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Perspectives on Medical Education

Perspectives on Medical Education 5/2014

Uitgave 5/2014

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01-11-2014 | Editorial | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Managing the load on a reader’s mind

Jimmie Leppink

01-11-2014 | Commentary | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Developing resilience throughout the continuum of medical education

Vimmi Passi

01-11-2014 | Original article | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Characterizing physicians’ information needs at the point of care

Lauren A. Maggio, Olle ten Cate, Laura L. Moorhead, Feikje van Stiphout, Bianca M. R. Kramer, Edith ter Braak, Keith Posley, David Irby, Bridget C. O’Brien

01-11-2014 | Original article | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

The effect of gender medicine education in GP training: a prospective cohort study

Patrick Dielissen, Petra Verdonk, Magreet Wieringa-de Waard, Ben Bottema, Toine Lagro-Janssen

01-11-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Acquiring evidence-based medicine and research skills in the undergraduate medical curriculum: three different didactical formats compared

M. Zee, M. de Boer, A. D. C. Jaarsma

01-11-2014 | Eye-opener | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

“You teach us to listen,… but you don’t teach us about suffering”: self-care and resilience strategies in medical school curricula

Sue Outram, Brian Kelly

01-11-2014 | Eye-opener | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Medical education research: is participation fair?

Kieran Walsh

01-11-2014 | Show and Tell | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Developing a leadership pipeline: the Cleveland Clinic experience

Caryl A. Hess, Christina Barss, James K. Stoller

01-11-2014 | Short Communication | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Creating an educationally minded schedule: one approach to minimize the impact of duty hour standards on intern continuity clinic experience

Dominick DeBlasio, M. Kathleen Kerrey, Heidi Sucharew, Melissa Klein

01-11-2014 | Letter | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Who needs beds?

Peter Cantillon, Tim Dornan

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