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Psychological Research

Uitgave 8/2020

Inhoudsopgave (22 Artikelen)

Original Article

Does incidental sequence learning allow us to better manage upcoming conflicting events?

Luis Jiménez, Elger Abrahamse, Cástor Méndez, Senne Braem

Original Article

Measuring attention to reward as an individual trait: the value-driven attention questionnaire (VDAQ)

Brian A. Anderson, Haena Kim, Mark K. Britton, Andy Jeesu Kim

Original Article

When perception intrudes on 2D grasping: evidence from Garner interference

Tzvi Ganel, Aviad Ozana, Melvyn A. Goodale

Original Article

Asymmetrical effects of control on the expression of implicit sequence learning

Joaquín M. M. Vaquero, Juan Lupiáñez, Luis Jiménez

Original Article

Accent-induced stabilization of spontaneous auditory–motor synchronization

Cécile J. Bouvet, Manuel Varlet, Simone Dalla Bella, Peter E. Keller, Benoît G. Bardy

Original Article

Dual-memory retrieval efficiency after practice: effects of strategy manipulations

Franziska Heidemann, Timothy C. Rickard, Torsten Schubert, Tilo Strobach

Original Article

Do ostensive cues affect object processing in children with and without autism? A test of natural pedagogy theory

Tobias Schuwerk, Johannes Bätz, Birgit Träuble, Beate Sodian, Markus Paulus

Open Access Original Article

Investigating the mediating effect of working memory on intentional forgetting in dysphoria

Saima Noreen, Richard Cooke, Nathan Ridout

Original Article

Outgroup faces hamper word recognition

Simone Sulpizio, Eduardo Navarrete

Original Article

Online management of text production from pictures: a comparison between fifth graders and undergraduate students

Elise Drijbooms, Margriet A. Groen, Denis Alamargot, Ludo Verhoeven

Original Article

Do people really prefer verbal probabilities?

Marie Juanchich, Miroslav Sirota

Original Article

Age-related differentiation in verbal and visuospatial working memory processing in childhood

Frances Buttelmann, Tanja Könen, Lauren V. Hadley, Julie-Anne Meaney, Bonnie Auyeung, Candice C. Morey, Nicolas Chevalier, Julia Karbach

Original Article

Low numbers from a low head? Effects of observed head orientation on numerical cognition

Felix J. Götz, Anne Böckler, Andreas B. Eder

Open Access Original Article

The brightness dimension as a marker of gender across cultures and age

Carla Sebastián-Enesco, Gün R. Semin

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