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Psychological Research 7/2022
Psychological Research

Uitgave 7/2022


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20-01-2022 | Original Article

Sustained visual attention improves visuomotor timing
Yingyu Huang, Shengqi Zhong, Liying Zhan, Mi Sun, Xiang Wu

22-01-2022 | Original Article

The visual size of graspable objects is needed to induce the potentiation of grasping behaviors even with verbal stimuli
Mohamed Halim Harrak, Loïc P. Heurley, Nicolas Morgado, Rocco Mennella, Vincent Dru

31-01-2022 | Original Article

Beyond motion extrapolation: vestibular contribution to head-rotation-induced flash-lag effects
Xin He, Jianying Bai, Yi Jiang, Tao Zhang, Min Bao

Open Access 10-01-2022 | Original Article

Multisensory integration of musical emotion perception in singing
Elke B. Lange, Jens Fünderich, Hartmut Grimm

Open Access 12-01-2022 | Original Article

The effect of strategy game types on inhibition
Aaron Yew Cheong Leong, Min Hooi Yong, Mei-Hua Lin

07-01-2022 | Original Article

The role of visual working memory capacity in attention capture among video game players
Christopher Hauck, Mei-Ching Lien

Open Access 08-01-2022 | Original Article

Motor restrictions impair divergent thinking during walking and during sitting
Supriya Murali, Barbara Händel

Open Access 18-12-2021 | Original Article

On the reliability of behavioral measures of cognitive control: retest reliability of task-inhibition effect, task-preparation effect, Stroop-like interference, and conflict adaptation effect
Stefanie Schuch, Andrea M. Philipp, Luisa Maulitz, Iring Koch

11-01-2022 | Original Article

The impact of stimulus format on task inhibition during task switching
Stefano Sdoia, Pierpaolo Zivi, Fabio Ferlazzo

Open Access 18-01-2022 | Original Article

Instructing item-specific switch probability: expectations modulate stimulus–action priming
Janine Jargow, Uta Wolfensteller, Christina U. Pfeuffer, Hannes Ruge

17-01-2022 | Original Article

Bad after bad is good: previous trial disfluency reduces interference promoted by incongruence
Gonçalo A. Oliveira, Miguel Remondes, Teresa Garcia-Marques

Open Access 24-12-2021 | Original Article

The interplay between unexpected events and behavior in the development of explicit knowledge in implicit sequence learning
Clarissa Lustig, Sarah Esser, Hilde Haider

Open Access 08-01-2022 | Original Article

The process-disruption hypothesis: how spelling and typing skill affects written composition process and product
Vibeke Rønneberg, Mark Torrance, Per Henning Uppstad, Christer Johansson

27-01-2022 | Original Article

Preview frequency effects in reading: evidence from Chinese
Jinger Pan, Ming Yan

24-01-2022 | Original Article

Bodily, emotional, and public sphere at the time of COVID-19. An investigation on concrete and abstract concepts
Claudia Mazzuca, Ilenia Falcinelli, Arthur-Henri Michalland, Luca Tummolini, Anna M. Borghi

Open Access 11-01-2019 | Original Article

Reaction time-based Concealed Information Test in eyewitness identification is moderated by picture similarity but not eyewitness cooperation
Katerina Georgiadou, Agatha Chronos, Bruno Verschuere, Melanie Sauerland

14-06-2021 | Original Article

An evaluation of the reading the mind in the eyes test's psychometric properties and scores in South Africa—cultural implications
Jason Gary Van Staden, Christian William Callaghan

01-11-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Response inhibition deficits are positively associated with trait rumination, but attentional inhibition deficits are not: aggressive behaviors and interpersonal stressors as mediators
Akira Hasegawa, Noboru Matsumoto, Yuko Yamashita, Keisuke Tanaka, Jun Kawaguchi, Tetsuya Yamamoto

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