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Mindfulness 2/2018

Uitgave 2/2018


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16-08-2017 | COMMENTARY

Considerations for Research and Development of Culturally Relevant Mindfulness Interventions in American Minority Communities
Jeffrey Proulx, Raina Croff, Barry Oken, Carolyn M. Aldwin, Crystal Fleming, Dessa Bergen-Cico, Thao Le, Misbah Noorani

26-07-2017 | REVIEW

Psychological Effects of Meditation for Healthy Practitioners: an Update
Peter Sedlmeier, Caroline Loße, Lisa Christin Quasten

20-09-2017 | REVIEW

A Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Interventions that Aim to Increase Self-Compassion on Nutrition Habits, Eating Behaviours, Body Weight and Body Image
Hania Rahimi-Ardabili, Rebecca Reynolds, Lenny R. Vartanian, Leigh Victoria Duyen McLeod, Nicholas Zwar

07-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Adherence to Practice of Mindfulness in Novice Meditators: Practices Chosen, Amount of Time Practiced, and Long-Term Effects Following a Mindfulness-Based Intervention
Letícia Ribeiro, Rachel M. Atchley, Barry S. Oken

Open Access 05-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Co-creation and Feasibility of a Compassion Training as a Follow-up to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in Patients with Recurrent Depression
Rhoda Schuling, Marloes Huijbers, Hetty Jansen, Renée Metzemaekers, Erik Van Den Brink, Frits Koster, Hiske Van Ravesteijn, Anne Speckens

07-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention with Individuals Receiving Medication-Assisted Outpatient Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
Keith J. Zullig, Laura R. Lander, Samantha Sloan, Michael R. Brumage, Gerry R. Hobbs, Laurel Faulkenberry

Open Access 29-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Integration of the Workable Range Model into a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course: a Practice-Based Case Study
Sally A. Rose, David Sheffield, Martyn Harling

26-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

To What Extent is Mindfulness as Presented in Commonly Used Mindfulness Questionnaires Different from How it is Conceptualized by Senior Ordained Buddhists?
Xuan Joanna Feng, Christian U. Krägeloh, D. Rex Billington, Richard J. Siegert

22-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Improvements in Critical Thinking Performance Following Mindfulness Meditation Depend on Thinking Dispositions
Chris Noone, Michael J. Hogan

Open Access 02-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

How Is Stress Reduced by a Workplace Mindfulness Intervention? A Qualitative Study Conceptualising Experiences of Change
Siobhan Hugh-Jones, Sally Rose, Gina Z. Koutsopoulou, Ruth Simms-Ellis

30-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Substance Use Disorders: Effects on Cardiac Vagal Control and Craving Under Stress
Haley Carroll, M. Kathleen B. Lustyk

23-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Practicing Self-Compassion Weakens the Relationship Between Fear of Receiving Compassion and the Desire to Conceal Negative Experiences from Others
Jessica R. Dupasquier, Allison C. Kelly, David A. Moscovitch, Vanja Vidovic

29-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness Training, Yoga, or Both? Dismantling the Active Components of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Intervention
Melissa Hunt, Farah Al-Braiki, Shannon Dailey, Rachel Russell, Krystyna Simon

22-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness and Cancer Patients’ Emotional States: a Latent Profile Analysis Among Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients
Kevin F. Y. Lam, Haikel A. Lim, Ee Heok Kua, Konstadina Griva, Rathi Mahendran

26-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Brief Mindful Self-Care and Resiliency (MSCR) Intervention for Nurses: a Controlled Trial
Susan Slatyer, Mark Craigie, Brody Heritage, Sue Davis, Clare Rees

Open Access 29-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Potential Mechanisms of Mindfulness in Improving Sleep and Distress
Way K. W. Lau, Mei-Kei Leung, Yun-Kwok Wing, Tatia M. C. Lee

23-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Relationship Between Decentering and Adaptiveness of Response Styles in Reducing Depression
Haruyuki Ishikawa, Takahiro Mieda, Atsushi Oshio, Fusako Koshikawa

29-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effect of Mindfulness and Acupuncture on Psychological Health in Veterans: an Exploratory Study
Megan S. Wheeler, Carol R. Glass, Diane B. Arnkoff, Patrick Sullivan, Amanda Hull

Open Access 31-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Mindfulness Dampens Cardiac Responses to Motion Scenes of Violence
Artur Brzozowski, Steven M. Gillespie, Louise Dixon, Ian J. Mitchell

31-08-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Dispositions Toward Flow and Mindfulness Predict Dispositional Insight
Linda A. Ovington, Anthony J. Saliba, Jeremy Goldring

13-10-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Effect of Mindfulness on Relationship Satisfaction via Perceived Responsiveness: Findings from a Dyadic Study of Heterosexual Romantic Partners
Kathryn C. Adair, Aaron J. Boulton, Sara B. Algoe

16-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Nurse Experience of Participation in a Mindfulness-Based Self-Care and Resiliency Intervention
Susan Slatyer, Mark Craigie, Clare Rees, Sue Davis, Tony Dolan, Desley Hegney

Open Access 30-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

An Investigation of the Factor Structure of the Self-Compassion Scale
Seonaid Cleare, Andrew Gumley, Chris J. Cleare, Rory C. O’Connor

23-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

How Does the Mindfulness-Based Program for Infertility (MBPI) Work in Reducing Depressive Symptoms?
Ana Galhardo, Mariana Moura-Ramos, Marina Cunha, José Pinto-Gouveia

16-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

The Association Between Dispositional Mindfulness and Management Self-Efficacy Among Early Childhood Education Managers in Head Start
Brandon D. Becker, Robert C. Whitaker

19-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Validation of the French Version of the Child and Adolescent Mindfulness Measure (CAMM) Among Samples of French and Indigenous Youth
Jacinthe Dion, Linda Paquette, Isabelle Daigneault, Natacha Godbout, Martine Hébert

15-09-2017 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Forgive and Let Go: Effect of Self-Compassion on Post-Event Processing in Social Anxiety
Rebecca A. Blackie, Nancy L. Kocovski


Mindfulness: the Art of Being Human
William Van Gordon, Edo Shonin


Even our Molecules Touch
Jon Kabat-Zinn


No Fragmentation
Jon Kabat-Zinn

28-02-2018 | Correction

Correction to: Dimensions of Mindfulness and their Relations with Psychological Well-Being and Neuroticism
Luca Iani, Marco Lauriola, Valentina Cafaro, Fabrizio Didonna