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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 3/2019

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Open Access Commentary

Breaking microaggressions without breaking ourselves

Javeed Sukhera

Open Access Review Article

Is postgraduate leadership education a match for the wicked problems of health systems leadership? A critical systematic review

Betty Onyura, Sara Crann, David Tannenbaum, Mary Kay Whittaker, Stuart Murdoch, Risa Freeman

Open Access Original Article

An exploratory study on microaggressions in medical school: What are they and why should we care?

Andre Espaillat, Danielle K. Panna, Dianne L. Goede, Matthew J. Gurka, Maureen A. Novak, Zareen Zaidi

Open Access Original Article

Seeking coherence between ‘mobile learning’ applications and the everyday lives of medical residents

Diana Ramos, Roland Grad, Alenoush Saroyan, Peter Nugus

Open Access A Qualitative Space

Actor-network theory and ethnography: Sociomaterial approaches to researching medical education

Anna MacLeod, Paula Cameron, Rola Ajjawi, Olga Kits, Jonathan Tummons

Open Access Failures/Surprises

Training wheels needed: Lessons in professionalism from a liberal deferral policy

Michelle Daniel, Tamara Gay, Rajesh Mangrulkar, Paula Ross, Sara Weir, Emily Hogikyan, Owen Thompson, Sally Santen

Open Access Show and Tell

Visualizing faculty development impact: A social network analysis

Yang Yann Foo, James Moody, Sandy Cook

Open Access Show and Tell

Use of an e‑portfolio mapping tool: connecting experiences, analysis and action by learners

Sylvia Heeneman, Erik Driessen, Steven J. Durning, Dario Torre

Open Access Show and Tell

Using Google Scholar to track the scholarly output of research groups

Brent Thoma, Teresa M Chan