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Psychological Research

Uitgave 1/2021

Inhoudsopgave (33 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Hyperfocus: the forgotten frontier of attention

Brandon K. Ashinoff, Ahmad Abu-Akel


Defining pleasant touch stimuli: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Pankaj Taneja, Håkan Olausson, Mats Trulsson, Peter Svensson, Lene Baad-Hansen

Original Article

Representational momentum in adolescent dancers

Yin-Hua Chen, Roberta Belleri, Paola Cesari

Original Article

Relative contribution of pitch and brightness to the auditory kappa effect

Nicolas Marty, Maxime Marty, Micha Pfeuty

Original Article

Attentional avoidance of threatening stimuli

Mark K. Britton, Brian A. Anderson

Original Article

Valence and ownership: object desirability influences self-prioritization

Marius Golubickis, Nerissa S. P. Ho, Johanna K. Falbén, Carlotta L. Schwertel, Alessia Maiuri, Dagmara Dublas, William A. Cunningham, C. Neil Macrae

Original Article

Affective perception of Euro banknotes: cognitive factors and interindividual differences

Valerio Manippa, Felice Giuliani, Alfredo Brancucci, Luca Tommasi, Riccardo Palumbo, Davide Pietroni

Original Article

Are random events expected to be small?

Karl Halvor Teigen, Alf Børre Kanten

Original Article

Multiple routes to word recognition: evidence from event-related potentials

Mei-Ching Lien, Philip A. Allen, Eric Ruthruff

Original Article

Peripersonal space in social context is modulated by action reward, but differently in males and females

Maria Francesca Gigliotti, Patrícia Soares Coelho, Joana Coutinho, Yann Coello

Original Article

The role of differential outcomes-based feedback on procedural memory

Víctor Martínez-Pérez, Luis J. Fuentes, Guillermo Campoy

Original Article

Spatial text processing: are estimates of time and distance influenced by the age of characters and readers?

Francesca Pazzaglia, Tina Iachini, Chiara Meneghetti

Original Article

Working memory affects anticipatory behavior during implicit pattern learning

Srdan Medimorec, Petar Milin, Dagmar Divjak

Original Article

Gaze interaction: anticipation-based control of the gaze of others

Eva Riechelmann, Tim Raettig, Anne Böckler, Lynn Huestegge

Original Article

Mood state and conflict adaptation: an update and a diffusion model analysis

Stefanie Schuch, Sebastian Pütz

Original Article

Endogenous control of task-order preparation in variable dual tasks

Tilo Strobach, Sebastian Kübler, Torsten Schubert

Open Access Original Article

The effect of performing versus preparing a task on the subsequent switch cost

Rachel Swainson, Laura Prosser, Kostadin Karavasilev, Aleksandra Romanczuk

Original Article

Task duration and task order do not matter: no effect on self-control performance

Wanja Wolff, Vanda Sieber, Maik Bieleke, Chris Englert

Original Article

The relation between task-unrelated media multitasking and task-related motivation

Brandon C. W. Ralph, Alyssa C. Smith, Paul Seli, Daniel Smilek

Original Article

More bang for the buck: autonomy support increases muscular efficiency

Takehiro Iwatsuki, Hui-Ting Shih, Reza Abdollahipour, Gabriele Wulf