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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2/2022
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 2/2022


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17-03-2021 | Original Paper

Genetic Analysis of UGT1A1 Polymorphisms Using Preserved Dried Umbilical Cord for Assessing the Potential of Neonatal Jaundice as a Risk Factor for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children
Tomoko Horinouchi, Kaori Maeyama, Masashi Nagai, Masami Mizobuchi, Yasuko Takagi, Yuka Okada, Takeshi Kato, Mio Nishimura, Yoko Kawasaki, Mieko Yoshioka, Satoshi Takada, Hisayuki Matsumoto, Yuji Nakamachi, Jun Saegusa, Sachiyo Fukushima, Kazumichi Fujioka, Kazumi Tomioka, Hiroaki Nagase, Kandai Nozu, Kazumoto Iijima, Noriyuki Nishimura

Open Access 17-03-2021 | Original Paper

Autistic Adults May Be Erroneously Perceived as Deceptive and Lacking Credibility
Alliyza Lim, Robyn L. Young, Neil Brewer

16-03-2021 | Original Paper

Mental Health and Health Behaviour Changes for Mothers of Children with a Disability: Effectiveness of a Health and Wellbeing Workshop
Helen M. Bourke-Taylor, Kahli S. Joyce, Sarah Grzegorczyn, Loredana Tirlea

Open Access 20-03-2021 | Original Paper

Prenatal Folic Acid Supplements and Offspring’s Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-analysis and Meta-regression
Xian Liu, Mingyang Zou, Caihong Sun, Lijie Wu, Wen-Xiong Chen

Open Access 17-03-2021 | Original Paper

Health Services Use and Costs in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Germany: Results from a Survey in ASD Outpatient Clinics
Juliana Höfer, Falk Hoffmann, Michael Dörks, Inge Kamp-Becker, Charlotte Küpper, Luise Poustka, Stefan Roepke, Veit Roessner, Sanna Stroth, Nicole Wolff, Christian J. Bachmann

Open Access 24-03-2021 | Original Paper

Adapting and validating the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Version 2 for use with deaf children and young people
Helen Phillips, Barry Wright, Victoria Allgar, Helen McConachie, Jennifer Sweetman, Rebecca Hargate, Rachel Hodkinson, Martin Bland, Hannah George, Anna Hughes, Emily Hayward, Victoria Fernandez Garcia De Las Heras, Ann Le Couteur

25-03-2021 | Original Paper

Social Inferences in Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum and Autism: Semantic Analysis and Topic Modeling
Tiffany Renteria-Vazquez, Warren S. Brown, Christine Kang, Mark Graves, Fulvia Castelli, Lynn K. Paul

17-03-2021 | Original Paper

Language Abilities of Russian Primary-School-Aged Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence from Comprehensive Assessment
Vardan Arutiunian, Anastasiya Lopukhina, Alina Minnigulova, Anastasia Shlyakhova, Elizaveta Davydova, Darya Pereverzeva, Alexander Sorokin, Svetlana Tyushkevich, Uliana Mamokhina, Kamilla Danilina, Olga Dragoy

Open Access 19-03-2021 | Original Paper

What is the Effect of Stimulus Complexity on Attention to Repeating and Changing Information in Autism?
Iti Arora, Alessio Bellato, Teodora Gliga, Danielle Ropar, Puja Kochhar, Chris Hollis, Madeleine Groom

22-03-2021 | Original Paper

Emergency Department Utilization of Adolescents and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dorothea Iannuzzi, Matt Hall, Nicolas M. Oreskovic, Emmanuel Aryee, Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, James M. Perrin, Karen A. Kuhlthau

20-03-2021 | Original Paper

The Relationship of Severity of Autism with Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Serum Zonulin Levels in Autistic Children
Selen Karagözlü, Buket Dalgıç, Elvan İşeri

22-03-2021 | Original Paper

Camouflaging in Autistic and Non-autistic Adolescents in the Modern Context of Social Media
Alicja Jedrzejewska, Jessica Dewey

22-03-2021 | Original Paper

A Taxonomy of Reported Harms in Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening: Provider and Parent Perspectives
Marisa Petruccelli, Leah Ramella, Ana J. Schaefer, R. Christopher Sheldrick, Alice S. Carter, Abbey Eisenhower, Sarabeth Broder-Fingert, Thomas I. Mackie

20-03-2021 | Original Paper

Face-Processing Performance is an Independent Predictor of Social Affect as Measured by the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Across Large-Scale Datasets
Ivry Zagury-Orly, Mallory R. Kroeck, Louis Soussand, Alexander Li Cohen

24-03-2021 | Original Paper

Evaluating the Feasibility of The NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery for Autistic Children and Adolescents
Desiree R. Jones, Aaron Dallman, Clare Harrop, Allison Whitten, Jill Pritchett, Luc Lecavalier, James W. Bodfish, Brian A. Boyd

Open Access 02-04-2021 | Original Paper

Contagion of Temporal Discounting Value Preferences in Neurotypical and Autistic Adults
Louisa Thomas, Patricia L. Lockwood, Mona M. Garvert, Joshua H. Balsters

24-03-2021 | Original Paper

A Decade Review of Two Potential Analysis Altering Variables in Graph Construction
Corey Peltier, Reem Muharib, April Haas, Art Dowdy

25-03-2021 | Original Paper

Brain and Language Associations in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Scoping Review
Carly A. Cermak, Spencer Arshinoff, Leticia Ribeiro de Oliveira, Anna Tendera, Deryk S. Beal, Jessica Brian, Evdokia Anagnostou, Teenu Sanjeevan

