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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 5/2019

Inhoudsopgave (26 Artikelen)


Patient-reported outcomes in stroke clinical trials 2002–2016: a systematic review

Eboni G. Price-Haywood, Jewel Harden-Barrios, Christopher Carr, Laya Reddy, Lydia A. Bazzano, Mieke L. van Driel

Open Access

A Norwegian 15D value algorithm: proposing a new procedure to estimate 15D value algorithms

Yvonne Anne Michel, Liv Ariane Augestad, Mathias Barra, Kim Rand

Comparison of quality of life measurements: EQ-5D-5L versus disease/treatment-specific measures in pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis

Ling-Hsiang Chuang, Alexander T. Cohen, Giancarlo Agnelli, Pearl D. Gumbs, Rupert Bauersachs, Sonja Kroep, Anselm K. Gitt, Manuel Monreal, Stefan N. Willich, Ben van Hout

Open Access

Health-related quality of life in Indonesian type 2 diabetes mellitus outpatients measured with the Bahasa version of EQ-5D

Bustanul Arifin, Lusiana Rusdi Idrus, Antoinette D. I. van Asselt, Fredrick Dermawan Purba, Dyah Aryani Perwitasari, Jarir At Thobari, Qi Cao, Paul F. M. Krabbe, Maarten J. Postma

Open Access

Estimating utilities/disutilities for high-risk metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer (mHSPC) and treatment-related adverse events

F. Hall, H. M. de Freitas, C. Kerr, T. Ito, B. Nafees, A. J. Lloyd, J. Penton, M. Hadi, S. Lanar, T. P. Pham

Open Access Brief Communication

A note on the relationship between age and health-related quality of life assessment

Patricia Cubi-Molla, Koonal Shah, Jamie Garside, Mike Herdman, Nancy Devlin

Exploration of a cultural-adaptation of the EQ-5D for Thai population: A “bolt-on” experiment

Krittaphas Kangwanrattanakul, Cynthia R. Gross, Montaya Sunantiwat, Montarat Thavorncharoensap

Determining a transitional scoring link between PROMIS® pediatric and adult physical health measures

David S. Tulsky, Pamela A. Kisala, Aaron J. Boulton, Alan M. Jette, David Thissen, Pengsheng Ni, Darren A. DeWalt, I-Chan Huang, Yang Liu, M. J. Mulcahey, Mary Slavin, Brooke Magnus, Holly Crump, Robin Hanks, Susan Charlifue, Bryce B. Reeve

Measuring HRQoL following heart valve surgery: the HeartQoL questionnaire is a valid and reliable core heart disease instrument

Charlotte N. Grønset, Lau C. Thygesen, Selina Kikkenborg Berg, Graziella Zangger, Marie S. Kristensen, Kirstine L. Sibilitz, Susanne S. Pedersen, Neil B. Oldridge, Ann-Dorthe Zwisler

Psychometric properties and factorial analysis of invariance of the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS) in cancer patients

Urbano Lorenzo-Seva, Caterina Calderon, Pere Joan Ferrando, María del Mar Muñoz, Carmen Beato, Ismael Ghanem, Beatriz Castelo, Alberto Carmona-Bayonas, Raquel Hernández, Paula Jiménez-Fonseca

Brief Communication

Reliability and between-group stability of a health-related quality of life symptom index for persons with anal high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions: an AIDS Malignancy Consortium Study (AMC-A03)

Thomas M. Atkinson, Joel Palefsky, Yuelin Li, Andrew Webb, J. Michael Berry, Stephen Goldstone, Rebecca Levine, Timothy J. Wilkin, Gary Bucher, David Cella, Jack E. Burkhalter, Susan M. Holland, Jeannette Lee, Erika I. Lubetkin, Kathleen A. Lynch, Jeff Taylor, Amanda Watsula-Morley

Change in quality of life among community-dwelling older adults: population-based longitudinal study

Yves Henchoz, Nazanin Abolhassani, Christophe Büla, Idris Guessous, René Goy, Brigitte Santos-Eggimann

Modeling strategies to improve parameter estimates in prognostic factors analyses with patient-reported outcomes in oncology

Francesco Cottone, Nina Deliu, Gary S. Collins, Amelie Anota, Franck Bonnetain, Kristel Van Steen, David Cella, Fabio Efficace

Development of a person-centered conceptual model of perceived fatigability

Anna L. Kratz, Susan L. Murphy, Tiffany J. Braley, Neil Basu, Shubhangi Kulkarni, Jenna Russell, Noelle E. Carlozzi

Gestational diabetes mellitus and quality of life during the third trimester of pregnancy

Kyriakos A. Pantzartzis, Philip P. Manolopoulos, Stavroula A. Paschou, Kyriakos Kazakos, Kalliopi Kotsa, Dimitrios G. Goulis

Development of the Integrated Parkinson’s Care Network (IPCN): using co-design to plan collaborative care for people with Parkinson’s disease

Dorothy Kessler, Jennifer Hauteclocque, David Grimes, Tiago Mestre, Diane Côtéd, Clare Liddy

Trajectories of perceived social support in acute coronary syndrome

Meng Wang, Colleen M. Norris, Michelle M. Graham, Maria Santana, Zhiying Liang, Oluwagbohunmi Awosoga, Danielle A. Southern, Matthew T. James, Stephen B. Wilton, Hude Quan, Mingshan Lu, William Ghali, Merril Knudtson, Tolulope T. Sajobi

Effects of a simple home exercise program and vitamin D supplementation on health-related quality of life after a hip fracture: a randomized controlled trial

K. Renerts, K. Fischer, B. Dawson-Hughes, E. J. Orav, G. Freystaetter, H.-P. Simmen, H.-C. Pape, A. Egli, R. Theiler, H. A. Bischoff-Ferrari


Correction to: Burden of caregivers of adult patients with schizophrenia in a predominantly African ancestry population

Gabrielle Alexander, Charlotte-Ellen Bebee, Kelly-Marie Chen, Ross-Michael Des Vignes, Brandon Dixon, Richard Escoffery, Chazine Francis, DeAngelo Francis, Zahra Mendoza, Shenae Miller, Skyla Montano, Maxine Nelson, Stephon Ramcharan, Siobhan Richards, Maria D. Jackson