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Psychological Research

Psychological Research 2/2018

Uitgave 2/2018

Inhoudsopgave ( 14 Artikelen )

20-12-2016 | Review | Uitgave 2/2018

Franz Brentano and the beginning of experimental psychology: implications for the study of psychological phenomena today

Andreas Meyer, Benedikt Hackert, Ulrich Weger

24-10-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Spatial attention across perception and action

Moran M. Israel, Pierre Jolicoeur, Asher Cohen

21-10-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Cue-target contingencies modulate voluntary orienting of spatial attention: dissociable effects for speed and accuracy

Mario Bonato, Matteo Lisi, Sara Pegoraro, Gilles Pourtois

03-12-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Focusing on task conflict in the Stroop effect

Olga Entel, Joseph Tzelgov

29-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

What makes a smiling face look happy? Visual saliency, distinctiveness, and affect

Manuel G. Calvo, Aida Gutiérrez-García, Mario Del Líbano

26-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Modulating adaptation to emotional faces by spatial frequency filtering

Giulia Prete, Bruno Laeng, Luca Tommasi

08-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Conflict and disfluency as aversive signals: context-specific processing adjustments are modulated by affective location associations

Gesine Dreisbach, Anna-Lena Reindl, Rico Fischer

07-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

The test of both worlds: identifying feature binding and control processes in congruency sequence tasks by means of action dynamics

Stefan Scherbaum, Simon Frisch, Maja Dshemuchadse, Matthias Rudolf, Rico Fischer

25-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018 Open Access

Effects of reward and punishment on the interaction between going and stopping in a selective stop-change task

Frederick Verbruggen, Rosamund McLaren

30-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Trial-by-trial switching between procedural and declarative categorization systems

Matthew J. Crossley, Jessica L. Roeder, Sebastien Helie, F. Gregory Ashby

08-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018 Open Access

Sharing tasks or sharing actions? Evidence from the joint Simon task

Motonori Yamaguchi, Helen J. Wall, Bernhard Hommel

10-11-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

How to point and to interpret pointing gestures? Instructions can reduce pointer–observer misunderstandings

Oliver Herbort, Wilfried Kunde

25-10-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Crowded environments reduce spatial memory in older but not younger adults

Niamh A. Merriman, Jan Ondřej, Alicia Rybicki, Eugenie Roudaia, Carol O’Sullivan, Fiona N. Newell

03-12-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2018

Now you make false memories; now you do not: the order of presentation of words in DRM lists influences the production of the critical lure in Alzheimer’s disease

Christelle Evrard, Anne-Laure Gilet, Fabienne Colombel, Elodie Dufermont, Yves Corson

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