28-03-2021 | Original Paper

Resilience Intervention for Parents of Children with Autism: Findings from a Randomized Controlled Trial of the AMOR Method
Jessica M. Schwartzman, Maria Estefania Millan, Mirko Uljarevic, Grace W. Gengoux

26-03-2021 | Original Paper

Convergent Validity of Behavioural and Subjective Sensitivity in Relation to Autistic Traits
S. E. Schulz, R. A. Stevenson

31-03-2021 | Original Paper

A Survey of Autistic Adults from New Zealand on the Autism Diagnostic Process During Adolescence and Adulthood
Kiah Evans, Larah van der Meer, Matthew J. F. Eggleston, Lauren J. Taylor, Hiran Thabrew, Hannah Waddington, Andrew J. O. Whitehouse

02-04-2021 | Original Paper

Measuring the Functional Impact of Behavioral Inflexibility in Children with Autism Using the Behavioral Inflexibility Scale: Clinical Interview (BIS-CI)
James W. Bodfish, Luc Lecavalier, Clare Harrop, Aaron Dallman, Sahana Nagabhushan Kalburgi, Jill Hollway, Richard Faldowski, Brian A. Boyd

31-03-2021 | Original Paper

Weight Management Outcomes of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder Seeking Treatment from a Multidisciplinary Team
Haley J. Killian, Isabella K. Pallotto, Brooke R. Sweeney, Meredith L. Dreyer Gillette

Open Access 31-03-2021 | Original Paper

Understanding Camouflaging as a Response to Autism-Related Stigma: A Social Identity Theory Approach
Ella Perry, William Mandy, Laura Hull, Eilidh Cage

01-04-2021 | Original Paper

Eating Challenges in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Development and Validation of the “Aut-Eat” Questionnaire (AEQ)
Eynat Gal, Rotem Gal-Mishael, Roni Enten Vissoker, Darren Hedley, Simon M. Bury, Orit Stolar

Open Access 31-03-2021 | Original Paper

Alexithymia and Autistic Traits as Contributing Factors to Empathy Difficulties in Preadolescent Children
Lydia Gabriela Speyer, Ruth Harriet Brown, Lorna Camus, Aja Louise Murray, Bonnie Auyeung

04-04-2021 | Original Paper

Maternal Pragmatic Language Difficulties in the FMR1 Premutation and the Broad Autism Phenotype: Associations with Individual and Family Outcomes
Jessica Klusek, Angela John Thurman, Leonard Abbeduto

10-04-2021 | Original Paper

Repetitive Thoughts and Repetitive Behaviors in Williams Syndrome
John C. Huston, Robyn P. Thom, Caitlin T. Ravichandran, Jennifer E. Mullett, Carly Moran, Jessica L. Waxler, Barbara R. Pober, Christopher J. McDougle

Open Access 26-03-2021 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Autism-Specific College Support Programs: Differences Across Geography and Institutional Type
Brett Ranon Nachman, Catherine Tobin McDermott, Bradley E. Cox

24-03-2021 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Music to Obtain More Accurate Blood Pressure Readings in Children with Williams Syndrome
Jennifer R. Walton, Marilee A. Martens, Melissa Moore-Clingenpeel

23-03-2021 | Brief Report

Knowledge about Autism among Graduate Students in Togo
Komlantse M. Gossou, Akounda Koudema, Kodzo Kpoffon, Visseho Adjiwanou

24-03-2021 | Brief Report

Brief Report: The Benefits of an Employer-Based Work-Experience Program for Participants with ASD
Roy Peijen, Manon Carola Maria Bos

25-03-2021 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Linguistic Mazes and Perseverations in School-Age Boys with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder and Relationships with Maternal Maze Use
Nell Maltman, Laura Friedman, Emily Lorang, Audra Sterling

01-04-2021 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Sources of Sexuality and Relationship Education for Autistic and Neurotypical Adults in the U.S. and a Call to Action
Eileen T. Crehan, Jessica Rocha, Simone Dufresne

01-04-2021 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Parents’ Declarative Use of Deictic Gestures Predict Vocabulary Development in Infants at High and Low Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Boin Choi, Lauren Castelbaum, Riley McKechnie, Meredith L. Rowe, Charles A. Nelson, Helen Tager-Flusberg

09-04-2021 | Original Paper

Sleep Disturbances and Sensory Sensitivities Co-Vary in a Longitudinal Manner in Pre-School Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Liora Manelis-Baram, Gal Meiri, Michal Ilan, Michal Faroy, Analya Michaelovski, Hagit Flusser, Idan Menashe, Ilan Dinstein

09-04-2021 | Original Paper

A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Daily Living Skills Intervention for Adolescents with Autism
Amie Duncan, Jareen Meinzen-Derr, Lisa A. Ruble, Carrie Fassler, Lori J. Stark

07-04-2021 | Original Paper

Moderators of Response to Personalized and Standard Care Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Comorbid Anxiety
Eric A. Storch, Jeffrey J. Wood, Andrew G. Guzick, Brent J. Small, Connor M. Kerns, D. Luis Ordaz, Sophie C. Schneider, Philip C. Kendall

07-04-2021 | Letter to the Editor

Difficulties in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in China
Rong-yi Zhou, Bing-xiang Ma, Jiao-jiao Wang

17-03-2021 | Commentary

Diagnostic Evaluations of Autism Spectrum Disorder during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jina Jang, Stormi Pulver White, Amy N. Esler, So Hyun Kim, Cheryl Klaiman, Jonathan T. Megerian, Amy Morse, Cy Nadler, Stephen M. Kanne

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