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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 4/2019

Inhoudsopgave (25 Artikelen)


The impacts of abnormal color vision on people's life: an integrative review

Maristela Stoianov, Mateus Silva de Oliveira, Mariana Cristina Lobato dos Santos Ribeiro Silva, Matheus Henrique Ferreira, Igor de Oliveira Marques, Mirella Gualtieri


Communication changes with laryngectomy and impact on quality of life: a review

Gabriella Sharpe, Vera Camoes Costa, Wendy Doubé, Jodi Sita, Chris McCarthy, Paul Carding

Perceived social support from teachers and classmates does not moderate the inverse association between body mass index and health-related quality of life in adolescents

Thérésa Lebacq, Maud Dujeu, Estelle Méroc, Nathalie Moreau, Camille Pedroni, Isabelle Godin, Katia Castetbon

Developmental coordination disorder: the impact on the family

Mary Ann Megan Cleaton, Paula Kate Lorgelly, Amanda Kirby

Quality of Life for 19,114 participants in the ASPREE (ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly) study and their association with sociodemographic and modifiable lifestyle risk factors

Nigel P. Stocks, David A. González-Chica, Robyn L. Woods, Jessica E. Lockery, Rory S. J. Wolfe, Anne M. Murray, Brenda Kirpach, Raj C. Shah, Mark R. Nelson, Christopher M. Reid, Michael E. Ernst, John J. McNeil

The association between life satisfaction, vitality, self-rated health, and risk of cancer

Anna Paldam Folker, Emilie Rune Hegelund, Erik Lykke Mortensen, Cathrine Lawaetz Wimmelmann, Trine Flensborg-Madsen

Brief Communication

Trials with proxy-reported outcomes registered on the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR)

Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber, Douglas Williams, Margaret-Ann Tait, Claudia Rutherford, Lucy Busija, Natasha Roberts, Michelle Wilson, Chindhu Shunmuga Sundaram, Jessica Roydhouse

SF-36 normative values according to level of functioning in older women

Geeske Peeters, Michael Waller, Annette J. Dobson

Defining the cut-off point of clinically significant postoperative fatigue in three common fatigue scales

Torkjell Nøstdahl, Tomm Bernklev, Olav M. Fredheim, Johanna S. Paddison, Johan Raeder

Open Access

Exploring the item sets of the Recovering Quality of Life (ReQoL) measures using factor analysis

Anju Devianee Keetharuth, Jakob Bue Bjorner, Michael Barkham, John Browne, Tim Croudace, John Brazier

Health-related quality of life assessment among people living with HIV in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: a cross-sectional study

Rodolfo Castro, Raquel B. De Boni, Paula M. Luz, Luciane Velasque, Livia V. Lopes, Antonieta Medina-Lara, Sandra W. Cardoso, Marilia S. De Oliveira, Ruth K. Friedman, Beatriz Grinsztejn, Valdiléa G. Veloso

Association between medication adherence and quality of life of patients with diabetes and hypertension attending primary care clinics: a cross-sectional survey

Sarah M. Khayyat, Mahmoud M. A. Mohamed, Salwa M. Saeed Khayyat, Raghda S. Hyat Alhazmi, Mulham Fouad Korani, Ebtesam Bakheet Allugmani, Sarah Fathallah Saleh, Deyaa Abdulla Mansouri, Qasim A. Lamfon, Osama Mohammed Beshiri, Muhammad Abdul Hadi

Body Mass Index, waist circumference, and health-related quality of life in adults with chronic kidney disease

Young Youl Hyun, Kyu-Beck Lee, Wookyung Chung, Yong-Soo Kim, Seung Hyeok Han, Yun Kyu Oh, Dong-Wan Chae, Sue Kyung Park, Kook-Hwan Oh, Curie Ahn

Is it possible to determine the level of functional impairment that distinguishes the patients with ADHD from those without ADHD?

Mahmut Cem Tarakçıoğlu, Mehmet Enes Gökler, Muhammed Tayyib Kadak, Nursu Çakın Memik, Umut Mert Aksoy

Brief Communication

Causal attributions and their impact on psychosocial functioning in head and neck cancer patient–caregiver dyads: a preliminary, longitudinal study

Jessica L. Burris, Jessica N. Rivera-Rivera, Kent Armeson, Jane Zapka, Anthony J. Alberg, Terry A. Day, Katherine R. Sterba