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Perspectives on Medical Education 6/2015
Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 6/2015


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Open Access 01-12-2015 | Editorial

Do, don’t and don’t know: guidelines for medical education with a difference
Robert K. McKinley, Fedde Scheele

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Commentary

What’s in a learning environment? Recognizing teachers’ roles in shaping a learning environment to support competency
Patricia S. O’Sullivan

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Commentary

Is assessment good for learning or learning good for assessment? A. Both? B. Neither? C. It depends?
Francois J Cilliers

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Commentary

Worked examples in the classroom
Jeroen J.G. van Merrienboer

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Guidelines

Guidelines: the do’s, don’ts and don’t knows of feedback for clinical education
Janet Lefroy, Chris Watling, Pim W. Teunissen, Paul Brand

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Original Article

How educational innovations and attention to competencies in postgraduate medical education relate to preparedness for practice: the key role of the learning environment
Ids S. Dijkstra, Jan Pols, Pine Remmelts, Eric F. Rietzschel, Janke Cohen-Schotanus, Paul L.P. Brand

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Original Article

Student-directed retrieval practice is a predictor of medical licensing examination performance
Francis Deng, Jeffrey A. Gluckstein, Douglas P. Larsen

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Original Article

Gaps and gains from engaging districts stakeholders for community-based health professions education in Uganda: a qualitative study
Elialilia S. Okello, Joyce Nankumbi, Gad Ndaruhutse Ruzaaza, Evelyn Bakengesa, Joy Gumikiriza, Wilfred Arubaku, Christine Acio, Mary Samantha, Michael Matte

Open Access 01-12-2015 | DEBATE IN MEDICAL EDUCATION - PRO

Competency-based education is beneficial for professional development
Cees P.M. van der Vleuten


Competence-based education misses the essence of the medical profession
M.J.M.H. (Kiki) Lombarts

Open Access 01-12-2015 | The Writer’s Craft

The power of parallel structure
Chris Watling

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Eye-Opener

Opening our eyes to Global Health; a philosophy of universal values
Val Wass

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Show and Tell

Do research findings on schema-based instruction translate to the classroom?
Sarah Blissett, Mark Goldszmidt, Matt Sibbald

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Show and Tell

‘Becoming a Physician’–medical students get acquainted with disadvantaged populations, and practise sensitive and effective communication
Arieh Riskin, Nogah C. Kerem, Riki Van-Raalte, Michael Kaffman, Gila Yakov, Dror Aizenbud, Ayelet Ben-Barak, Yael Shachor-Meyouhas, Ruth Edery, Yael Shabtai Musih, Shlomi Sagi, Orly Eidelman, Avi Rotschild

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Show and Tell

Practising what we preach: using cognitive load theory for workshop design and evaluation
Laura M. Naismith, Faizal A. Haji, Matthew Sibbald, Jeffrey J. H. Cheung, Walter Tavares, Rodrigo B. Cavalcanti

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Letter

Fill in the blanks: developing critical appraisal skills
Stephen P. Hibbs

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Letter

Foundation years: a time of reflection
Elliott Yann Ah-kee, Aamir Asif Khan

Open Access 01-12-2015 | Erratum

Erratum to: The current landscape of television and movies in medical education
Marcus Law, Wilson Kwong, Farah Friesen, Paula Veinot, Stella L. Ng

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