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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 3/2022

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Original Paper

Externalizing Behaviors are Associated with Increased Parenting Stress in Caregivers of Young Children with Autism

Lindsay Olson, Bosi Chen, Cynthia Ibarra, Tiffany Wang, Lisa Mash, Annika Linke, Mikaela Kinnear, Inna Fishman

Open Access Original Paper

How Does Temperament in Toddlers at Elevated Likelihood for Autism Relate to Symptoms of Autism and ADHD at Three Years of Age?

Linn Andersson Konke, Tommie Forslund, Elisabeth Nilsson-Jobs, Pär Nyström, Terje Falck-Ytter, Karin Brocki

Open Access Original Paper

Comparing Frequency of Listener Responses Between Adolescents with and Without ASD During Conversation

Holly Matthewman, Emily Zane, Ruth Grossman

Original Paper

Service Use Among Transition-Age Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Karen J. Ishler, David E. Biegel, Fei Wang, Tugba Olgac, Sarah Lytle, Stacy Miner, Marjorie Edguer, Ronna Kaplan

Open Access Original Paper

How Do Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Participate in the Labor Market? A German Multi-center Survey

Tolou Maslahati, Christian J. Bachmann, Juliana Höfer, Charlotte Küpper, Sanna Stroth, Nicole Wolff, Luise Poustka, Veit Roessner, Inge Kamp-Becker, Falk Hoffmann, Stefan Roepke

Open Access Original Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health Problems: Patterns of Difficulties and Longitudinal Trajectories in a Population-Based Twin Sample

Emma Colvert, Emily Simonoff, Simone J. Capp, Angelica Ronald, Patrick Bolton, Francesca Happé

Open Access Original Paper

Difficulties in Recognising Dynamic but not Static Emotional Body Movements in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Noemi Mazzoni, Paola Ricciardelli, Rossana Actis-Grosso, Paola Venuti

Original Paper

Conversation Skills in Chinese-Speaking Preschoolers with Autism: The Contributing Role of Parents’ Verbal Responsiveness

Wing-Chee So, Xue-Ke Song, Chun-Ho Cheng, Wing-Wun Law, Tiffany Wong, Oi-Ki Leung, Ying Huang

Original Paper

Clinical Profiles of Black and White Children Referred for Autism Diagnosis

Eric Fombonne, Katharine E. Zuckerman

Original Paper

Inclusion, Exclusion and Isolation of Autistic People: Community Attitudes and Autistic People’s Experiences

Sandra C. Jones, Chloe S. Gordon, Muhammad Akram, Nicole Murphy, Fiona Sharkie

Original Paper

Autism and the Knowledge and Beliefs of Specialists in Kazakhstan

Michelle Somerton, Valentina Stolyarova, Stanislav Khanin

Original Paper

The Relationship between Motor Skills and Intelligence in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Carlos Pelayo Ramos-Sánchez, Dianne Kortekaas, Debbie Van Biesen, Davy Vancampfort, Tine Van Damme

Original Paper

Community-based Parent Education for Caregivers of Children Newly Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Anna Milgramm, Laura L. Corona, Cortney Janicki-Menzie, Kristin V. Christodulu

Original Paper

The Feasibility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a Non-Selective Comprehensive Clinical Trial in Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder

Marilena M. DeMayo, Izabella Pokorski, Yun J. C. Song, Rinku Thapa, Shrujna Patel, Zahava Ambarchi, Domenic Soligo, Indra Sadeli, Emma E. Thomas, Ian B. Hickie, Adam J. Guastella

Original Paper

Co-occurring Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Cognitive, Adaptive, and Behavioral Characteristics

Kathryn R. Bradbury, Emily I. Anderberg, Lark Huang-Storms, Iulia Vasile, Rachel K. Greene, Susanne W. Duvall

Open Access Original Paper

Qualitative Differences in Attribution of Mental States to Other People in Autism and Schizophrenia: What are the Tools for Differential Diagnosis?

Monica Mazza, Maria Chiara Pino, Roberto Keller, Roberto Vagnetti, Margherita Attanasio, Angela Filocamo, Ilenia Le Donne, Francesco Masedu, Marco Valenti

Open Access Original Paper

Cross-Disorder Analysis of De Novo Mutations in Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Kuokuo Li, Zhenghuan Fang, Guihu Zhao, Bin Li, Chao Chen, Lu Xia, Lin Wang, Tengfei Luo, Xiaomeng Wang, Zheng Wang, Yi Zhang, Yi Jiang, Qian Pan, Zhengmao Hu, Hui Guo, Beisha Tang, Chunyu Liu, Zhongsheng Sun, Kun Xia, Jinchen Li

Open Access Original Paper

Grouping-Induced Numerosity Biases Vary with Autistic-Like Personality Traits

Antonella Pomè, Camilla Caponi, David Charles Burr

Open Access Original Paper

Health-Related Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients with Syndromic Autism and their Caregivers

Corneliu Bolbocean, Fabiola N. Andújar, Maria McCormack, Bernhard Suter, J. Lloyd Holder Jr.

Original Paper

Visual Detection and Decoding Skills of Aerial Photography by Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Hadas Marciano, Eynat Gal, Ruth Kimchi, Darren Hedley, Yael Goldfarb, Yoram S. Bonneh

Open Access Original Paper

Characterizing Social Functioning in School-Age Children with Sensory Processing Abnormalities

T. St. John, A. Estes, K. K. Begay, J. Munson, M. A. Reiter, S. R. Dager, N. Kleinhans

Original Paper

A Meta-analysis of Gut Microbiota in Children with Autism

Pedro Andreo-Martínez, María Rubio-Aparicio, Julio Sánchez-Meca, Alejandro Veas, Agustín Ernesto Martínez-González

Brief Report

Brief Report: Prevalence and Severity of Auditory Sensory Over-Responsivity in Autism as Reported by Parents and Caregivers

Tana B. Carson, Matthew J. Valente, Bradley J. Wilkes, Lynne Richard

Brief Report

Brief Report: Investigating the Motivations and Autistic Traits of Video Gamers

Elliot Millington, David R. Simmons, Heather Cleland Woods

Letter to the Editor

Case Report: Association of Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders and Sigmoid Prolapse with de novo POGZ Mutation

Cary M. Wright, Stephen J. Guter, Edwin H. Cook

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