predictive ability of EQ-5D-3L compared to the LACE index and its association with 30-day post-hospitalization outcomes
Fatima Al Sayah, Finlay A. McAlister, Arto Ohinmaa, Sumit R. Majumdar, Jeffrey A. Johnson


Comparison of EQ-5D-3L and metabolic components between patients with hyperhidrosis and the general population: a propensity score matching analysis
Yea-Chan Lee, Young Kyung You, Jun Hyuk Lee, Duk Hwan Moon, Sungsoo Lee, Soyoung Jeon, Hye Sun Lee, Ji-Won Lee


Association between knee symptoms, change in knee symptoms over 6–9 years, and SF-6D health state utility among middle-aged Australians
Ambrish Singh, Julie A. Campbell, Alison Venn, Graeme Jones, Leigh Blizzard, Andrew J. Palmer, Terence Dwyer, Flavia Cicuttini, Changhai Ding, Benny Antony


The impact of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis on health state utility values: evidence from Australia
Ingrid A. Cox, Barbara de Graaff, Hasnat Ahmed, Julie Campbell, Petr Otahal, Tamera J. Corte, Ian Glaspole, Yuben Moodley, Nicole Goh, Sacha Macansh, E. Haydn Walters, Andrew J. Palmer

Open Access 09-04-2021

Psychometric assessment of EQ-5D-5L and ReQoL measures in patients with anxiety and depression: construct validity and responsiveness
Matthew Franklin, Angel Enrique, Jorge Palacios, Derek Richards


Enabling cross-cultural data pooling in trials: linguistic validation of head and neck cancer measures for Indian patients
Chindhu Shunmugasundaram, Haryana M. Dhillon, Phyllis N. Butow, Puma Sundaresan, Claudia Rutherford

Open Access 12-04-2021

A psychometric evaluation of the Functional assessment of cancer therapy—kidney symptom index (FKSI-19) among renal cell carcinoma patients suggesting an alternative two-factor structure
Andreas Karlsson Rosenblad, Pernilla Sundqvist, Bodil Westman, Börje Ljungberg


The development and initial validation of the Breast Cancer Recurrence instrument (BreastCaRe)—a patient-reported outcome measure for detecting symptoms of recurrence after breast cancer
Beverley Lim Høeg, Lena Saltbæk, Karl Bang Christensen, Randi Valbjørn Karlsen, Christoffer Johansen, Susanne Oksbjerg Dalton, Antonia Bennett, Pernille Envold Bidstrup


Psychometric properties of the Dutch-Flemish PROMIS® pediatric item banks Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms in a general population
L. H. Klaufus, M. A. J. Luijten, E. Verlinden, M. F. van der Wal, L. Haverman, P. Cuijpers, M. J. M. Chinapaw, C. B. Terwee


Measurement properties of the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire in subjects with neurophysiological confirmation of carpal tunnel syndrome: a Rasch analysis perspective
Camilo Mendoza-Pulido, Fernando Ortiz-Corredor

Open Access 04-07-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Social inequalities in health‑related quality of life among people aging with HIV/AIDS: the role of comorbidities and disease severity
Jochen Drewes, Jennifer Ebert, Phil C. Langer, Dieter Kleiber, Burkhard Gusy

20-05-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Financial difficulties and patient‑reported outcomes among patients with advanced heart failure
Chetna Malhotra, Filipinas Bundoc, Felicia Jia Ler Ang, Semra Ozdemir, Irene Teo, David Sim, Fazlur Rehman Jaufeerally, Than Aung, Eric Finkelstein

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