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Psychological Research

Uitgave 8/2022

Special Issue on 100 years Psychologische Forschung/ Psychological Research edited by Bernhard Hommel (pp 2305 - 2365) and Special Issue on Concrete constraints on abstract concepts edited by Anna M. Borghi, Samuel Shaki and Martin H. Fischer (pp 2366 - 2560)

Inhoudsopgave (20 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Associations do not energize behavior: on the forgotten legacy of Kurt Lewin

Andreas B. Eder, David Dignath

Open Access Editorial

Concrete constraints on abstract concepts—editorial

Anna M. Borghi, Samuel Shaki, Martin H. Fischer

Open Access Original Article

Abstract concepts: external influences, internal constraints, and methodological issues

Anna M. Borghi, Samuel Shaki, Martin H. Fischer

Original Article

Grounding (fairly) complex numerical knowledge: an educational example

Martin H. Fischer, Arthur M. Glenberg, Korbinian Moeller, Samuel Shaki

Original Article

Are metaphors embodied? The neural evidence

Rutvik H. Desai

Open Access Original Article

Is justice grounded? How expertise shapes conceptual representation of institutional concepts

Caterina Villani, Stefania D’Ascenzo, Anna M. Borghi, Corrado Roversi, Mariagrazia Benassi, Luisa Lugli

Original Article

Words have a weight: language as a source of inner grounding and flexibility in abstract concepts

Guy Dove, Laura Barca, Luca Tummolini, Anna M. Borghi

Open Access Original Article

The inside of me: interoceptive constraints on the concept of self in neuroscience and clinical psychology

Alessandro Monti, Giuseppina Porciello, Maria Serena Panasiti, Salvatore Maria Aglioti

Original Article

Heterogenous abstract concepts: is “ponder” different from “dissolve”?

Emiko J. Muraki, David M. Sidhu, Penny M. Pexman

Original Article

A robot that counts like a child: a developmental model of counting and pointing

Leszek Pecyna, Angelo Cangelosi, Alessandro Di Nuovo

Open Access Original Article

Images of the unseen: extrapolating visual representations for abstract and concrete words in a data-driven computational model

Fritz Günther, Marco Alessandro Petilli, Alessandra Vergallito, Marco Marelli

Open Access Original Article

Modelling concrete and abstract concepts using brain-constrained deep neural networks

Malte R. Henningsen-Schomers, Friedemann Pulvermüller