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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 4/2019

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Open Access Original Article

Influence of negative emotions on residents’ learning of scientific information: an experimental study

Telma Kremer, Silvia Mamede, Walter W. van den Broek, Henk G. Schmidt, Maria do P. T. Nunes, Milton A. Martins

Open Access Original Article

A qualitative study on harmonization of postgraduate medical education in Europe: negotiating flexibility is key

Jessica E. van der Aa, Fedde Scheele, Angelique J. Goverde, Pim W. Teunissen

Open Access Original Article

Scientific activity by medical students: the relationship between academic publishing during medical school and publication careers after graduation

Cathelijn J. F. Waaijer, Belinda W. C. Ommering, Lambertus J. van der Wurff, Thed N. van Leeuwen, Friedo W. Dekker

Open Access Original Article

Effects of deliberate reflection on diagnostic accuracy, confidence and diagnostic calibration in dermatology

Galileu B. Costa Filho, Alexandre S. Moura, Paulo R. Brandão, Henk G. Schmidt, Silvia Mamede

Open Access Original Article

Role modelling in the training of hospital-based medical specialists: a validation study of the Role Model Apperception Tool (RoMAT)

Miran Said, Ria H. G. A. Jochemsen-van der Leeuw, Bea Spek, Paul L. P. Brand, Nynke van Dijk

Open Access Original Article

Development of a scale to measure intrapersonal factors influencing speaking up in the operating room

Serkan Toy, Rodrigo J. Daly Guris, Shirley S Duarte, Priyanka Dwivedi

Open Access Eye-Opener

Limited by our limitations

Paula T. Ross, Nikki L. Bibler Zaidi

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