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Perspectives on Medical Education

Uitgave 6/2014

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Open Access Review Article

The relationship between academic assessment and psychological distress among medical students: a systematic review

Mataroria P. Lyndon, Joanna M. Strom, Hussain M. Alyami, Tzu-Chieh Yu, Nichola C. Wilson, Primal P. Singh, Daniel P. Lemanu, Jill Yielder, Andrew G. Hill

Open Access Original Article

Measurement properties and confirmatory factor analysis of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy in Italian medical students

Paolo Leombruni, Mariangela Di Lillo, Marco Miniotti, Angelo Picardi, Guido Alessandri, Chiara Sica, Francesca Zizzi, Lorys Castelli, Riccardo Torta

Open Access Original Article

An exploratory study on the contribution of graduate entry students personality to the diversity of medical student populations

Pedro Marvão, Isabel Neto, Miguel Castelo-Branco, José Ponte, Miguel Portela, Patrício Costa, Manuel João Costa

Open Access Original Article

Speciality preferences in Dutch medical students influenced by their anticipation on family responsibilities

Margret Alers, Tess Pepping, Hans Bor, Petra Verdonk, Katarina Hamberg, Antoine Lagro-Janssen

Open Access Original Article

Educating the clinical trainer: professional gain for the trainee? A controlled intervention study in general practice

H. G. A. Ria Jochemsen-van der Leeuw, Nynke van Dijk, Wilfried de Jong, Margreet Wieringa-de Waard

Open Access PhD Report

Improving communication skills in the Southeast Asian health care context

Mora Claramita, Astrid Pratidina Susilo

Open Access Show & Tell

Bridging the gap between CBME in theory and practice: the role of a teacher community

Ale Gercama, Thea van Lankveld, Johanna Kleinveld, Gerda Croiset, Rashmi Kusurkar

Open Access Show & Tell

Facilitating the initiation of the physician’s professional identity: Cornell’s urban semester program

Peter A. Goldstein, Carol Storey-Johnson, Sam Beck

Open Access Short Communication

Medical students’ perception of dyad practice

Martin G. Tolsgaard, Maria B. Rasmussen, Sebastian Bjørck, Amandus Gustafsson, Charlotte V. Ringsted

Open Access Letter

MOOCs and SMOCs: changing the face of medical education?

Neel Sharma, Iain Doherty, Darren Harbutt