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Psychological Research 1/2018
Psychological Research

Uitgave 1/2018

Special issue on New perspectives on human multitasking


Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)

18-01-2018 | Editorial

New perspectives on human multitasking
Edita Poljac, Andrea Kiesel, Iring Koch, Hermann Müller

02-11-2017 | Original Article

What is a task? An ideomotor perspective
Stefan Künzell, Laura Broeker, David Dignath, Harald Ewolds, Markus Raab, Roland Thomaschke

30-10-2017 | Original Article

Multitasking as a choice: a perspective
Laura Broeker, Roman Liepelt, Edita Poljac, Stefan Künzell, Harald Ewolds, Rita F. de Oliveira, Markus Raab

27-10-2017 | Original Article

“Optimal suppression” as a solution to the paradoxical cost of multitasking: examination of suppression specificity in task switching
Maayan Katzir, Bnaya Ori, Nachshon Meiran

30-08-2017 | Original Article

The impact of free-order and sequential-order instructions on task-order regulation in dual tasks
Sebastian Kübler, Christina B. Reimer, Tilo Strobach, Torsten Schubert

26-09-2017 | Original Article

Assessing the role of reward in task selection using a reward-based voluntary task switching paradigm
David A. Braun, Catherine M. Arrington

22-09-2017 | Original Article

The dynamic balance between cognitive flexibility and stability: the influence of local changes in reward expectation and global task context on voluntary switch rate
Kerstin Fröber, Lisa Raith, Gesine Dreisbach

04-09-2017 | Original Article

Exploring the repetition bias in voluntary task switching
Victor Mittelstädt, David Dignath, Magdalena Schmidt-Ott, Andrea Kiesel

05-10-2017 | Original Article

Flexibility of individual multitasking strategies in task-switching with preview: are preferences for serial versus overlapping task processing dependent on between-task conflict?
Jovita Brüning, Dietrich Manzey

27-09-2017 | Original Article

Sources of interference in cross-modal action: response selection, crosstalk, and general dual-execution costs
Aleks Pieczykolan, Lynn Huestegge

03-06-2017 | Original Article

Emerging features of modality mappings in task switching: modality compatibility requires variability at the level of both stimulus and response modality
Edina Fintor, Denise N. Stephan, Iring Koch

27-07-2017 | Original Article

Shifting the set of stimulus selection when switching between tasks
Mike Wendt, Aquiles Luna-Rodriguez, Thomas Jacobsen

17-11-2017 | Original Article

Action control in task switching: do action effects modulate N − 2 repetition costs in task switching?
Stefanie Schuch, Angelika Sommer, Sarah Lukas

03-06-2017 | Original Article

The role of feedback delay in dual-task performance
Wilfried Kunde, Robert Wirth, Markus Janczyk

20-10-2017 | Original Article

Effects of trying ‘not to move’ instruction on cortical load and concurrent cognitive performance
Christine Langhanns, Hermann Müller

Open Access 01-12-2017 | Original Article

Motor-cognitive dual-task performance: effects of a concurrent motor task on distinct components of visual processing capacity
E. C. S. Künstler, K. Finke, A. Günther, C. Klingner, O. Witte, P. Bublak

Open Access 20-12-2017 | Original Article

Game-based training of flexibility and attention improves task-switch performance: near and far transfer of cognitive training in an EEG study
Kerwin J. F. Olfers, Guido P. H. Band

17-06-2017 | Original Article

Movement timing and cognitive control: adult-age differences in multi-tasking
Anne-Merel Meijer, Ralf T. Krampe

13-10-2017 | Original Article

Task intentions and their implementation into actions: cognitive control from adolescence to middle adulthood
Edita Poljac, Rianne Haartsen, Renske van der Cruijsen, Andrea Kiesel, Ervin Poljac

24-07-2017 | Original Article

Transfer of time-based task expectancy across different timing environments
Stefanie Aufschnaiter, Andrea Kiesel, Roland Thomaschke

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