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Psychological Research

Uitgave 1/2023

Inhoudsopgave (24 Artikelen)


The molecular genetic basis of creativity: a mini review and perspectives

Shun Zhang, Xiaolei Yang, Bozheng Zhang, Jinghuan Zhang

Open Access Original Article

Dopamine supports idea originality: the role of spontaneous eye blink rate on divergent thinking

Sergio Agnoli, Serena Mastria, Marco Zanon, Giovanni Emanuele Corazza

Original Article

The contribution of temporal analysis of pupillometry measurements to cognitive research

Ronen Hershman, Dalit Milshtein, Avishai Henik

Open Access Original Article

Happiness feels light and sadness feels heavy: introducing valence-related bodily sensation maps of emotions

Matthias Hartmann, Bigna Lenggenhager, Kurt Stocker

Original Article

The spatial grounding of politics

Margarida V. Garrido, Ana R. Farias, Oleksandr V. Horchak, Gün R. Semin

Original Article

Sourness impacts envy and jealousy in Chinese culture

Xinxin Zhang, Yaxuan Li, Xiangyu Chao, Yingli Li

Original Article

The angry versus happy recognition advantage: the role of emotional and physical properties

Filipa Barros, Sandra C. Soares, Marta Rocha, Pedro Bem-Haja, Samuel Silva, Daniel Lundqvist

Open Access Original Article

The experiential basis of compatibility effects in reading-by-rotating paradigms

Francesca Capuano, Berry Claus, Barbara Kaup

Original Article

Does framing an assignment as involving one or multiple components influence subjective experiences of attentional engagement?

Emilie E. Caron, Allison C. Drody, Brandon C. W. Ralph, Jonathan S. A. Carriere, Daniel Smilek

Open Access Original Article

Language does arithmetic: linguistic differences in children’s place-value processing

Christina Kraut, Silvia Pixner

Open Access Original Article

Unintentional response priming from verbal action–effect instructions

Yevhen Damanskyy, Torsten Martiny-Huenger, Elizabeth J. Parks-Stamm

Open Access Original Article

Length is not all that matters: testing the role of number identity and the ratio of fillers in comparisons of multi-digits with different digit length

Javier García-Orza, Ismael Gutiérrez-Cordero, Carlos Larios, Anikó Csilinkó, Juan Antonio Álvarez-Montesinos

Open Access Original Article

Replacing vertical actions by mouse movements: a web-suited paradigm for investigating vertical spatial associations

Emanuel Schütt, Ian Grant Mackenzie, Barbara Kaup, Carolin Dudschig

Open Access Original Article

Sequence representations after action-imagery practice of one-finger movements are effector-independent

Stephan Frederic Dahm, Matthias Weigelt, Martina Rieger

Open Access Original Article

Similar proactive effect monitoring in free and forced choice action modes

Christina U. Pfeuffer, Andrea Kiesel, Lynn Huestegge

Open Access Original Article

Explicit vs. implicit spatial processing in arrow vs. eye-gaze spatial congruency effects

Cristina Narganes-Pineda, Ana B. Chica, Juan Lupiáñez, Andrea Marotta

Open Access Original Article

Response-code conflict in dual-task interference and its modulation by age

Lya K. Paas Oliveros, Aleks Pieczykolan, Rachel N. Pläschke, Simon B. Eickhoff, Robert Langner

Open Access Original Article

Diagnosing eyewitness identifications with reaction time-based concealed information test: the effect of observation time

Melanie Sauerland, Dave Koller, Astrid Bastiaens, Bruno Verschuere

Original Article

Enhanced declarative memory in long-term mindfulness practitioners

Limor Shemesh, Avi Mendelsohn, Daniel Yochai Panitz, Aviva Berkovich-Ohana

Original Article

Effects of working memory training on cognitive and academic abilities in typically developing school-age children

Santiago Vernucci, Lorena Canet-Juric, María M. Richard’s

Open Access Original Article

Is motor inhibition involved in the processing of sentential negation? An assessment via the Stop-Signal Task

Martina Montalti, Marta Calbi, Valentina Cuccio, Maria Alessandra Umiltà, Vittorio Gallese